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Sharpen your sword, jump on your pony and prepare to conquer the world. Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf puts you in the 13th century world, leather boots and fur hat of the meanest Mongol ever to cross the Manchu Steppes, Temujin, A.K.A. Genghis Khan.

Have you ever wanted to change history? Koei is giving you the chance. One of the leading creators of role play and strategy games, Koei is out with two tides sure to appeal to those who want to remake the world in their own image. Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf and Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragons of Destiny put you into two of die most important times in world history'—the Mongolian Invasion and the three kingdoms period of Chinese history—to play as the most important historical figures of that time.

It takes a special gamer to appreciate historical strategy and role-playing games. Unlike your standard shooters and action games, historical simulations are a lot like chess. You make a big plan, organize everything carefully..and deal with the consequences. The big difference is that the plans you make can take decades of game time (over 100 hours of real play) to come to fruition. In some cases—like Genghis Khan II—you can even continue after you die, as long as you have heirs of a certain age to be your successor!

You don't need fast hands or lightning reflexes for these games. You need a sharp mind, a lot of patience and a desire to make big things happen. What makes these games so special is their realism. Designed around the rules that make civilizations rise and fall, the results of your actions are models of what very w'ell could have happened in that time and place. Think Genghis Khan messed up in his conquest of the world? Here's your chance to show him a trick or two.

Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf

Starting as the leader of a tribe or nation, you must guard your people's well-being, defend them against your opponents and increase your wealth and power base to take over the known world. Not bad for a day's work, eh? Actually, it is the work of a lifetime.

You can play the game in four modes based on actual historical events: Mongol Conquest 1184 A.D., Genghis Khan 1206 A.D., Yuan Dynasty 1271 A.D. and World Conquest. The last can only be played if Mongol Conquest is successfully completed before 1214A.D.

Each move encompasses a quarter of a year and involves dividing wealth, assigning duties to generals, governors and vassals, ordering production and short, the duties of a ruler. When you have built up your armies and supplies, the next step is to invade the neighboring countries and win them over, naming them vassal states. Add their armies and resources to your own and repeat the process, hopefully, adding to your domain with every passing year.

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