Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

  • Developer: LucasArts Entertainment
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1999)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Game Overview

They stole his concept. Now he's stealing it back. Anyone who's played Tomb Raider can't have failed to notice that the whole thing plays like a homage to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Only fair, then, that LucasArts should offer a new Indiana Jones game that, er, repays the compliment. And here it is: Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine. Anyone anticipating another point-and-click adventure in the vein of LucasArts' excellent Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, which LucasArts released waaay back when, is in for a shock. This new title is something different entirely - an action-rammed 3D platform adventure game thing which looks more like Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider does.

In the midst of the cacophonous codefest that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3), was ushered into the LucasArts encampment and granted a sneak preview. Despite being bewildered and shaken by three days of orgiastic revelry, unbearable Deep South humidity and the flickering digital kindling of a trillion monitors, we were still 'together' enough to recognise that this is likely to be one of the biggest games of the year. We performed a boisterous Irish reel by way of celebration, demolishing half the stand in the process, until a security guard persuaded us to stop by tapping playfully on our windpipes with his elbow.

Okay, we're lying. We just stood there and gawped like the spods we are. Anyway: the game. As you can see, it all looks a bit Lara Croft, although we are promised rather more in the way of'adventuring' elements than were present in Tomb Raider. But one thing's for sure: the lead character isn't going to be wearing tight shorts and bending over more than is strictly necessary; although Indy's rugged good looks and brusque, manly demeanour could ensure an enthusiastic female following.

As befits a licence of this stature, LucasArts have brewed up an intriguing storyline which could comfortably grace one of Indy's cinematic outings (and with a fourth movie rumoured to be in the offing, perhaps it actually will). The action takes place in the 1950s - some years after the events of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (you know, the one with Sean Connery in it) - and, as per tradition, revolves around a desperate search for an ancient artefact. Since World War II rid the world of Indy's established foes, the Nazis, a new enemy has emerged - them pesky Ruskies.

The game begins with Dr Jones receiving word that a Soviet professor has been searching for an ancient device (the Infernal Machine of the title) which is capable of opening the door to another dimension.

As tends to be the case with ancient artefacts capable of creating portals into an ethereal netherworld of limitless evil, the Infernal Machine has been broken into pieces and scattered across the globe. The Russians have already collected many of the parts and re-assembled them, but they're missing a few vital components. Someone has to find them before the bad guys do. And that someone is Su Ingle, erstwhile presenter of Wildtrack.

It isn't really, it's Indiana Jones. Anyway, this deviously contrived storyline provides the perfect excuse to send Our Hero all over the world in true Littlest Hobo fashion. In the course of poking around for the essential machine parts, Indy explores a range of exotic locations, the likes of which could keep Wish You Were Here going for an entire season. Gasp! as Indy creeps through the ruins of Babylon. Shriek! as he clambers up the Tian Shan mountain in Kazakstan. Jabber lewdly! as he peers nervously round the corner of an Aztec pyramid.

Bellow like a mangled ape! as he visits the Amdale Centre in Wandsworth (he doesn't really). You get the picture: loads of poncy foreign locations. What else?

Well, there's Indy himself to consider. A plank-like mass of malco-ordinated sinew he is not. This man is an action hero, right? He can do more or less anything: walking, running, jumping, crawling, climbing and swinging about like a bestubbled primate are his stock-in-trade. Expect nailgnashing, platform-hopping and cavern-traversing shenanigans to feature prominently.

Aside from nigh-on suicidal acts of derring-do, there's another thing that crops up with enthralling regularity in the Indiana Jones movies: hideous violence. And sure enough, it's another thing that features heavily in the game. Indy himself is armed and dangerous. Joining the famous whip in his personal arsenal is a motley collection of pistols, hand grenades, landmines and bazookas, all the better for pointing at folk. The adversaries aren't just human, either; there's all manner of shadowy, supernatural nasties lurking menacingly in the even more shadowy corners of the game.

And as if that wasn't enough, Indy's set to become all 'magic'. Each time he collects a chunk of the Infernal Machine, it bestows a weird, other-wordly power upon him. These additional powers w apparently prove vital to the quest, but LucasArts are being afl tight-lipped about what they'll actually allow Dr Jones to do. Grant him the ability to remove rigid jam jar lids with ease? Bestow upon him an unshakeabie aptitude for subtle yet striking interior design? Enable him to converse naturally with people from Cardiff? Who can say? Not you, by the sound of things - Ed.

Want more? Well how's this: it's going to include a bunch of multiplayer modes, too - co-operative and competitive. How these will work is anyone's guess at present, but hey, at least they'll be there. (Hark at Mister Informative-Ed.)

We wouldn't be human if we weren't desperately excited by this game. LucasArts haven't disappointed with an Indy title yet (er... except for Indiana Jones And His Desktop Adventures, that is), so it's no surprise that our anticipation glands are already swelling to their maximum.

What we thought

"It doesn't take long to realise that, while there's the odd bit of action, this is primarily a thinking game."

What you think

People say:

  • "Have you gone stark raving bonkers? A more cynical man than me would ask if that score had anything to do with a double page advert. Let's face it, it's a third-rate rip-off of Tomb Raider. moving block puzzles, incessant key finding, jumping, grabbing, bloody shimmying, and all that... What's happening, LucasArts? Wake up and smell the stench of your rotting reputation".
  • "This game is brilliant. The next Tomb Raider will have to be pretty special to beat this. The only downside, like your review said, is that Harrison Ford didn't do the voice."



Manoeuvre onto radio bunker. Jump onto gate, and then onto next wall. Follow route to water room. Shimmy and jump until you reach the cave at the bottom left of this room. Beware of soldiers. Run down the ledge into the tunnel, through to another tent. Pull the lever, then climb onto the roof and jump onto a passing truck. When the truck stops, jump left and kill soldiers. Traverse courtyard and pull lever in back room to open gate.

Go through and crawl into opening behind crate, enter water and swim right, then left and into the hole. Follow passage along and exit the water. Turn right, walk down the stairs for another cut-scene. Unlock door. Shoot TNT and jump down. Exit water and climb to top. Pull picture slab. Go up into room and use the contraption on left side. Climb onto picture slab and climb onto ledge.

Perform a series of jumps and a whip swing in this final room to find all three pieces of the tablet then return to the big round door, and put the pieces into the frame.


Approach the border from the ledge. Jump onto the tower and go down the hatch. Search the rooms for a raft. Use it in the water by the grate. Paddle downstream until you see two pine trees, disembark here and continue on foot. When you reach a junction turn right. Run past the shack until you reach the river again.

Board the raft. Take a left at the first and second forks. Dock near the building. Collect the green candle, and get back on the river. Go right at the next fork and the one after. Alight, and find your way into a large room where you have to really work for the violet candle. Get back on the river. In the cavern at the bottom, pull the lever to go up and board your raft, again...

This time, aim left at the first fork, but right at the second. On the left bank is a small opening. Dock raft. Shoot window at bottom of tower. Jump inside, pull lever and go to top of tower for the red candle. Get back on the main flow of the river, where you should see a grove of trees on the right containing the yellow candle.

You can now go and place the candles in their sockets and light them to complete the stage.


Head left into the courtyard. Jump up to reach a climbable wall to the roof. Fall through roof. Move downwards until you reach the underground river and gear mechanism. Move the gear block into position. Go back to the clock (pushing the gear into position in the sprocket room on the way) and climb up to the lever. Pull the lever to raise the gate. Walk halfway across the bridge and shoot the window. Go through to reach a lever. Keep climbing for yet another lever. Visit the clock tower for a cut-scene. Drop down right of the statue and pull lever on the right. Run back to the bell tower. When statue starts to spin, pull the lever on your right. A Shaman appears and gives you a key. Use this to open the door at the bottom of the clock tower. Go into the living quarters to find the Monastic Seal.

Go back down to the room at the bottom and push the wooden handle on the statue twice. Head down this passageway to the treasury. In here is a key to use on the lock to reveal a plant bulb. Go back to the statue room and push the nearby button to raise a ladder. Climb ladder. At dead end shoot glass window through grill. Go into other room, shoot window and work your way around the edge of the building to the dead end room. Place the bulb in the cradle. Go down to the statue room and swing onto the ledge by the window. Let the light stream onto the bulb. Take it back to the Shaman and she'll open a path. Run to the other side of the room to find Urgon's machine part. Then use this to kill the beast.


Use the whip to cross the pit. Get machete. Hack web and vines and collect shovel. Swim to the other beach, go through the cave and swim to the ship. Find arming device. Arm torpedo on beach. Swim through hole in ship. Get hammer from door on left. Go through opposite door to find key. Go to the bridge and use key to get a handle. Use handle on crane. Swing across and dig on island to reveal a button.

Press button. Swim to crashed plane and remove propeller. Use propeller on underwater door. Swim through, exit water and head upwards to the idol with a button. Press button to open doors.


Use Urgon's part to break the wall. Eventually you reach a large, water-filled room. Swim down the underwater tunnel in the middle and take the first passage on the right. This takes you to a precarious ledge, where you'll need to shift around a couple of blocks in order to flick a switch. Go back to the water room and go through the hole on the corner island.

This leads to a room where a boulder smashes a hole in the wall. Go through the hole, press the switch, and then collect the key from the ship. Open the red door with this key. In the next big room push the blocks into position, press the button at the top of the room and deftly bounce across to the exit. Various cut-scenes follow. Take the elevator to the surface where you'll find loads of commies and an aluminium key. Go back to the statue below in the lava and whip his hand. Go through the door. Follow the route to Sophia. Free her and head back to the room with the gate. Once through, go up into the little room with the crates. Push them to reveal a pulley. Use pulley on gondola and the stage ends.


Move through to the lava room with jumpable pads. Go to the far right corner and take the ladder up for the shark key. Return to the landing on the far side of the lava room. Use Urgon's part. Continue onwards, and unlock the door with the shark key. Take tiki key, then use whip to avoid the boulder. Use tiki key on door in lava room. Work your way across rope bridges and caves until you are fired out of a waterfall. Climb the ladder and keep going until you reach a pit trap with stakes. Jump onto the right ledge. Once outside whip swing over and traverse the cave. Leap the broken bridge. Cut the single rope holding the bridge up and head for the small cave at the bottom. Take the monkey key and use it on the big door at the top. In here is the second tiki key.

Keep going past the boulders until you reach the tiki door. Go through to face the lava boss. Grab the machine part in the corner and use it. Go across the rock bridge to the outside lake. Hit the switch to drain the lake. Walk across the hardened lava to the last door.


Basically, just get in the jeep and go! Kill commies and jump bridges. Easy.


Take door on right. Find the stone key. When you reach the big door, double back for a cut-scene. Pusf the button. Go into gear room. Go up to the block before the green head - push it against the door. Push the block by the yellow heat towards the centre of the room. At the three-headed door, stand behind the gear and hang down the hole. Drop down and head to the room with the snake statues. Pull them onto glyphs to get a statue to rise.

Back in the gear room, turn the spoke wheel and then the smooth wheel, then the spoke wheel twice, and the smooth one again. Then turn the spoke one more. Return to the doors. Pull the fish door block away from the wall. Push the triple headed block against the door. Move the block by the green door to the centre, and then push the yellow door block up against the door. Turn the wheels in exactly the same order to open these doors.

Go into the fish door and use the stone key. Keep going to find the fish idol and a silver mirror. Next, go through the yellow door for the bird idol, then the green door for the jaguar idol and lastly the three-headed door to use the idols and then the mirror on the statue.


Cut vines and continue until you hit a pressure pad to release an Olmec head. Push this into position to connect the first bridge. Cross bridge and explore until you find a room with a switch at the end of a tunnel. Hit switch and then escape the tunnel before the Olmec head crushes you. Push the head onto the pad in the valley. Cross the second bridge and go to the room with the waterfall. Climb above this and hit the button. Push the third Olmec head into the gap and start the water again.

Cross the new bridge, keep going to the large room with an owl statue. Press the switch outside and run to the inside door. Push the bridge down and continue.

At the pyramid, light the lamps to get Azerim's machine part. Use the part to levitate up to the platforms. Skewer the snake by standing on the spike pads at either end of this platform.


Knock on the door. Pull grate down. Knock again, hide in grate, and then run out of the room when the guard isn't looking. Enter first door on left and pull lever. Enter the next room and take Taklit's machine part. Go through the door at the end of the hallway. Use Taklit's part to become invisible. Enter the door to discover your weapons. Move and climb the crates to access the next deck. Enter the single door, run along up the ladder and into the door on your left for Urgon's part.

Return to the hold and enter a door on the other side. Head up to the deck and use Urgon's part to bust into another room. Go up the ladder and find Azerim's part. Go back below. Keep going down until you reach a crane device. Press the button on the left twice, the middle button five times and the button on the right twice. Levitate up and go through the door. Pull the lever at the bottom of the next room. Climb the ladder into the bridge and grab the crank. Use it on the lifeboat.


Shoot the explosives in the shed to get a bucket and drive chain. Use the chain on the mining machine. Climb down tor the wheel and watch. The boy gets the eye for you. Climb the pyramid near the shed. Head through until the block is expelled. Use this block to climb up and press the button. Go through the door and into the room with the water mechanism. Use bucket.

You now have to explore the pyramid to light ail the fires in the lens rooms. When you are done, go outside and stand on all the points where the lasers hit the ground. Put the eye in every statue to unlock the main door and exit the level on the mine cart.


Find the fuse in a crate near an archway. Use it in the control room and switch tracks I and 3. Get back in cart. When the three tracks merge into one (just past signal 3), drive up to the door, then reverse into a room with a dual waterfall. Whip-swing behind the waterfall for the pyramid key. Go back and switch to track 2. Get in cart and get the brass key from the room near the electricity flashes. Use this key on the small shed to find an oilcan. Oil signal 4 and then switch it. Go to where there's a hole behind a crate. Collect the red gem and fall in the hole. Drive the cart until you reach a pool. Swim through the hole to find the green gem. Go to signal box 5 and swing over the broken bridge for the blue gem. Go and explore the area where the fuse was to discover the straightforward way to the exit.


Explore until you reach a big statue guarding a door. Push the smaller statue on the left wall to reveal a tapestry. Keep going to the theatre room. Press the button, enter door. Follow passage until you are above this door. Drop onto the ledge and whip the statue's arm. Use the arm on the statue guarding the other door to get through. Use Azerim's part to levitate. Hit the switch on the other side of the room, and again to follow Volodnikov.

Before the chase begins, pull out the block on the left and move it so it covers the levitation pad. Now go into the middle anteroom. Head to the back of this room and block an exit with a statue. Chase Volodnikov into here.

Go back to the big pillar room and slash a tapestry near the keyhole to reveal a block. Pull it and use this to jump up to the next corridor where there is a lever. Keep exploring this area to find a key that goes in the keyhole. Fit the gear and push the block in. Head into the robot room with the red decor. Use the red blocks to jump onto the beams, then work your way across the room to the top. Jump in water, swim down, hit switch and use statue's head to jump to the other side. Enter the lightning room. Ascend to the room above and position the rams' heads around the opening. Push the button inside the alcove. Now press the gold switch once and the silver switch twice.

Go back to the room below and grab Nub's part from the top of the conductor. Use this part to open all the strange switches and head to the final room. Activate the sarcophagus (press 'Ctrl'), then use Nub's part on the wall switch. Put red gem in socket and a robot appears. Make it walk over the flashing pad four times. Use its body to jump to the exit.


Find all the pieces of the infernal machine and put them in the right slots. You also need to find Marduk's head and affix it to his body. When you fight Turner you can only hurt him if he's visible. Use the machine gun for this. Finally use the Taklit part on the control panel and then press 'Ctrl' to work the levers.


Swim straight out of the Aetherium and drop down onto the ledge below. Swim into the four sides of the central block in turn (starting with the green stripes and ending with the blue) to find some goodies and the Tool from Beyond. In order to kill Marduk you must use the mirror to reflect his shots right back at him. Then you will need to charge up your whip, so you can whip the silver ball in the corridor. This will lead you up to more silver balls by platforms. Whip all of them, and then go right through the tunnels to find the gems. Place all of the gems you have found in the slots in the main room and then you will need to electro-whip Sophia/Marduk to kill it. Now, run for the exit through the earthquake and it is game over.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine supports single modeSingle game mode

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