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Last month Sega Visions gave you an eye-popping review of Virgin's Cool SPOT, one of the best titles to come down the Genesis road this year. With its awesome graphics, pumping music and edge-of-your-seat game play, Cool SPOT has became a cool standard in the hippest gaming circles.

Those of you who have played Cool SPOT know just how massive each of the 11 levels really is. With complicated twists, turns and obstacles...and working against the clock...making progress is a challenge worthy of the sharpest gamers. The object is pretty simple. Free your SPOT buddies from the black-and-white checked cap ture cages of Wicked Will, a collector of rare stuff. Before you can free your friends, you must collect a certain number of Cool SPOTS. And you must do it before time is up. This is no Casper Milquetoast game.

Return of the Monster Maps!

The big question is.. .so how do you get through these really tough levels? Simple. You read the maps. What we have here are three of the toughest levels of the game, laid out in a style that will give you a solid idea of what to do, where to go and how to get there. The rest—making leaps with split-second timing, blasting critters with bursts of 7-UP and dodging and moving with skill that would make a ninja proud—is up to you! And do you really think we'd give you all the hints and tips? NOT! We're just pointing the way Send us your hints and tips so we can let the world know just how good a Cool SPOT player you really are.

Toying Around

These toy shelves are filled with robots straight out of Lost in Space. It taes a lot of 7-UP to blast'em. Chattering teeth and red baron biplanes round out the enemy list. This maze-like level will really put you to the test.

Go Spot Go

D-Button moves SPOT around. Press Down to make SPOT duck. Press D-Button plus the Fire Button to make SPOT flick 7-UP bursts in all eight directions.

Button A: Jump or Fire

Button B: Jump or Fire

Button C: Jump or Fire

Buttons A, B and C can be configured to be the Fire and Jump buttons in the Option Screen

Start Button: Pause


Take a ride on the Virgin Express. Desperado puppets will try to block your way Pretend you're Clint Eastwood, make it to the caboose and then take to the skies. Your SPOT amigo is waiting.

Wading Around

There's nothing like a dip in the pool to cool you off. But splash SPOT here and you lose a life! Ships and lily pads are safe places to land. Frogs don't like red and can spit with uncanny accuracy Cross the wading pool and you'll take a ride over water on the red blimps.

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He's hip. He's red. He's definitely an Uncola nut. And he's starring in a game that will pump up the carbonation in your Genesis. Cool SPOT by Virgin is one of the best Sega carts we've seen this year! Its got it all—eye-popping graphics, pumping music and edge-of-your-seat game play. Cool SPOT really quenches the thirst for fun and white-knuckle action.

The star of the game is SPOT, 7-UP's sunglassed, bundle of effervescent high-energy Most normal folks can't even see SPOT. He's the kind of guy who hangs around, making mischief when you are not looking. Does your dog ever bark when you're drinking 7-UP? Does your pencil switch sides on your desk whenever your back is turned? Now you know why What makes this game special is that not only do you get to see SPOT, you get to be SPOT What is life like being a red dot with an Uncola lifestyle? Try Cool SPOT and find out!

The name of the game is exploration. SPOT..whose main goal in life is fun! fun! fun!...must bebop his way through 11 megahuge levels and six bonus rounds, finding cool bonuses, power-ups and saving his 7-UP Spot amigos from the non-carbonated cages of Wicked Will—a diabolical collector of rare creatures. Each round is timed. Freeing your friends before time runs out will get you bonus points If you don't make it, SPOT gets an attitude about timers.

SPOT's main defense is his ability to flick bursts of 7-UP He's also really mobile and responds quickly to your control pad commands; a statement about the level of programming Virgin put into the game. Cool SPOT graphics are sharp, colorful and highly detailed. Sound effects are on the money You'll know when SPOT is happy..and when he ain't! And the music rocks with surf tunes to keep your fingers popping on the buttons. Cool SPOT is a welcome change from standard action and maze games. It's as refreshing as a glass of cold Uncola on a hot summer day.

If you are going to buy three Genesis games this year, make sure Cool SPOT is one of them.

Shell Shock

A good jump oft the 7-UP bottle will get you into the sky, or go overland to the beach chair and climb the back. Most of the cool bonuses are in the air, around the balloons. The majority of the 7-UP glasses are on the beach, surrounded by crabs. To find the cage, just follow the balloons.

Cool SPOT on the Genesis surfs away with the Best Sound award for its incredibly detailed audio effects and catchy tunes. These sounds are much more than window dressing. Cool SPOTs laughs and exclamations give you crucial feedback, and noises like the ring of a cash register and the scraping of crab claws cue you in to power-ups and perils in your midst. And what range! Cool SPOT captures everything from the squeak of cloth on glass to the rumble of an earthquake. Groovy surf, blues, and calypso music provide rollicking accompaniment.

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Cool Spot system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Cool Spot supports single modeSingle game mode

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