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Even though Williams didn't approach this one like an afterthought, 1 wonder why it took so long to come to the Genesis. Let's face it, the graphics are nothing spectacular--they're not meant to be. As far as being like the original arcade versions, Arcade Classics does very well. All of the games look like the originals and have perfect control. The sound is also right-on. Although the Game Selection Screen is far from being the most important part of the game, the Title Screen looks pretty lame-like they didn't take much time on it. This 16-Bit version of the game doesn't include Bubbles, but this wasn't a big deal to me.


(In an old man voice): "Back in my days, we didn't have those fancy dancy graphics. High scores were what made a man a man!" This Williams' compilation is swell. It's a must-buy for anyone looking for an easy cartridge to get into. The best part of this cart is that you can play for a few minutes, or you can play for a few hours. Either way, you'll have fun. Robotron is the best though you'll definitely need a six-button controller to play properly (and even so, it's a hard game). My only question to Williams is, "Why did you leave out Bubbles?" Defender 2 should have been dropped for Bubbles for greater variety.


Joust alone almost makes this fantastic arcade compilation worth buying, although the other four titles certainly don't hurt. AGH perfectly duplicates its five arcade classics (which shouldn't be any great technical accomplishment, but it's nice to see Williams coming through where it counts). The cart is missing Mr. Bubbles, which was included in the PlayStation version. Still, the loss of one game is a small price to pay to get perfect versions of the other five. You will need a six-button joypad to play Robotron, though, since the three-button pad makes it way too difficult to aim your shots (and Robotron's hard enough as it is).


I never would have thought the Genesis could pull off these games! True, none of them require more power than 16-Bit, but I didn't expect such a complete translation that accurately mimics the arcade experience of yesteryear. Only the omission of Bubbles was disappointing, and I can live without that game to get my hands on a portable (yes, portable, using the Nomad, a great system in its own right) version of Sinister (my five), Joust, Robotron and Defender. Defender II was never my style. It's still a great port, though. Only one statement sums up this cool game collection: "Beware, I Live!"

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PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Arcade Greatest Hits supports single modeSingle game mode

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