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by Electronic Arts

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Take a fantastic romp through 12 levels of surf, sand and sun with Greendog, the ultra - cool surfer dude on a truly awesome mission. It seems that one day Greendog is shreddin' on some truly killer surf when he gets pounded and loses his surfboard. When he comes to, he finds himself stuck with a cursed pendant that won't let him surf, and that makes all living creatures attack him.

The only way Greendog can slip the pendant's curse is to find the ultimate treasure, the Surfboard of the Ancients. And because he's lost his surfboard, he has to resort to his personal pedal - copter, his skateboard, his snorkling outfit, and his in - line skates for transportation. A bizarre assortment of crazed creatures make Greendog's journey harder - from stinging starfish and dive - bombing parrots to killer clams and a berserk pirate.


A young surfer-dude named Greendog has lost his board and, even worse, has been cursed by an Aztec pendant that won't come off. As long as he wears it, all living creatures will attack him. Greendog's beach babe, Bambi, clues him to the fact that he has to find six treasures to get the amulet off. Worse yet, he can't surf until he removes the curse. Bad news!

So Greendog (did his mother give him that name?) is off for an island hop through the Caribbean, armed with beach sports gear like flying disks, inline skates, a skateboard, snorkeling gear and a pedal copter. He fights enemies right out of a beach bum's nightmare. And for a surf dude, he does an awesome job.

The Beached Surfer Dude!

The background graphics are digitized, cartoonish and hip. You start with 4 lives and can find more hidden along the way Power ups include enough beach-type food to feed an army, some pretty strange protection devices and extra flying disks so Greendog can toss two or three at a time. This really cramps his enemy's style.

Your dog, Fetch, even tags along occasionally and helps by putting the bite on the bad guys. You can sometimes find him a bone that'll

The music island from...Reggae and Calypso.. .and will have you bopping in your all, fresh music, great graphics and a whole new "look and feel" make this tide a mongo hit. Gnarly.

Ric Green spent Ms teen-age gears on the beaches and trails of Southern California, doing things that average teen-agers do. He surfed, shated. skateboarded, rode dirt bikes and anything else that mas totally radical. It mas from this time in flic's life that Greendog emerged. We recently talked to Ric Green, the creator of Greendog. and Michael Latham, the producer for the Greendog Genesis game. They both gave us some insight into this unique character's background.

How did the Greendog character come about?

RIC: I picked up the nickname in junior high school. The character is like a caricature of myself.

Was there a lot ot interest in the character?

RIC: Yeah, the character has since become the basis for the Genesis and Game Gear games and soon there will be a fully animated movie, bed sheets and a board game.

How did SEGA become involved with Greendog?

RIC: I went to Sega and presented the character to them. After focus-testing it, they decided that he would make a good character for a video game.

What are your thoughts on the finished game?

RIC: It's great! The different levels make it really interesting and challenging. In fact I wouldn't be able to beat the game without the cheat codes.

What does the future hold for Greendog?

RIC: Like I said earlier the Greendog animated movie will be out next year. In the meantime 1 am coming out with a line of T-shirts, action figures, an outdoor water board game and a lot of cool water toys.

Any advice for aspiring character designers?

RIC: Go for it, Dude!!!

What was your involvement with the Greendog product?

MIKE: I was both the producer and designer. As the designer I had to come up with the storyline, play mechanics and basic level layouts. Greendog was a real group effort with constant feedback from Sega Interactive and the Sega test department. The test department was especially helpful in the "tuning" of the product.

How long was Greendog in development?

MIKE: Greendog took about a year to develop. The first three months were spent on prototypes, especially the various vehicles Greendog rides. Also we spent a lot of time figuring out how we could get digital-quality backgrounds to fit into a 4-meg cartridge.

The character seems very well-animated. Was there a lot of emphasis placed on his animation?

MIKE: Greendog was a real challenge due to his physical structure. The game's artists Maureen Kringen and Doug Nishimura worked hard to capture his quirky looks. In doing so they created one of the largest main player characters to appear in a 4-meg cartridge.

They also created a unique look that hadn't been done on the Genesis before. They did this by placing cartoon-like characters onto photo-realistic backgrounds. Thanks to Maureen, who is one of the industry's best artists, the look worked and we were able to get 8.5 megs of game data into a 4-meg cartridge.

What makes Greendog such an interesting character?

MIKE: He represents the average teen-ager, with a cool but slightly awkward look. Unlike most of the violent or cute characters, Greendog can walk the middle line. He isn't violent, but can defend himself if pushed. Ultimately I see him as the protector of pop culture. Whatever our users are into, Greendog can do in his games. Imagine Greendog bungee jumping, dirt-bike racing or jet skiing.

Any tips for the players?

MIKE: The biggest tip is to take your time and enjoy the game. We created Greendog to be a challenge, while still winnable by any player. Here are three codes for players who might still need help.


  1. Slow motion mode on Pause, then press Down, A, C, Up, Left, Left.
  2. Slow motion mode off Pause, then press Left, Right, Up, Down, A, C.
  3. Three Frisbees Pause, then press C, A, B, A, Left, Left.

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Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude supports single modeSingle game mode

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