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Animated, animalistic Martial Arts

ere's your invitation to the tournament. Only gamers with warrior spirit need enter. Brutal for the Sega CD from Gametek is a martid arts tide starring some fierce furry fighters. One or two players choose from ten characters and must earn special moves from the Dali Llama. With tons of great intro and cinematic animation, wonderful island fight locations, and controllable instant replays, this game has humor and depth. Sharpen your claws—the tournament has begun.

Tai Cheetah vs. Kung Fu Bunny

The Dali Llama wanders the globe every four years in a search for the greatest warriors. He judges them on martial arts prowess and what he calls the warrior spirit. Those found deserving are invited to a tournament on Brutal Island, where they compete for the right to wear the Belt of Heaven. The combatants are Kung Fu Bunny, Tai Cheetah, Kendo Coyote, Foxy Roxy, Rhei Rat, Prince Leon, Ivan the Bear, The Pantha, Karate Croc, and of course, The Dali Llama. May the best fighter win.

A CD Chock-Full Of Fun

For starters Brutal has more than 200 sprites (animations) per character, ten fight locations, musical scores for each character and location, sampled voices for the fighters, and at least four unique special moves per fighter. Two unusual features set this title apart from the rest. First, there's a Belt System in which the fighters earn new belts by proving themselves. Second, the Learning System gives fighters who have performed well a chance to grasp a new and special move. The Dali Llama gives you three chances to learn and properly replicate the move. If you haven't gotten it in three tries, he becomes weary of your incompetence and departs.

You keep the special moves you have learned in previous games through the use of a password. As an added gloat feature, the instant replay shows the whole previous bout if you wish. The wanner controls the replay.

Light on Carnage, Heavy on Fun!

A Fist Full O' Fun

Feelin' frisky, Fight fans? There's a great crop of nontradition-al Fighting games coming to Sega owners. These titles have all the depth and strategy of fatality-filled games without the gore. Plus they've all added a weird little twist or two that you won't find elsewhere.

Good Fighting titles can be a fist full o' fun without all the sensationalized violence. Cartoon characters are a kick, and the bad boys require top-notch technique to beat. Take a look at Brutal from Gametek for the Sega CD, ClayFighter for the Genesis from Interplay, and Ballz for the Genesis from Accolade.

Yup. They have fist-in-face Fighting action, but the worst you'll see is a flattened furry thing, some scattered spheres, or pounded play-dough. There's not a drop of blood or a humanoid-looking fighter in the bunch. But that doesn't mean they're simplistic or easy. They're serious Fighting carts.

A Few Fur-Bearing Fighters

Foxy Roxy's style of fighting is Penjat Silat. An abandoned orphan, she eventually became President of the U.N. Children's Fund.

The Dali Llama invites tighters from all over the earth to battle for the right to wear the Belt of Heaven.

Tai Cheetah searches for spiritual rather than financial riches in his quest for the Belt.

Prince Leon the lion fights for his pride. He is certain that he'll receive the Belt on prowess alone.

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Brutal (Sega CD) system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Brutal (Sega CD) supports single modeSingle game mode

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