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They're mean. They've got an attitude. They carry big weapons... and they deliver in-youMace action. They're Dinosaurs for Hire from Sega. Dinosaurs for Hire is a fast-paced, jump-and-shoot action game for one or two players simultaneous. The game moves so fast your trigger finger won't hate a chance to get itchy. The music rips as loud as the heavy artillery these mega-mean mercenaries pack. Grab a friend and get ready to kick some tail: Dinosaurs for Hire have been called into service.

You can play as Archie, the tough-talking Tyrannosaurus Rex who packs a fully automatic machine gun under his arm; Lorenzo, the Hawaiian-shirted Triceratops who lugs a 50-caliber elephant gun; or Reese, the one-eyed Stegosaurus who wouldn't be caught dead without his pulse cannon. The Dinos' mercenary mission takes them across five levels with multiple sub-levels. You start out in the Tenement House, which is overrun by ninjas and bikers, then into the Cavern and Under Hoover Dam, on a Jet Ski Adventure, and into a dangerous Toy Factory before you reach the Base, the final level.

Dino-mite Dudes

Each Dino has a special Close-Up attack move guaranteed to keep enemies out of his face. Press the Qose-Up Button (user-configurable) and Archie executes a punishing pistol whip, Lorenzo head-butts his enemies into oblivion and Reese clears the deck with a brutal tail sweep. Or pulverize anything in sight—bad guys, armored vehicles, giant cock-roaches— with a decisive Dino Stomp. Press the D-Button Down and hold the Jump Button to execute this patented dino move.

Other artillery the Dinos can use are Smart Bombs, handy little devices that clear the screen of all enemies, lasers, machinery., you name it. Press A, B and C simultaneously to drop one of these babies... then stand back and watch the excitement.

The levels are laden with Crystals that contain power-ups like extra lives, Smart Bombs, Multishot to increase the number of shots in your weapon, Power Fields for limited invincibility, Dino Juice to restore your health meter, and other goodies.

Dinosaurs for Hire is a dinomite action tide for all levels of gamers. With a choice of up to nine continues and three difficulty levels, this game challenges experienced players and lets novices fine-tune their mercenary moves.

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Tom Mason’s Dinosaurs for Hire system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Tom Mason’s Dinosaurs for Hire supports single modeSingle game mode

2017-09-10 Tom Mason’s Dinosaurs for Hire game added.