Pool Of Radiance 2: Ruins Of Myth Dranor

a game by Stormfront Studios

If you can remember the first Pool Of Radiance game, you're either very old, very dedicated or very sad. It was released way back in 1988 and it was the first computer game to be based on TSR's advanced D&D ruleset. Now, 12 years later, the D&D role-playing genre has been reinvigorated, thanks mainly to sublime titles such as System Shock 2 and Baldur's Gate. So, what better time to release the sequel, subtitled Ruins Of Myth Dranor?

Developer, Stormfront Studios, is also proudly claiming another first with its new release. It's going to be the first role-playing game based on the new 3rd Edition rulebook, a feat that Baldur's Gate II can't boast. This means that as well as the new classes and races, your characters can progress up to the 16th level and cast 8th level spells. You can also expect to be terrorised by some brand new monsters, sporting the snappy 3rd Edition look currently popular on Paris catwalks.

But what of the story? Well, apparently something bad is messing with the original Pool Of Radiance. You're sent to protect the Pool site, but you haven't been there a minute before a portal opens, sweeping you into the uncompromising world of Myth Dranor. This is one of the most dangerous places in the Forgotten Realms, but the gameworld has been crafted to enable your first-level characters to progress quickly.

Loads of sub-quests are available to help you progress, but many of these aren't necessary to progression in the actual game. If you're playing by yourself your party can be made up of a maximum of six characters - two of these are non-player characters.

In the multiplayer game, which promises to be more action-orientated than solo play, you can play with up to five others and take a character each, or split your party however you like. If you want, you can play with a mate and take three each, or take five for yourself and leave your friend with just one. The choice is yours.

As you can see from the screenshots, PoRII is looking absolutely stunning. The game is played from the traditional three-quarter isometric viewpoint, with 2D pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D characters and spell effects laid over the top. We are pleased to report that a lot of the game environments are fully interactive, which means you can block a door to stop something nasty getting through and smash crates and climb on tables to get a combat advantage. In short, you can expect a much more natural feel to the gaming world.

We've just had a sneak peek at the latest code, and you'll be pleased to know that we reckon PoRII is going to be something special.

The new animation system and huge characters make it one of the smoothest role-playing games we have ever seen, and the pull of the 3rd Edition rulebook should keep purists happy. Watch this space for more information.

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