Into the Shadows

  • Developer: N/A
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

A year ago, scavenger suddenly appeared out of nowhere. There was no fanfare, no bullshit, no hype... they were just suddenly there. They had a big stand at E3 in Los Angeles (the big games industry show which is held every May), and not only did they surprise everyone with their presence, the biggest shocker up their sleeve was that they had what many considered to be the 'game of the show'.

Into The Shadows is the game on which Scavenger have forged their reputation, and which has rocketed them to 'hot developer' status virtually overnight, with the result that every publisher under the sun was scrabbling for a chance to distribute their games. And quite rightly so - despite some considerable secrecy, information about Into The Shadows (and some of the team's other products) soon leaked out to an eager, salivating press.

So here we are... salivating

It's not often that something comes along that makes everyone sit up and pay serious attention. As far as I can remember, apart from Quake, the last game to make us all a bit gooey in our secret places was Dungeon Keeper and before that, ooh, er... probably the awesome Command & Conquer. The whole gooey thing probably only happens two or three times a year, so it's safe to say that Into The Shadows is keeping some pretty top-notch company.

But what is it actually? For ages now magazines have been printing vague and ambiguous news stories about the thing (ourselves included), but in reality, no one had a bloody clue. We knew it was pretty hot in the old texture-mapped polygon area, but it was far from clear as to whether or not it would be a Quake/Duke Nukem protege or something a little different. To be honest, if it had been the former we almost certainly would not have bothered with it, as let's face it -we hardly need any more of the damn things, do we? No, fortunately it does have something new to offer... and while it might be ambitious, it's definitely different.

As is the trend with pc games at the moment, the emphasis here is on action-based gameplay as opposed to the more traditional fare - but it achieves this with a particularly stylish slant. If I was forced to make a very basic comment regarding the style of Into The Shadows, I'd have to say that it's a cros« between Fade To Black and FX Fighter except that it takes place in a mediaev; cum-fantasy setting. Comprendez? It has some awesome texture-mapped polygons and boasts some of the cleverest and fanciest features we've seen for a long time. Imagine that sort of roaming camera feel from Fade To Black and then try to visualise a bunch of characters that could've been pulled straight out of something like Tekken or that new arcade game Soul Edge. Once you've got this sort of basic graphical quality firmly lodged in your brain, we can finally start thinking about the all-important gameplay...

Okay, it looks nice... but whaTs it about?

Basically you play a young warrior type who enters a castle in search of adventure. On walking in, you find that the gameplay takes on two distinct values. At face value it's almost a 3D version of Golden Axe or Final Fight in that it's a full-blown beat 'em up where you walk from scrap to scrap picking up new weapons (such as swords, axes and other such deadly instruments of mediaeval nastiness) and bits of armour along the way. Fair enough... it's an original approach, I'll certainly give it that. Underneath this fairly simplistic premise there is also the 'adventure' element where you have to explore the castle to solve a bunch of different puzzles which reward you with various items. I suppose it's quite similar to a role-playing game where all the combat is out just like it is in a top-notch beat 'em up. It all sounds pretty f.a.b. really, wouldn't you agree?

However, we have absolutely no idea how long we're going to have to wait for it. Much like the guys at iD, Scavenger are keen to make sure that their game is the best it can possibly be. They know that the technology they have is in advance of virtually anything else out there at the moment, so they have pretty much the freedom to keep tweaking until it's all totally spot-on. Obviously we'll keep you informed about when it will be out and just what extra bits have been added over the next few months.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Into the Shadows supports single modeSingle game mode

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