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Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter from Vic Tokai is a hard-hitting, one-player action game that pits good versus evil man versus a post-holocaust future. It's 1999, and evil biobeast mutants are ripping apart the Earth's ecosystem. The humans need a hero to stop the mutants' onslaught...the sword-wielding warrior, Mazinger-Z. With his suit of bio-armor and slick ninja moves, Mazinger-Z battles biobeast armies across the globe in six stages for 24 rounds of serious swordplay.

Mazin Saga is big on combo moves, including a separate set of attack moves you'll have to master to beat the heavy-metal mutant Bosses. The Boss levels are worth the price of admission, though. The Bosses are tough to beat, with special powers like electro-force blasts, and are full-screen arcade size and quality. Mazinger-Z mutates in size to meet each level Boss on equal terms...until you face the most deadly enemy of alL.yourself! Stage 6 puts you face to face with Negative Mazinger, who fires a punishing force blast... and who knows all your moves.

In Stage 1, you'll have to defeat the advancing biobeast army one by one. Look out for the red-claw mutants — they have a long strike range. Pick up Force Chakras to restore your Power Meter.

The Stage 1 Boss will try to squash you when you're still small. His Achilles Heel is the weak spot.

Garada K7 is the Stage 1 Round Boss. Block his flameballs and axe by pressing Button A, then press Button B to deliver a vicious Sword Attack.

These cartwheeling Shrimp-Beasts in Stage 1 can knock you flat. Slice them into sushi before they can roll up on you.

This spinning supernatural Shiva in Stage 2 will bomb you with a lake of fire. Jump in close when she stops and do maximum damage, then back out fast.

When you're in the catacombs in Stage 2, watch out for the leaping, gelatinous Morph monsters. Don't get stuck behind the pillars or they'll leech onto you. Take out the flamethrowers before things heat up.

Slughead, the Stage 2 Boss, is most vulnerable when he's in the air. When he's jumping toward you, knock him out of the sky with an Upward Slash by pressing D-Button Up and Button B. Keep away from his mace and Guard against force-blasts by pressing Button A.

In Stage 3, hit the D-Button Left or Right twice and Button C to Dash and jump onto Dino-Beast's paws to clear the bottomless chasms. Pick up the Crystals for extra points.

Dino-Beast's powerful rushing attacks can finish you off quick in the Stage 3 Boss level. Keep moving, jump backwards and stay out of the comers. Try to knock him out of the sky with the Upward Slash after he leaps.

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Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter supports single modeSingle game mode

2017-09-18 Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter game added.

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