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It rules in the arcades...has been called the fighting game of the century. Now you can play it on your all its arcade glory, color and action. It's Mortal Kombat from Arena. And it's Kombat supreme. Mortal Kombat is the player's choice arcade fighter because of the lifelike appearance of the fighters, the realistic combat moves and the awesome special moves.

Mortal Kombar gives you all the classic plan options of this fighting hit. The game gives you all the classic play options. You can fight against the computer in five difficulty levels. A friend can join in the Tournament at any time. You can listen to the game music and sound effects in the Options Menu. And there is the special code that allows you to play Mortal Kombat in Arcade Mode.

Basic Moves

Though each fighter has their own special moves, the basic fighting moves are the backbone of the game. You need to master them if you have a hope of winning. In general, the more spectacular a move, the more damage I it does.

Kode of Honor

Arena has agreed to make the Arcade code available to interested gamers through a special phone number. Before you call, however, make sure it's O.K. with whoever pays the phone bill (since it is a toll call). Arena's special number for the code is 516-624-9300. Call between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ES.T., Monday through Friday. Arena will provide you with the code, and tell you how and when to enter it Better gamers might be able to discover the code by themselves. But if you can't figure it out call Arena for the inside info.

The Tournament Trail

The mix of fighters will vary depending on your character. This is the path the Tournament takes. If player two joins in, you both slug it out until one has lost and/or run out of continues. Then the Tournament resumes the normal course.

Goro & Shang Tsung

After you have defeated all your Mortal Kombat opponents, you go head-to-head with Goro and Shang Tsung, the evil reigning Champion and Grandmaster of the Tournament. You cannot play as either of these two villains. You must defeat them both to win. Do so, and you'll learn the rest of the story about the fighter you chose to be. The connections between them may surprise you.

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Mortal Kombat rating

Mortal Kombat system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Mortal Kombat supports single modeSingle game mode

2017-09-06 Mortal Kombat game added.

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