Flashback: The Quest For Identity

  • Developer: U.S. Gold
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
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  • Runs on PC, Windows
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Flashback: The Quest For Identity
Flashback: The Quest For Identity Download
Flashback: The Quest For Identity Game

Aliens bu the Ton

You play as Conrad, an agent who wakes up on a distant planet with his brain erased.

The perpetrators?


To rediscover his identity, Conrad must make his way from the Artificial Jungle to Earth, a difficult, suspense-filled journey that takes you through the many precincts of New Washington, into the eight-level Death Tower, and beyond.

If you've played Out of This World or Heart of the Alien, you will be familiar with the basic character movements and controls.

But Flashback goes much further with very realistic graphics, sweeping orchestrated music, and character voices.

You face a formidable array of challenges and enemies, from ledges and pits over which you must jump and hang, to armed muties, Death Tower participants, and finally the aliens themselves.

Aside from a Gun and Shield, which are yours from the start of the game, you can acquire a variety of items that are essential to your success in the game, from Card Keys and Credit Chips to IDs.

You can spot the aliens with special glasses that measure density.

The aliens are much, much denser than humans.

Success comes from tracking down the clues with the vigilance of a bloodhound, entering each new screen ready for anything, and mastering Conrad's sometimes complex run, jump, and hang moves.

Flashback features seven stages.

You must accomplish all the objectives in a stage before you can move on.

Somewhere in each stage is a Save Station, where you can save your game to continue if you get bumped off.

While this feature does not work if you turn off your Sega CD, a password save brings you to the start of a stage.

There are three difficulty levels, each with different passwords.


One of the greatest Adventures of all time is back and better than ever on the Sega CD.

Last year Flashback took Genesis owners by storm with graphics and game play that were out of this world.

The game won numerous special honors in last year's Sega Third Party Seal of Quality Awards, including the Best Adventure/RPG Product, Best Graphics, and nominations for Best Sound and Product of the Year.

Flashback CD is all this and more.

Sega has combined the same award-winning graphics and game play with all-new computer-modeled intermission cinematics, full voice, and orchestrated music that sets the scene for the hair-trigger, dangerous adventure of Flashback.

With a password save and three levels of difficulty, Flashback CD is all the future RPG/Action cyberpunk that gamers need for big-time fun.

New Washington

New Washington is a series of precincts hooked together by rail.

Your friend Ian lives here.

Save his hide, and he can give you back your memory.

Then it's time to get to work.

You need cash to get to Earth.

And being a courier is only one of the jobs you must do.

Death Tower

So you want to get to Earth?

Don't have the cash? Death Tower is the answer.

This televised kill-or-be-killed spectacle is eight levels of murderous challenges and obstacles.

Survive, and a ticket to Earth is your prize.

Artificial Jungle

Fleeing from your captors, you are shot down over the Artificial Jungle.

You awake with an empty brain, a Blaster, a Shield (which protects you from four hits, but not from really big falls), and a Holocube, which you accidentally knock off the ledge and must retrieve.

Find the old man at the bottom of the jungle and you can get to New Washington, if you've saved the wounded man and collected enough credits.

Hot Hints

  1. The watchdog robots are vulnerable only when their antennae are extended.
  2. Saves work only with the continue feature. As long as you choose to continue, you'll resume play from where you last saved.
  3. If you think there are muties or aliens in the next screen, draw your Cun, crouch, and roll in.
  4. To make the first ledge in New Washington, start your jump at the very end of the lower ledge, then push Button A to pull yourself up.

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Flashback: The Quest For Identity supports single modeSingle game mode

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Flashback: The Quest For Identity
Flashback: The Quest For Identity Download
Flashback: The Quest For Identity Game

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