Kame Paradise

  • Developer: YamamotoDoujinshi
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (2018)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
  • User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Kame Paradise 1
Kame Paradise 2
Kame Paradise 3
Kame Paradise 4

Game Overview

Fulfill the dream of both a pervert and a fan of the anime about the dragon pearls will gladly help erotic RPG - Kame Paradise. Defeat all the beautiful girls of the universe and enjoy bed scenes with old man Kame in the lead role.

Adventures of an old man

Dragon Ball is an anime in the shonen genre that emphasizes fights and fights. There are a lot of pretty girls in such anime. Kame Paradise game will be with them and they are the ones to seduce, playing for the lustful old man Kame. Gameplay is reduced to wandering around the area and looking for girls who need help. Among them, devoted fans of the game can find:

  • Bulma
  • Lonch
  • Mai
  • Ranfan

A promising battle

The old man will have to fight each of the girls to get what he wants. The battle takes place in the style of the game "Rock-Paper-Scissors". However, before the game will have to undergo an individual task from each girl, only then as a payment Kame will choose sex and the girls have to fight back. The game is played until three wins and if Kame is defeated the girl flees to another location. If she wins, a hentai scene begins with Kame and the girl, where a lustful old man fulfills his dirty fantasies.

The game is fully rendered in Dragon Ball style and in addition to Kame Paradise there is a version with Bulma in the title role - Bulma Adventures. Two games from the same author and completely about hentai with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z characters.


*Hentai game with a lot of hentai content. All 18+ inserts are animated and look like scenes from real anime. All videos can be replayed after you pass the game. Welcome to the lustful paradise of Master Kame.

System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Kame Paradise supports single modeSingle game mode Kame Paradise supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat, LAN, Internet)

Kame Paradise Screenshots

Windows Screenshots

Kame Paradise 1
Kame Paradise 2
Kame Paradise 3
Kame Paradise 4
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Kame Paradise 7
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