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They're Super Heroes. Willing to face incredible dangers to keep mankind safe. But they are anything but human. They are...Marvel Comics' X-Men. Sega has taken these Marvel Super Heroes and brought them to life in a high-powered action-packed game as wild as the comic book pages where they were born. X-Men impacts your Genesis with bold graphics, a wild soundtrack and top-rate game play.

The X-Men pits the Super Hero mutants against their archenemy, Magneto. He's teleported a killer computer virus from his asteroid hideout into the X-Men's Danger Room-where the X-Men train to hone their superhuman skills. But now each training session has become a matter of life and death. There is no escape. No retreat. And no surrender. The only way to beat Magneto's threat is to survive all the training sessions and cure the Danger Room computer of Magneto's virus.

The assault force consists of Gambit, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Cyclops. You can begin the game as any one of these X-Men—with their own special power, or play any two X-Men characters in a two-player game. During the course of play you can switch your hero for another of the four, or call on other X-Men to give you backup assistance with their superpowers.

The game features three skill levels and power-ups you can find in the course of play. Power-ups include Life meter, Mutant Power meter and replacement Backup Assist Icons. The X-Men is the perfect title for hardcore action gamers and anyone training to become a Super Hero.

Help When You Need It

In addition to changing out heroes when you are running low on eneigy, you can call on other X-Men to lend you a Backup Assist. Your backup team consists of Rogue, Archangel, Storm, Iceman and (in a two-player game only) Jean Grey. Call up their powers by pressing the Pause Button. Select the character you wish to assist you and then press Button A when you are back in the game.

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X-Men is an arcade game developed by Konami and published in 1992. The game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game featuring the same characters as the popular movie and comic series. The game was published for several platforms and sequels of it are still in development. There are six playable characters: Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler or Dazzler, and all of them have the same objective: stopping the evil Magneto from provoking havoc to the human population. Before fighting with Magneto, they have to defeat other smaller enemies, such as Sentinels. The game was really fun, enjoyable, praised for its good graphics and gameplay, and is still considered a classic worthy of getting a run sometimes.

The #1 selling Marvel comic comes alive on the Sega Genesis. Choose to play as one of the four or more superpowered mutants, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit and Colossus. You can play one hero throughout, or switch characters during the game. Each character has a unique set of abilities to smash through different kinds of oncoming attacks. You can even double up in two - player co - op mode, and use teamwork to give the bad guys a one - two punch.

But muscle alone won't do the trick. The X - Men must pick up clues, follow trails, and solve riddles to save Professor X from the malicious Magneto and his horde of henchmen.

After you beat Mojo in Mojo's crunch, you have to proceed to the right, jumping from platform to platform. Watch out for the Cylinders of Flames as you are doing so. After you get all the way through, go up. Proceed right again and you will see a computer form like the one you saw after you beat Apocalypse. Punch the computer and Professor X will come out and tell you to press Reset. Listen to him. After you press Reset, you will see a bunch of zeros and ones on the screen. Then the introduction to the next level will appear.

In the upper right corner of the Danger Room there is a box with wires on it. Smash it and your lime limit in the Danger Room will go from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Check out this tip for X-Men for the Genesis:

At the title screen, press A,C, and Down, then press Start. When the picture of Magneto appears, press Start on Controller 2. Pick your mutant and walk to the right, where there are eight wall tiles and six floor panels. Each floor panel corresponds to a level (Level 1 is on the left). Stand on a panel and press Down and C. Replenish your energy and mutant power by pressing Start twice.

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X-Men system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: X-Men supports single modeSingle game mode X-Men supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat)

2006-04-30 X-Men is based on the Marvel comic book series.

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