• Developer: Interplay Entertainment Corp.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994)
  • Also known as: Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 5.3/10 - 3 votes
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Game Overview

Here's a game that totally throws manners out the window. It's the hero for the '90s--Boogerman.

He's a super being who uses snot and farts to fight the forces of evil. Hock mega-lugees at the unsuspecting villains, and blast off with a super-powered fart.

This unlikely hero must travel to the most unusual levels using his natural (albeit repulsive) talents.

No, the world has never seen a hero the likes of Boogerman. But thanks to him for showing the way; we should all follow his example. Or, maybe not.

Anyway, if you want an off-the-wall adventure, Boogerman is your ticket to bodily function fun.

He's green, not-so-lean, and a booger machine. Boogerman is headed your way, so ready yourself for some serious mucus launching with the world's most disgusting video game hero of all time--Boogerman!

Bound from mucus hill to mucus hill, defeating even more disgusting nasties nctions of digestion,with your deadly functions of digestion, collecting hot peppers and plungers along the way!

This, um, interesting game features a multitude of levels and dangers that our Man of Mucus must face. Just try not to get hit or Boogerman will dissolve into a pile of nasal membranes--but that's another story.

Manufacturer: INTERPLAY'

No. of players: 1

Difficulty: MODERATE

No. of Levels: 20+


People say:


Boogerman is a fun game to play. The graphics and music are lively. especially once you get past the swamp? Hickboy, the first Boss is a not, and should get his own game The control on Boogerman is top-notch, and there is a lot of technique to be found. After playing a fow times, I found out you could dig and pick zits. There are lots of things to keep you playing. Boogerman is a cool game.


Well it's different, that's for sure. In all seriousness, Boogerman is a good game. The boogers, snots, and everything Is a gimmick that will grab for the first few minutes but wears off quickly. What you are toft with Is a decent action game that can stand on its own merit decent play control, good tunes, ami a great character. Boogerman is good, clean fun (well, almost) in this everything is evil gaming world. Congrats!


Oh, the times they are a changing! Never have I imagined a video game that would employ the use ol farts belches, and boogers as a form of attack. I'll give it points for originality and humor value. I no omrhations will crack you up and gross you out. I'm not even sure it that's such a good idea. Anywiiy. Ihe game as a whole is okay, but it just lacked something. It seemed like just another action game.


Originality is this game's strong point. I have to admit the attacks of booger flinging, farting, and belching is humorous. However these attack seem overdone. The whole Boogerman world seems more like a gimmick than a serious action game. There is plenty of technique but the enemies and levels appear to have a redundant, disgusting look that doesn't seem so unique after a while.

Take control of the slightly slimy hero as he tries to thwart the nefarious Booger Meister and his plans for world domination. Battle your way through more than 20 levels of snot-slinging action in places like The Pits, Mucous Mountain, Flatulent Swamps, Sewer City, and Boogerville facing off against four heinous bosses and 20 henchmen. With its tongue-in-cheek perspective on action heroes and plenty of disgustingly funny characters, Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure is a real…gas!


Digital digging, farming for fat ones, nose-goblin hunting, and nostril mining all have one thing in common. You can now do them on your Genesis. Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure from Interplay puts a new spin on nasal mucus warfare. This impolite one-player Adventure cart has rude written all over it. As the newest in bodily-function heroes, Boogerman takes jaded gamers to disgusting new depths. This one is gross, seriously gross.

What's Green And Gross And Gobber All Over?

Learn the Loogie Lexicon

Let's focus on the things that you can get Boogerman to do (don't blame us—this stuff is really part of the game). Button A causes Mr. Fun 'n Flemlike to flick Boogers. After you collect a Milk Carton, you crouch and hit Button A to spit Loogies. While standing, Button C causes B-man to Burp.

When crouched, Button C makes him (excuse us) Fart. Hold Button C down long enough for Powered Up versions of the Burp and (again, sorry) Fart. Collect the Chili Pepper and you get Blazing Burps and (apologies) Fiery Farts. Once you have the Chili Pepper and enough Gas, you can also fly. Jump and hold Button C in the air, and the flames jet out his (ahem) butt Restart positions are snot-encrusted outhouses, and B-man uses his (we'll be nice) natural gas to open blocked passages.


Boogerman is disgusting. Really. While some of you may love this sort of gross humor and adventure, we realize others might find it offensive. It contains gratuitous flatulence, rampant expectoration, and more than a little lowbrow humor. For those who are disturbed by these subjects, we suggest that you skip over this page and move on to sunnier dimes. Those base individuals that enjoy this stuff ought to be ashamed but probably won't be.

Warning Rude Stuff Ahead

Look, we don't make these games. We just cover them to pander to the more disgusting demographics in our reader profile.

The game described herein is really, really sick. Even we think it's really, really sick. Skip these pages if you're easily offended. Then again, since you've read this far...

Pich the Lock on Your Masal Arsenal

Help eccentric millionaire Snotty Ragsdale (aka Boogerman) in his quest to save the world from the clutches of Booger Meister.

This despicable character will rule the earth with an iron butt (he blew off the original in an attempt to emulate B-man's Super Flaming Fart attack) if Boogerman fails.

Your tools? Using Mr. Fun and Phlegmlike's nearly unlimited arsenal of self-powered weaponry, you'll blast the hideous creatures of Dimension X-crement to gobbits of rotting flesh.

Armed with only the ability to Flick Boogers, Spit Loogies, Burp, and Fart (Hey! Who cut the cheese?), Boogerman takes on all evil-doers using his strongest talents.

Burping at Both Ends

Boogerman butt-burps and belches his way through six worlds of serious grossness.

The Pits' intestinal tracts are gonna make your skin crawl. The Flatulent Swamps are chock-full of stinking horrors. Boogerville is a scatological (look it up) nightmare. The Mucous Mountains are a tribute to postnasal drip. The Nasal Caverns are awash in ripening snot. And Booger Meis-ter's home? The Pus Palace.

This pestilent place defies definition. You'll have to see it for yourself.

Each of the worlds has Teleport Noses that suck Boogerman in and sneeze him out elsewhere.

You can also expect plenty of Toilets. Flush Cousin Phlegmie, and he does his snottin' and stinkin' dance in the sewer sublevels.

Find a toilet while in the cesspool and flush to send him back above-ground.

No matter how you play it, this tasteless game will have you Picking, Flicking, Spitting,1 Burping, and Farting.

Even worse, you'll have fun doing it.


Seen it all? We doubt it. Bet you haven't gone knuckle-deep, pulled out a wet, green'n hairy nose missile, and whipped it at a Pus Monkey.

Also bet you haven't seen anything quite as impolite and full of rude bite as Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure from Interplay.

This one-player flick-fest features the most disgusting moves made on the Genesis yet, bar none.

It's got 25 stages of bodily function attacks, toilet warps to sublevels, Teleport Noses, and snot-encrusted-outhouse continue mariners.

Power up your Mucous Meter and get ready to dig in — this guy's really a phlegmball of fun.


Boogerman's superpowered bodily functions will probably be funny to those who still play pull-my-finger with their family and friends.

These moves are better left in the electronic reality of the video screen.

Done in person they could cause severe injury, damage to property, complete disgust, loss of friends, and singed underwear.

Don't try this at home, and don't light your farts (or your friend's farts).

Leave the foolish (and truly gross) maneuvers to the highly trained and continue-capable stunt sprites.

Hot Hints

  1. Collect at least 30 Plungers to get an extra Boogerman at the end of each level.
  2. Mix it up. Use your Gas and your Mucous evenly and try to avoid running out of either. Double-tap the D-Pad Down or Up to look above and below. Always do this when heading down to uncharted (unfarted?) territory.
  3. You can collect more Plungers by backtracking after coming out of the Toilet sublevels. They reappear at that point.
  4. Try the walls for hidden spaces and check behind foreground art for hidden items.
  5. Dig in every Trash Pile. Most of them have stuff you need.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Boogerman supports single modeSingle game mode

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