Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD)

  • Developer: American Laser Games
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
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  • Runs on PC, Windows
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Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD)
Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD) Download
Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD) Game

OK, gunslinger. You restored order to a frontier town in Mad Dog McCree. Now it's time to look after your own interests in Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, the shoot-'em-up sequel to American Laser Games' arcade-style classic. Of course, Mad Dog's after the same treasure as you, and it ain't easy to scout out. This one-player Sega CD gunfight takes you through lawless towns, seamy saloons, and territory so dangerous that you need a guide. So strap on your gun belt. They don't call it the Wild West for nothing.

Shoot out at Just About Every Corral

You're every bit as greedy as Mad Dog, but he's more ruthless than you can afford to be. Sure, to get to the Spanish treasure you have to blast away scores of stagecoach bandits, hot-tempered gamblers, and Mad Dog's renegade henchmen. But firing on an innocent bystander is as lethal to you as getting shot yourself. And if you let your guide take a hit, you're as good as finished.

Mad Dog II packs in even more quick-draw challenge than the original. Some of the levels feature enemies who pop up randomly instead of in the same order every single time. After all, the gunslingers who won the West never knew who was going to shoot first. Mad Dog //also gives you three games in one: Each of the guides takes you on a completely different route to the top dog's hideout. If you make it to the showdown with the scourge of the West himself, the two of you will square off for one of the longest interactive video sequences ever filmed.

  • TIP: Don't get smug watching this outlaw bite the dust. There are more where he came from.
  • TIP: This sorry-looking prospector has half of the treasure map. Find the padre for the other half.
  • TIP: Take target practice seriously. Hits earn you extra bullets.
  • TIP: Shoot the first monk you see. He's not a real man of the cloth.
  • TIP: A fallen gunslinger isn't necessarily a dead gunslinger.
  • TIP: Aim, but don't shoot at enemies until they draw.
  • TIP: Reload your gun by shooting at the floor.
  • TIP: Shoot the screen to skip intermission scenes you've seen too many times.

A Trio of Trouble

You'll need a guide to take you through the badlands, but any of these three will lead you to trouble before they lead you to treasure.

Shooting Beaver

If you save him from swinging, he'll reward you by dragging you into gunfight after gunfight.

Buckskin Bonnie

You need a quick aim when you're facing a whole lineup of bandits.

The Professor

His honesty at medicine — and poker — is questionable, but deviousness can be a useful quality.

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD) supports single modeSingle game mode

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Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD)
Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD) Download
Mad Dog 2 the Lost Gold (Sega CD) Game

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