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by Sega

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OK, hot rod. We know you can drive fast. But can you race? Optimize your car for any course? Adapt to changing weather and track conditions in a heartbeat? Can you outsmart the toughest opponents on wheels? Are you good enough to compete? Formula One World Championship tests your skill and your smarts on the Sega CD like no Racing Sim before. With digitized racing footage, competition drawn from actual races, and a G-inducing first-person perspective, this CD leaves the competition in the dust.

Start Your Engines

You're wearing your helmet, gloves, and asbestos underwear. The sleek McLaren is juiced and ready to rip through the Doning-ton course. Ground-trembling, bone-shaking screams of revving engines surround you. The sky looks a little gray—did you select your heavy-traction tires? But forget all that, 'cause the green flag is up and...hey, wait a sec! This is just a video game, isn't it?

What makes Formula One so gripping? Action-packed video sequences, for one thing. The world's first racing CD delivers in-your-face scenes of massive wipeouts, up-close views of tight passes, and cameo appearances by today's racing heroes. Digitized voices of racers and track announcers heighten the realism — and give you crucial advice.

This Ain't No Pit Stop

But how real is the game play? As real as it gets. The 1993 mode lets you reenact actual races from last year. You take over the car of a real participant at a key point in the race. Think you can do better than he did? All the details from the historical race are there, from the car's specs, the performance of your opponents, and even the weather on the day of the race. Before you take over, the driver you're replacing will give you pointers. Listen to him.

If you'd rather take control of an entire racing season, enter the Grand Prix itself. You'll compete against actual race teams on 16 courses around the world, from Monte Carlo to Adelaide in Australia. Oh, one crucial detail: You have to qualify first, and your time determines your choice of cars and teams. If you get a lousy qualifying time, whittle it down before you enter the Grand Prix —you'll have more fun with better equipment and a better teammate. Or if the pressure gets to you, warm up in Free Run to master your controls, your course, and your vehicle.

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Video Footage

Formula One's innovative use of digitized live action puts you in the driver's seat like nothing you've seen before. By interspersing the game play with footage from real races, it lets you relive the thrill of the sport's greatest moments — and puts you in control of the outcome.

Hot Hints


  1. Grand Prix has a password feature, so don't stress about winning the trophy in one day.
  2. Watch your side mirrors for unwelcome company.
  3. For an added challenge, set the weather to Rainy.
  4. In Grand Prix mode, listen carefully to the announcer.
  5. The Williams cars are the top of the line in Grand Prix mode.

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Formula One World Championship rating

Formula One World Championship system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Formula One World Championship supports single modeSingle game mode

2017-07-24 Formula One World Championship game added.