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Who doesn't know and love Star Trek? The very popular series led to different video games as well and one of them is The Next Generation, and is one of the first Star Trek releases ever. You just control the Starfleet cadets and participate with them in a simulation. You will have to guide them through different mini-tasks, because the player takes control of Jean-Luc Picard, the captain. Players who complete the mini-assignments increase their rank. There are many races in the game, including Klingons, Talarians and Borg.

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Beam into a Trekkie's dream come true with Star Trek: The Next Generation from Sega. A one-player deep space adventure, Star Trek: The Next Generation puts you in control of every aspect of the Enterprise, from the Bridge and tactical space combat to awayteams. With the advice of Capt. Jean Luc Picard and other ST: TNG characters to back you up, pilot the Enterprise in an adventure to track down the mystery of an ancient device before the Romulans wage war on the Federation.

You Have the Conn

Action aboard ship takes place on the Bridge, from your seat at the Conn. Pressing the D-Button Left or Right rotates you around the Bridge to access Communications, Sensors, the Computer, Engineering, the Transporter, Navigation and Capt. Picard in the Ready Room. Each area is vital to your success. Navigation will give you information about your surroundings and your destination. Consult the Computer to leam about the Enterprise, the Federation and other cultures, including your enemies, the Romulans. Tactical is where ship-to-ship combat occurs. And consult Engineering to allocate ship resources to fix combat damage to the Enterprise's many functions and systems. The Transporter Room is where you build awayteams. And the Conn is where you can access Navigation and set a course to adventure.

Though the game takes many twists and turns, the areas where your skills count most are in spa combat and in awayteam missions. Ship-to-ship combat pits you against various types of spacecraft in running combat. Survival calls for pressing an attack at close range, then retreating when your shields are approaching shutdown. Allocate your Engineering resources heavily in the shield, weapon and engine areas and you will be able to outlast even multiple Romulan warbirds.

Awayteam missions put you in charge of up to four crew members, both as a team and as individuals. Star Trek: TNG assumes role-play proportions by letting you separate a member from a team and take them on their own. Command can be shifted to any of your awayteam as the situation arises. Missions will consist of various types...usually without much information...that will lead you to more clues about the ancient device.

Hot Hints:

  1. Always try to Hail before you tire. You might be able to avoid combat and potential major ship damage.
  2. On awayteam missions, take a reading on an object with a tri-corder before you pick it up.
  3. It you collect all the optical circuits in the alien vessel and then beam back to the Enterprise, all the circuits and items will be transterred to the lead member of the party. This makes it easier to try different objects because you don't have to switch between characters.
  4. After selecting a destination in Navigation, be ready to move to Tactical for combat. The Romu-lans like to stay cloaked and will often approach without warning.

24th-Century Space Adventure

You're in a race with the Romulans to find the IFD, a device of incomparable power. But before you can even think about laying your hands on it, you must complete a series of awayteam missions that test your gaming skill, puzzle-solving ability, and role-playing smarts. For each mission, you can choose up to four characters from an initial roster of 19. Assess each character's traits and abilities carefully, then match your line-up to your mission, whether it's rescuing a captured ship, excavating trapped miners, or searching for a Ferengi trader with a Romulan secret.

Ice World

Divide your party to find the passkeys scattered throughout the level. Keep your phaser ready: Pesky drones and fearsome snow beasts roam the halls. After you've grabbed the passkeys, use them to cross the acidic river. The Shard of Strength lies ahead. Find it, and you're on your way to victory.

Avayteam Hints:

  1. For perilous sections of awayteam missions, use redshirts. If Captain Picard or any of the Senior Officers, are hurt or injured, you lose the game.
  2. Split up to cover more ground when searching for clues.
  3. In the Mine, collect pellentium and ravarium to avoid a second mission there later in the game.
  4. Not all the machinery aboard the Derelict Ship has a function.

The Mine

Miners are trapped deep within the tunnels of Gamma Orientis IIIB. Rescue them, if you can. Deadly slugs and runaway mine cars could well stop you, if the baffling terrain doesn't. Map the levels, or you could easily spend hours roaming through the caverns in vain. And keep moving, or the slugs will overwhelm you. One final word of advice: If your character's health meter is low, beam back for a replacement. You can't afford to lose any crew members here.

Derelict Ship

A derelict ship has become trapped in a decaying orbit, and you must get the computer back on-line and restore power to the engines. Find the optical circuits and hook up the other pieces of machinery spread throughout the ship — you'll have to experiment to determine which items fit where. Flip the power switch to complete the mission. Your reward? Some crucial information on the IFD.

Look both ways betore crossing the tracks. A hit from a mine cart can be hazardous to your health.

Only Geordl can find the hidden minerals in the mine.

Ward oft slugs with concentrated doses of Phaser fire.

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Star Trek - The Next Generation system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Star Trek - The Next Generation supports single modeSingle game mode

2006-01-24 Star Trek - The Next Generation is based on the movie.

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