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FLASHBACK is a unique game, in that it is considered an interactive movie. If one were to glance at the game, they might think they were watching an animated film, not playing a game. The opening scene is of a young man being shot down over a jungle, who is on the run after stealing a ship. After regaining consciousness, you (as the aforementioned thief) don't know who you are, why you are there, or where you came from. As you venture through seven levels on six different worlds, asking questions of others as well as of yourself, you realize that you're also on the run from someone who wants you dead. The story, which is told with the help of 75 cinematic sequences, is a tale shrouded in mystery and suspense, and one that you will hardly believe!

Yet the story is just one of the elements that make Flashback the classic that it is. The game itself is something so different and unique that only the most open-minded gamers on the planet (any planet) would be able to draw true admiration out of it. Here is a game that, while not having the fast paced action that's become so synonymous with video games, represented everything that video games have the potential to be, as well as what the Sega Genesis was capable of. Flashback, like Ico on the PlayStation 2, gave gamers the kind of escapism and brilliant gameplay that one would feel a true sense of accomplishment upon beating it.

Flashback is chock full of slick animations, superb sounds and tons of atmosphere. It's a near perfect blend of action and adventure, leaving almost nothing to be desired.

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Flashback system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Flashback supports single modeSingle game mode

2005-06-05 Flashback is a unique game, in that it is considered an interactive movie.
2006-04-27 Flashback description updated.

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