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Slam your Genesis into action with the cyborg cop of steel, Robocop! In Robocop 3 from Flying Edge, the supercop pounds law and order back into the Motor City, taking on criminal missiles, flying motorcycles and more thugs than you'll find in a '40s gangster flick. The graphics and sound effects are great, but the game is intensely difficult, even in Easy mode.

Robocop 3 takes place in Detroit, 1999. The city is under siege by evil villains and a street gang on the loose. Robocop has to subdue both of these evil forces, along with an army of deadly (lying robots. You'll battle your way through city streets, up high-rises and through an auto garage infested with robots. Then strap on your experimental jet pack to blast away missiles and fhing motorcycles. After cornering the thugs in an abandoned church, you'll have to find the keys to escape. But your escape route — a rat-infested sewer — poses a deadly menace. The ultimate battle with your biggest foe awaits at the end. Battle your way to enemy headquarters to face the powerful and evil ninja robot OTOMO.

These wrecking balls will grind you into dust. Run past them when they're on the way back up.

The van full of bazooka fighters can be cut down with a barrage of laser fire. Hit them in the air, when they jump toward you.

Shoot up between levels at your enemies in the abandoned church.

You'll have to blast through walls and tind the keys. Jump over the crumbling tloor to get the first key, and use the second one to unlock the door to the sewer.

Shoot straight up to take out these (lying robots. Jump between the shitting plates carefully to avoid falling to your doom. Look out for the tank robot.

Use the triple-shot gun to hit enemies firing at you from windows as well as on the ground.

These robots on the other side of the high-rise take two laser hits to destroy. Let them fire at you — you'll take less damage from their bullets than if they run into you.

Hot Hints:

  1. Robocop has a fierce arsenal of weapons, including a triple-shot pistol, laser rifle, flame thrower and a missile launcher.
  2. Pick up the bouncing P power-ups to get new weapons. Each weapon has its own ammo supply, so switch to the one you need ammo for before you pick up an ammo pod.
  3. Don't let the flying robots run into you. They will quickly drain your power.
  4. Use lasers against bazookas and robots.
  5. Robocop has an automatic shutdown sequence. Finish the level before his time runs out.
  6. Jump and hit OTOMO in the air. Keep away from his sword.

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Robocop 3 system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Robocop 3 supports single modeSingle game mode

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