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Sonic and the evil Ivo Robotnik have faced off on Genesis, Master System, and in their own comic book. And they're at it again, this time on the portable Game Gear system.

Now everyone's favorite hedgehog is not only the fastest video critter in red sneakers, he's everywhere! With the Game Gear edition, video hounds can play this cart not just in homes but in cars, on the streets, in schools, everywhere!

As always, Sonic The Hedgehog is a blast and a half to play. Leaping, running, and rolling with lightning speed, Sonic keeps the action hopping and the control buttons bopping through all six great levels, each with three awesome acts.

Robotnik has transformed Sonic's animal friends into 10 different kinds of robotic beasts, all with a bloodlust for hedgehogs. It's up to Sonic to smash into these Badniks and free his friends — unless the evil Badniks get him first. Whenever you see gold rings and shields, grab 'em. They offer Sonic protection from the endless army of attacking Badniks.

The gold rings are also Sonic's pass into Bonus Stages — if he has enough, he has a chance to bounce like a ball in a giant pinball machine, ricocheting at a fast and furious pace as he collects more gold rings, continues, and power-ups. But if his brain gets scrambled and his time expires, he loses all. So keep your wits about you.

Even if you've played the Genesis version, you'll find some new surprises here. For one thing, there are three new zones. Also, you'll find chaos emeralds in all zones. And if you thought the Bonus Zones were challenging on Genesis, wait till you try them with a time limit!

Sonic zooms up and down the lush hills of the Green Hill Zone, past futuristic palm trees, totem poles, and treacherous valleys filled with piercing spikes. He survives if he can catapult or swing over the spikes. Be on the lookout for Chopper, Motobug, Crabmeat, and the Buzz Bomber. Sonic goes underground to negotiate paths with more spikes and more Badniks.

Sonic next faces the Bridge Zone (a new zone), where his jumping is put to the test as bridges give way beneath him. And while this is going on, Chopper, Spiked Motorbug, and Buzz Bomber are after him. Learn to use the see-saws in this zone for extra high jumps. The second act is especially tricky, when the game scrolls and Sonic has no choice but to keep moving forward,he has very little time to plan his jumps.

In the Jungle Zone (another new zone) with exotic red flowers and vines, Sonic has to jump across dangerous rivers — there's little room for jumping goofs here. Newtron joins the Badniks in making Sonic's life difficult.

Then it's on to the Labyrinth, where Sonic steps into some gross, green slime and slides into an underwater maze. Sonic may be great, but he can't breathe underwater! Not only do you have to get him out of there fast (like, before he drowns), you've got to keep an eye out for the hedgehog-chomping Jaws.

After his underwater adventure, he has to undergo the Scrap Brain Zone, Robotnik's metallic maze of horror. Conveyor belts transport Sonic to safety...or to his demise. It's very hard to get Sonic through the orange flames and demonic machinery. Sonic can get disoriented and squished all too easily in this zone.

Should Sonic live, he comes face to face with Robotnik himself in his immense blue and red fortress of evil in the Sky Base Zone, which is new. Robotnik launches missiles, bullets, laser beams, and Badniks at him. And then the two square off with each other for the final climactic act.

Games like Sonic The Hedgehog don't come around that often, so it's great that all Segaphiles, no matter what machine they jam on, now can get in on the super Sonic action. Sonic The Hedgehog is destined to be one of the all-time classic video games. If you haven't given Sonic a test drive yet, fasten your seat belt and cut him loose!

In the Jungle, you can jump to tree branches. But lookout for the ones with spikes on them.

Collect all six chaos emeralds if you want to see the real ending.

Use the air bubbles to get through the underwater maze. And get out fast!

Take care with those bridges! If Sonic touches the water, it's all over.

Move slowly in Robotnik's fortress.

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