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by Infogrames Entertainment, S.A.

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Fantasia is one of the fun games featuring Mickey Mouse as the main character. Players have to control Mickey through many side-scrolling levels. The installment was unfortunately only released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and was based on the musical with the same name. Mickey had to defeat enemies by jumping on them or by shooting projectiles at them (however, he would have to pick up power-ups for this in advance), exactly like in the more popular installments from the Mario series.

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You must guide Mickey through five lengthy levels based on settings from the film. These include the Sorcerer's Dungeon (where you battle the famous marching brooms from the movie), a mythical forest, a prehistoric wasteland crawling with dinosaurs, ancient ruins - home to giant hippos that dance ballet, and finally, the evil Bald Mountain. Each of the five giant areas are made up of many levels. On each level, Mickey can find numerous blue music notes scattered about. He must collect them all before he reaches the end of the stage. If he does not, he has to start the level over from the beginning. As mentioned earlier, the areas of Fantasia are huge, holding many secrets and hidden rooms. And you'll have to look everywhere for these notes.

Mickey has two main attacks at his disposal. He can do the traditional bounce on the heads of enemies, which has been featured in just about every side scrolling platform game. He can also rely on his magic powers, and shoot blasts of energy at his foes from a distance. This can be useful, but his magic power is limited, so use it wisely.

The character sprites are fairly large with some good detail. Anyone who's seen the movie will instantly recognize many characters straight out of the film. From the marching broomsticks, to the enchanted dancing mushrooms in the forest - they're all here.

Music is built around famous classical music, soundtrack based around these famous tunes (Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" or "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach).

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Mickey Mouse - Fantasia system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Mickey Mouse - Fantasia supports single modeSingle game mode

2006-01-24 Fantasia is a series of arcade games of number one animated star, Mickey Mouse.

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