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The latest entry in the enormously popular Shinobi series, Shadow Dancer, continues the adventures of good guy and super-Ninja, Joe Musashi, also known as Shinobi. It's 1997 and Joe has just defeated the evil Neo Zeed organization, his opposition in the earlier Shinobi games.

Before journeying on to Japan for some much needed rest and relaxation, Joe decides to visit New York City, home of his friend and former student, Kato. Kato, meanwhile, having learned that some nasty characters have taken over a local grade school and are holding the children hostage, headed immediately for the school, where he was beaten mercilessly by Ninja warriors. Joe has returned to New York only to watch his former student die before his eyes, leaving him only memories of their friendship and Kato's faithful white dog, Yamato.

In Shadow Dancer, Joe Musashi and Yamato take revenge upon the killers of Kato and their entire Ninja group — a powerful organization led by a grotesque, reptilian giant known as Sauros! There are some similarities to the earlier Sega Genesis'" classic, Revenge of Shinobi — Joe can leap, punch, kick, throw shuriken (Ninja stars), swing his mighty Shinobi Sabre or call upon the powers of Ninjutsu, a trio of spells which can be invoked by Joe when he is challenged to his limits. One spell creates columns of flame that consume all onscreen enemies; a second conjures tornadoes that blow Joe's foes away; and the third spell causes meteorites to fall from the sky, destroying all nearby nasties.

Shadow Dancer also boasts its own unique features, including a pulse-pounding musical score; the extensive use of falling objects, which Joe must sidestep; and a new collection of Ninja enemies. There are cartwheeling bad guys who cannot be killed while flipping through the air, and Ninjas burst from behind windows and other glass barriers throughout the adventure. If Joe takes a single killing blow, he dies, and the game must be restarted from the beginning of that scenario. This lack of multiple- lives makes Shadow Dancer the most challenging Shinobi game yet! In another novel touch, Joe has the services of the faithful Yamato, Kato's old pet. Yamato will do anything for Joe, including laying down his life for his new master! Holding down the "B" button is a command for Yamato to attack the nearest bad guy. This is a great feature when our hero is under siege, front and rear. While Yamato won't be able to actually kill Sauron's minions, he can keep them at bay for a few precious moments. The various scenarios of Shadow Dancer include a wide variety of locales and opponents, from Brooklyn Heights to the Statue of Liberty and on to Sauros' subterranean sanctum. Burning Downtown, the initial scenario, reveals Joe's battle with Sauros' minions against the backdrop of Brooklyn ablaze!

In Battle on the Railway, Joe faces-off against Sauros' Ninjas in an abandoned train yard. He then continues on to Liberty Island where a free-for- all is scheduled to take place on the Statue of Liberty!

In the Darkness, Joe carries the fight to a dangerous mountainside in the dead of night. Finally, he must breach Sauros' final defenses for a confrontation with the lethal lizard himself in his underground cavern stronghold!

Shadow Dancer is a compelling adventure that combines the best elements from past Shinobi contests with great new innovations. The New York backgrounds provide an interesting change of pace from the Oriental stylings of Joe's previous adventures. The game's various plot devices — such as the ruthless murder of Kato — give the entire game a dramatic edge. A great new addition to an already classic series, Shadow Dancer is the greatest chapter yet in the ongoing saga of the Ninja warrior known as Shinobi!

  • TIP: Each of the Bosses — Blade, Mirage, Stomper, etc. — has a vulnerable spot. Search out their weak spot then attack it!

  • TIP: Each type of warrior has a unique attack pattern; study it, then exploit its predictability!

  • TIP: Remain on the lookout for special items including Bonus Points, Extra Lives and Power Up icons.

  • TIP: Look for Power Up icons whenever you rescue a hostage — they double your attack strength!

  • TIP: Joe can’t be hurt while in mid-leap!

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