Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey

  • Developer: Cunning Development
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
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  • Runs on PC, Windows
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Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey Download
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey Game

We're pinball mad in the office, but the translation to PC never works that well. Empire is persevering though, and its efforts are usually eminently playable. Although there's only one new table, Fantastic Journey, there is a second table which can be downloaded from the Internet - the award-winning, The Web.

Fantastic Journey is a relatively complex table, with a multitude of skilful shots needed to activate bonuses, ball aids and of course the building of and journeying in each vehicle. The multiball bonus is particularly fun, and provides some frenetic action. Several difficulty levels also add to the challenge. Unfortunately, this all sounds rather more interesting than it is. Most of the game is comprised of no more than triggering bonuses and setting yourself up for the next one, which to an extent is the bread and butter of pinball games. However, with the scope provided by a computer, you'd expect something more, something a little cleverer and even a hint of originality, but all of these elements are sadly missing. Even pinball purists will surely soon grow tired of the lack of options.

Graphically, looks superb, but the music sounds like it came straight out of an elevator, infecting your mind late at night with its annoying repetition. The Web, although not as aesthetically pleasing, is the more entertaining of the two, offering another paddle mid way up the table to add an extra element of control.

For those of you who really love pinball, PPFJ will keep you occupied for a while. Its ball physics are spot on and the Internet high-score tables make the whole affair a little more competitive. Sadly, the game lacks either the originality or the diversity (with regard to the number of tables) needed to make it a valid purchase. Although it's cheap and reasonably good fun, you'd be better off spending your 20 quid down the arcades.

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PC compatible,

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey supports single modeSingle game mode

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Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey Download
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey Game

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2019-01-10 Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey game added.

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