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They are TV's oddest crime-fighting duo, which could be why the fast-flying squirrel and the slow-talking moose from Frostbite Falls are delighting a new generation of cartoon-crazed kids. Playing The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends from Absolute Entertainment is like inviting the whole gang into your living room. This one-player action game has the familiar quirky feel of the cartoon series. You can almost hew the announcer's voice and the bad accents of the spies, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Plus, Rocky .and Bullwinkle rounds up Fearless Leader, Snidely Whiplash, Dudley Do-Right, Nell Fenwick, and even Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman, and the Way Back machine in cameo appearances.

The Main Game takes the intrepid moose and squirrel across three worlds and seven levels to recover treasures that were stolen from the newly opened Rocky and Bullwinkle Museum. Their exploits begin high atop Whynchutaka Peak, continue in the bottomless belly of the whale Maybe Dick, then head back on dry land into the heart of spy central, Pottsylvania. You play the first two worlds as Bullwinkle and the last world as Reeky.

There are also two Minigames you can play to win an extra life in the Main Game. The Minigames /arg worth the three chances you get Qne game lets you play as Sherman, loyal boy to Mr. Peabody, in a bubblegum-blowing battle against a dragon. The other game pits Dudley Do-Right and his steed, Horse, in a race against Snidely Whiplash and his iron horse to save the fair Nell from Snidely's evil machinations.

Jump to avoid the fireballs and the ground fires. Three hits with bubblegum and you win an extra life for the Main Game.

Use Bullkwinkle's headbutt to smash boulders as he scales Whynchutaka Peak. Toss mooseberries at the bothersome birds.

In Whynchutaka Peak, get the mooseberry power-up on the moun-taintop where the ram is. Headbutt the ram to momentarily stun him (you can't hurt him), then collect all the mooseberries to restock your ammo and earn points.

Watch out, Moose! The groups of planks on the bridge in Whynchutaka Peak are safe to stand on, but some of the single boards will break under your weight.

In the caverns of Upsidasium, wait until the Metal-Munching Moon Mouse's back is to you, then headbutt the turncrank off its back so it can't chase you. Time your jump over its head, though, as its long neck still stretches upward.

In the other Minigame, Dudley Do-Right and his faithful steed, Horse, race Snidely Whiplash and his iron horse. Watch for caution markers that indicate high and low obstacles like railroad crossing gates, tree branches, broken track and water tower pipes as Snidely tries to run you down. You get three chances to win.

It takes three throws to knock Boris off his rocky perch. Watch out for the pikes he's tossing.

In one of the Minigames, Sherman shoots sticky pink bubbles to shut the tire-breathing dragon's mouth. Run in close to the dragon after he spouts fire, shoot upward, then run to the far right. The bubbles will float at an angle.

Looks can be deceiving. The small floating ledges in Upsidasium will carry a moose's weight, but some of the larger ledges will break away.

Hot Hints:

  1. Bullwinkle headbutts obstacles that get in his way and tosses mooseberries. Rocky does a dizzying tailspin and zings acorns at bad guys. Grab all the mooseberries and acorns you can. They are earn you points.
  2. Grab 15 yellow pennants and you earn an extra life.
  3. Look for Energy Daisies hanging in the air just above your head and in out-of-the-way places. They restore your health meter.
  4. Play one of the two Minigames before you start each new world in the Main game. If you win, you earn an extra life.

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