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The Genesis needed a good action title, and this cart fills the void. However, this game is tough and repetitive. It concentrates too much on the visual effects, some of which are very cool, that the game play lags. The control is responsive, but you just can't avoid the hits. The Bosses are cool but nearly impossible to kill. It's okay if a game is tough, as long as technique is involved, but this game is just too simple. Still, this is the only new Genesis action game around.


Take it easy on me, Sega! Do you guys think you could possibly throw more enemies at me and make the game so hard that I get peeved by only the second level?! Listen up readers, Batman & Robin has good sounds, good graphics and good control. You'll really need the last part since there is so much on the screen you'll have to avoid. If you're looking for one serious challenge, you won't need to look any further than this one. I gotta take a nap.


The popularity of Batman and Robin has reached its crowning moment with their own video game. This game comes complete with fantastic character animation and super-stupendous graphics and sound. Warner Bros, would be proud. There is also plenty of challenge and a lot of enemies. But wait! That's the problem. There are too many enemies and the whole game is just too darn hard. I don't mind a good challenge now and then, but this is ridiculous.


This game looks really cool, but it got repetitive really fast. The same enemies come out in drones and don't do anything really unique. To further the effect, the enemies swarm you and make the game difficult to the point of frustration. If you think the levels are tough, try the Bosses for a real hair puller. There are some neat effects, but you really need more power-ups or techniques to make it play a little more even. It's a decent game with a tough challenge.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Borrowing the looks, sounds and feel of the Batman - The Animated Series TV show, The Adventures of Batman and Robin lets you assume the role of the Caped Crusader as he takes on his most daunting mission ever: defeating practically every super-villain in Gotham City!

All of your favorites have escaped from Arkham Asylum to make appearances (and to make your life hell):

  • The maniacal Joker.
  • Catwoman.
  • the Scarecrow and Clayface are among the many bosses you'll have to face in the game.

Fortunately, you'll have the resources of your utility belt to help you on your way, and - making his first appearance in a 16-bit video game - Robin, The Boy Wonder is also on hand to lend moral support.

posted by Epic Moreno


The Iceman Cometh Gotham City's got gigantic grief, and Mr. Freeze is the cause. He's collected some of the worst villains the city has ever seen, and he's about to complete his superpowered ice cannon. Keep him from turning the town into a wicked winter wonderland by taking on henchmen like The Joker, Scarecrow, The Mad Hatter, and Two-Face on the way to your final battle with Mr. Freeze. Look to Sega Visions for more on our mighty crime fighters real soon.

posted by Diego Barros

Batman and Robin Fight the Big Chill

Sega's latest chapter in the Batman Genesis saga is based on the animated series, which has won acclaim for awesome graphics and realistic depictions of the heroes and villains.

The game features graphics by Warner Bros, animators of the series, plus spectacular 3-D backgrounds, sprites, and special effects.

Armed with an arsenal of kicks and punches, plus the Batarang and bolo, you can power up weapons up to seven times.

The Adventures ofBatman & RobinmR feature 16 levels and all the action even hard-core Batman fans can handle.


Prepare for Batman and Robin as you've never seen them before! New. Dark. Brooding. Dedicated to criminal crushing. The Dark Knights enemies are just as dark, and more nasty than you've ever seen. Mr. Freeze.

The Joker. The Mad Hatter. It's The Adventures of Batman & Robin from Sega for Genesis. Mr. Freeze is about to turn Gotham City into a giant icicle with a super ice cannon.

His bad guy cronies are running interference. As Batman, or Batman and Robin in a two-player game, you must round up the crime bosses and get to Mr. Freeze before he can turn up the cold!

Comic-book collectors and animation fans have long known the real Batman and Robin. We're not talking about campy actors in tights. We mean the real characters: a dark, brooding, crime-fighting team that does whatever it takes to keep villains from tearing Gotham City to pieces. These are the heroes Sega has brought to life in The Adventures of Batman & Robin on Genesis. They don't smile. They don't laugh. They just kick butt.

Sega's inspiration for The Adventures of Batman & Robin comes straight from the animated series. The backgrounds and intermission screens carry the same gritty, twilight, detective-noir feel. Buildings loom tall. Camera angles are steep and radical. And enemies seem born from a mix of lunacy and sheer creative artistry.

The game doesn't play like a comic book. It's a straightforward battle to defeat every bad guy in your way, then put Mr. Freeze and his ice cannon in the chiller. In addition to some down-and-dirty fighting moves, you have access to a bolo and a batarang. You can find power-ups for each by bashing trash cans and other objects.

Mr. Freeze wants to put the big chill on Gotham City with a monstrous ice cannon. But to do it, he needs time. So he's enlisted the help of some of the city's biggest criminals to get between himself and Batman and Robin. The Joker. Two Face. The Mad Hatter. Each with a crew of henchmen ready to clip Batman and Robin's wings. You get six stages with a total of 24 levels of intense, nonstop action. If you are an action fan who likes games long on play and short on rhetoric, feel the dark, brooding power of The Adventures of Batman & Robin.

Bat Tips


  1. Once a power-up is exposed, let it cycle to the weapon you want before you grab it.
  2. When the weapon meter is fully charged, the bolo, throwing star, or batarang can take out multiple enemies at once.
  3. The bolo and batarang are your best weapon choices.
  4. Batman and Robin are equally matched in both strength and attack power.
  5. Double press Button B to execute a flying kick.
posted by Caterina ten Velde

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Processor: PC compatible, P-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Adventures of Batman and Robin supports single modeSingle game mode

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