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Game Overview

Time to go up through the gears and saddle up on one of three awesome motocross dirt bikes. The game is full of -hairpin turns, and all 12 tracks are very challenging and a lot of fun You can go it alone or compete against a friend.

The object of the game is to place first, but the other 11 racers you are tossing mud against will see nothing wrong with elbowing you in the chops or kicking at you to try to knock you off your bike. For shame, but it's a nasty world out there, so get ready for some rough riding.

You can take off on one of three bikes, a 125-cc motorcycle that doesn't have much speed but has decent power for those tough hills.

The second bike you can choose from is a 250-cc powered bike with a good combination of speed and power. Your third choice is the Super Bike, and this bike is only for the strongest riders. You can get up some incredible speed with this bike, and you will have power to spare. This bike will allow you to leave the other racers in your dust.

You can race on each of the 12 tracks individually, or you can take your chances in the Season Mode.

In the Season Mode, compete on each track three times for a 36 race total. In a One-player Season Mode, you must place first, second or third to move on to the next track. The winner of the season will be awarded money, and everyone in the top 10 will get a cut of the overall purse. The Password Mode will allow you to start the 36-race season and then finish it off at fctsome other By time. If you're having problems racing in these tracks, why not take some time off and practice on them? This game has some great, fast action, and if you love motocross racing, this game has everything you'll need to keep you going for the big money.

Get a hold of the 32X throttle and leave your gaming pals behind.

Motocross Championship is coming for the 32X and racing has never been this X-citing! Motocross Championship features 12 whip-lashing tracks, each set with a spine-jarring terrain and a choice of three different classes of motorcycles that when combined with your skill and reflexes, will leave your opponents trailing in the dust. Race across double and triple jumps and against 20 fierce competitors. This is a racing game that is sure to catch and keep the interest of die-hard motorcycle fans for a long time. The game will also appeal to those gamers who enjoy the challenge that this game gives and who enjoy going head-to-head with a friend for some really cool, one-on-one action.

Eat Dirt And Die

Yeah, yeah. We've all seen race games before. So what makes Sega think its Motocross Championship for Genesis 32X is any different? Well, the platform, for one thing. The first 32-bit motorcycle cart gives you more speed and more detailed graphics than anything before. Steep jumps, hairpin turns, and 11 bruising opponents combine at killer speeds to make you feel like you're really flying over the racecourses. Mud slicks, tire tracks - even the dirt on the road is so realistically rendered that you practically taste the track when you take a tumble. If you're into rough-house racing, pure and simple, this is your game. If you're more interested in weird power-ups and cows that walk across the racecourse, try another cart.

Hot Hints


  1. Try to clear multiple jumps at once.
  2. Check out the tricks you can pull In the air. Tap and hold Button A during a jump, or press the D-Pad Up, then press it a second time and hold.
  3. You can ride off-road for long stretches, but get back on track as soon as you see one of the bigger roadside obstacles. You can't go around them when you're off the course.
  4. Hit any racers within arm's reach, but don't go out of you way to land a punch. You'll only lose time.
  5. Cutting corners is perfectly legal.
  6. To avoid the tight pad at file start of the race, delay a fraction of a second then move to the outside.
  7. The Super Bike is the fastest, but also the most difficult to handle.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Motocross Championship supports single modeSingle game mode

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Motocross Championship 1
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