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Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck
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Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck Game


First there was Chuck, the beetle-browed Neanderthal who belly-butts his way around in the Stone Age. Now... prepare for Chuck Rock II — Son of Chuck, the heavy-hittin' cave-kid with a club instead of a pacifier. In this one-player diapered sequel from Virgin Games, Chuck Junior has to toddle through six worlds and more than 25 zones to save - his father from Brick Jagger. Dragging a giant club, Chuck Junior gets assistance from his jungle friends in a very funny side- and vertical-scrolling adventure.

Chuck Junior travels through Stone Age Suburbs, Wacky Waterfalls, Spooky Caves and Lava Trees in search of his pop. Armed with his club and a bottle (when this is empty, he runs out of energy), this Stone Age menace bounces on trampolines, surfs, rides on his pals' backs and bashes everything in sight. You start with three lives and one continue. There are three sub-games (bonus areas) that you play to collect additional continues. You can also gain more lives as you reach certain point levels.

The second boss will send hfs minions to do his dirty work. Use your club to rebound them.

Hidden platforms abound throughout the game. If you can't find a way to get to a particular area — there is probably an invisible platform available.

In the Spooky Cave area, jump around a lot to move your circle of light. This will let you see the areas around you.

Watch for falling acoms as you go up the Tree. Swing your club as you jump to the next platform.

Try hitching a ride on your pals. You climb on their backs by hitting Button A. This will get you onto higher platforms and across obstacles.

The enemies in the Lava Tree aren't that hard to fight, but you won't have much time as the fire scrolls upward. Avoid them and move upward Quickly.

When battling the tirst boss, wait until he starts to quiver his head before you dive out of the way. When his head comes down, deliver multiple blows to his thick dino skull.

Hot Hints:

  1. The most important hint is to come out swinging. Keep Chuck Junior's club moving at all times. Often you won't be able to distinguish enemies from mends... swing first, ask questions later.
  2. Chuck Junior's friends often require that you do something in particular before they help. With Tarby the Tiger, you can only climb on his back when he's not looking. Sneak up on him when his tail's not moving.
  3. Bash a water hydrant and a jet of water shoots out, killing all enemies in its path.
  4. When Junior dies, wait for a safe moment to restore him to life. You can wait all week if you wish.

In the Steam Pipe area, swing your club at each valve to try to tum it off.

Bash the banana forward until Maud the Monkey is in position for you to climb up from her back.

In the first Bonus Round bash all the apples off the tree. Start immediately on the left and work your way right.

Take the diapered-wonder surfing to avoid the spikes in the Wacky Waterfall region.

In the third and last Bonus Round, carve a statue of your dad by bashing the areas of the rock that will move.

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck supports single modeSingle game mode

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Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck
Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck Download
Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck Game

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