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by Sega of Japan

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Treasure of Japan, makers of fabled games like Gunstar Heroes and Ronald McDonald land, have created a new game for the Saturn.

Guardian Heroes is a bizarre blend of sidescrolling Final Fight-style play with RPG elements. You are given a selection of five characters, each with his/her own range of special attacks. Most moves in this game are done via Street Fighter controller rotations. They also have individualized stats that determine things like strength and intelligence. It is possible to have six people tapped in and playing at the same time.

A few things help Guardian Heroes break from the mold of the standard side-scroller. First off, you can fight on three different planes. Sometimes the only way to avoid hits is to jump into the background. Another interesting feature is that it is possible to juggle enemies with hits. If pinned against a corner, you can nail them infinitely. However, this can also be considered a disadvantage, as the computer loves to do the same thing to you. To help you out. there is a computer-controlled drone that fights alongside you at all times. Again, the tradeoff is it steals experience from you by killing more enemies.

The gameplay is relatively fast, and at a first glance it looks really cool. However, you'll find that Guardian Heroes just drags on and on. Waves of palate-swapped enemies just keep coming at you. The levels are straight out of a fantasy novel, with haunted woods and bustling towns rounding out the locations. However, the adventure becomes tiresome with the influx of the same opponents over and over.

To liven things up, at the end of each level is a huge Boss. These are often cheap enemies with automatically hitting magic, or moves that juggle you until you are dead. The shear lethality of some of the Bosses will make for a frustrating time with even the most diligent players.

After you defeat an area, you are able to allocate statistic points to your warrior's attributes. Your best bet is to increase your hit points and attack strength. Of course, you could always experiment with what works best for you. With upgrades out of the way, you're given a choice of which area you'd like to adventure in next.

Plus, there is a Versus Mode where you can play as every character in the game in a fighting contest.


THEME - Adventure


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Guardian Heroes system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Guardian Heroes supports single modeSingle game mode

2016-08-22 Guardian Heroes game added.

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