Batman Returns (Sega CD)

  • Developer: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
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  • Runs on PC, Windows
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Batman Returns (Sega CD)
Batman Returns (Sega CD) Download
Batman Returns (Sega CD) Game

Batman Returns on Sega CD captures all the action and excitement of the Genesis version, with upgraded graphics and over 40 minutes of new, hot music composed and recorded at Sega's own Multimedia Studio (see Sega Visions Issue 10 for more on Sega Multimedia). And Batman Returns CD has a whole new game built in...a road rally with the Batmobile against The Penguin's Red Triangle Circus Gang and their hotrod vehicles.

Batman Returns has 10 levels of intense driving and battle action ranging from the dark, frozen fields outside Gotham City to the frigid reaches of the Gotham City sewer system, ever deeper into The Penguin's lair. Survive the tests of your driving and fighting skills and you'll take on the top- hatted Oswald himself.

Tighten Up Your Belt

Batman’s Utility Belt contains a serious array of weaponry. Access it by pressing the Stan Button. Hit 'em with a Batarang and freeze enemies with an ice bomb. Or destroy them with a harpoon. The ultimate weapon is the Batattack, which releases a cloud of deadly bats against your opponent.

  • TIP: Take the Batmobile for a ground hugging, rubber-burning, high-G test drive. Behind the Wheel

The driving sequences put you behind the wheel of the Batmobile, chasing the Red Triangle Gang through and around Gotham City. The Batmobile is a super fast, state- of-the-art vehicle loaded with high-tech gadgets and weaponry. It is equipped with twin shot powerful enough to blast even armor-plated jeeps off the highway. The explosions sound and special effects are the hottest to ever appear in a driving game.

With Batman Returns, Sega is establishing the standard by which CD action and driving games will be judged. This CD disk is definitely on The Next Level.

  • TIP: The Penguin starts the trouble by offing an Ice Princess with Batman's Batattack.
  • TIP: Skullhead bikers lead you on a deadly chase through the winter night.

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Batman Returns (Sega CD) supports single modeSingle game mode

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Batman Returns (Sega CD)
Batman Returns (Sega CD) Download
Batman Returns (Sega CD) Game

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