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Game Overview

It's center court at Sega Sports Central. The crowd falls silent at the tip. You grab the ball, rocket down center court and score the first points with a reverse slam dunk that brings the crowd to its feet.

Every move in this realistic simulation has been digitized from live footage of the best pros in the business. The action is so real and true - to - life that you'll swear you're seven feet tall with size 14 hightops!

Court lets you play basketball your way. You can even role play and take on David "The Admiral" Robinson himself in the all - star game of the century.

The Best Defense

Picking teams and players is easy. Each has listed strengths and weaknesses to help you decide. But while you can match your opponent shot for shot, the secret to winning at David Robinson's Supreme Court is keeping a strong defense.

When you play against the computer you select the Center first. The rest are chosen for you automatically to match the players on the other team. You'll know how your defense is by the end of the first quarter. If you're being hammered in the backcourt, call a time - out when you have the ball and move your guards to cover different players. You can even double up on a real hot shooter to take the fire out of his moves.

You can use your opponent's time - outs to keep your team fresh. In the time - out screen you can see the condition of your players. If they're standing, they're ready to go. If they're breathing hard, they're getting tired. A player with both hands on his knees is exhausted and should be rotated with a man from the bench. Exhausted players can't guard or run very well and will cost you baskets.

Wheelin' and Stealin'

When your opponent has the ball, you automatically go into defensive mode. Now your guards can block passes and shots. And if you're fast on your feet, you can steal the ball and drive for the hoop. The more you control the ball, the better your chances of winning.

Screen Flip

When the players reach center court, you'll notice that the screen view changes. When this happens, players that were running toward you now appear to be running away. This phenomenon allows you to control play across each half of the court by changing your view of the game.

If you're a fan of the hoop, just slam this jammin' hit into your Genesis and get ready for the basketball game of your life.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Join 1991 - 92 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and the player Inside Sports calls the most valuable player in the NBA, and play 5 on 5, or 3 on 3 basketball. David Robinson's Supreme Court uses digitized images from real NBA footage, and features more than 24 individual shots, like the tomahawk slam, the reverse lay up, and the behind the back slam, as well as real sound effects, like the sound of the ball as it's slammed through the hoop.

Play individually, or against another player. (On the Game Gear, you can play Gear - to - Gear against another player). Either way, in David Robinson's Supreme Court, the only judge is the final score.

posted by Epic Moreno

David Robinson's Supreme Court is a basketball game released under the name of David Robinson, a well-known NBA top player featured in NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. The game was available for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and featured four different teams from the United States, all of them fictional. The game was also released in Japan. This game was soon to be followed by a more popular installment, called NBA Live, that borrows many of the elements found in this great classic release. However, David Robinson's Supreme Court was released with major bugs and decreased the popularity of the installment.

posted by Diego Barros

The unmistakable sound of rubber soles squeaking on parquet. The jump and -- yes! The ball is slammed in! You hear the crowd go wild!

Sega has taken the incredible thrill of pro basketball and packed it into this all-new, dynamite cart. You get all the sights, all the sounds and all the action. Nothing matches what you'll see - and hear.

Sega took actual basketball footage and digitized the filmed images. The result is astounding. Every dribble, throw-in, fake and pass is totally natural. The animation is smooth, real, and heart stopping. You see 20 players, each with his own special moves, as they block, steal, and run with elbows swinging and long powerful legs pumping. We guarantee you've never seen anything like this in a video basketball game before. Every move - from Rookie-of-the-year David Robinson's signature Monster Slam to jump shots, tomahawk slam dunks, reverse lay-ups and 360° spin slam dunks will blow you away.

The action is fast. The speed is unbelievable. You play with a 3/4 view of the court, seen from the side like on TV. You can see virtually all the players all the time, so you won't miss a single fast break or slam.

Choose up teams from 20 players and play in tournament mode. Once you're good enough, you'll face off against Robinson and his hand-picked team of top players.

In between quarters and at half time, you're in the TV booth with the star rookie himself for some in-depth game analysis.

You've got to see and hear this cart. It's awesome. This is video B-ball at its best.

David Robinson Facts

Specialty: Monster Slam Honors:

  1. Rookie of the Year.
  2. Five-time Rookie of the Month.
  3. 1987 College Basketball Player of the Year.


  1. First year out, averaged 23points per game.
  2. Played on 1988 Olympic team.

Interests: Golf, composing music, playing the piano, bowling, tennis

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:David Robinson's Supreme Court supports single modeSingle game mode David Robinson's Supreme Court supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat)

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David Robinson's Supreme Court 1
David Robinson's Supreme Court 2
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