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  • Genre: Arcade/Action
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Aladdin (gamegear)
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Aladdin (gamegear) Game


First it was Disney's most popular movie of all time. Then it was a blockbuster Genesis title from Sega. Now that Disney's Aladdin has landed on the Game Gear, you can dodge, plot, aid duel your way through this Arabian classic wherever you may be.

Seven action-packed levels stand between you and the beguiling Princess Jasmine. You face three types of game play as you Mow the movie's story line. Side-scrolling races through paths littered with obstacles test your reflexes and your sense of timing. Puzzle-riddled mazes challenge your ingenuity and coordination. And you have to play every card you've got in the final confrontation with the nefarious Jafar.

Good thing you have unlimited continues and a password feature. And if you bite the dust midlevel, you don't have to plow through the opening all over again—you resume play at the location of the last scarab you passed. Sound tough? Take heart. The gorgeous graphics will keep you amused even when you're stuck. All your favorite characters play a role, from Iago the parrot to your friend the magic carpet.

Aladdin's tricky moves and the puzzles he must solve will offer considerable challenge to all gamers. So gather your wits, and take to the streets!

Agrabah Market

Run for your life! The merchant after you, and is he furious. Run and jump through this side-scrolling first level, but don't go so fast that you can't see the potholes, barrels, and falling fruit ahead of you. Pick up'apples and loaves of bread along the way to increase your energy level and fill your stomach. After this adventure, you won't ever want to steal for your lunch again.

Agrabah Rooftops

It seems you have a partner in crime. Lovely Princess Jasmine has run away from the Sultan's court, and she's as hungry as you. When she snags an apple from another hot-tempered vendor, the two of you must run to safety together. Keep in mind that Jasmine's a member of the royal family, not a street rat like you. She's pretty fast, but she doesn't know the ins and outs of the Agrabah rooftops. So remember, you're a team. You can't outrun Jasmine or fall behind her, or else it's curtains for the two of you. But if you both manage to elude your irate pursuers, she just might fall for you.

Hot Hints


  1. Items reappear. If you waste a key or a rock, retrace your steps and retrieve it again.
  2. If you start to pull ahead of the merchant before you collect the apple, you won't see the obstacles in your path until it's too late.
  3. To keep Jasmine in tow on the rooftops, stay to the middle of the screen.
  4. Go everywhere you're able. If you take a shortcut, you could wind up facing a barrier before you've collected the key to open it
  5. When Jafar hurls a fireball at you, grab the scimitar that appears. It's your only weapon against the royal deceiver.
  6. Wait for chandeliers to drop, preferably on an enemy.
  7. Dizziness costs you power and may give your pursuer time to catch up.
  8. Kneel to pick up a rock, but just walk over a key to procurtjt.
  9. Pick up every rock you see in the Sultan's palace, even if you already have one.
  10. Always check for bottomless pits in the floor before jumping from ^balcony.
  11. You can jump farther with a running start.
  12. A rock is more valuable than the shiniest jewel.
  13. On the way out of the Cavern, you fly at high speeds. Touch anything solid, and you're finished.

Cave of Wonders

In the Cave of Wonders you learn most of your moves. Traps await you at every turn, and you have a whole bag of tricks for avoiding them. You're in no rush in this level, but if you must stop to practice a fancy step, do it while standing on solid ground with a protective ledge overhead. Some platforms can dissolve beneath your feet, and boulders will whack you if you leave yourself exposed.

Flight From The Cave

Tgfriptation and peril await as you flee the Cave of Wonders. First you must sidestep the sparkling treasures that line the way out, or you'll take a permanent detour. Then hop on your trusty magic carpet for a ride to the next level. As you fly at breakneck speed, spires and flames threaten you from above and below. This is a challenge for the fleet of thumb.

The Sultan's Palace

Now that you're a prince, find the princess and her father in the . palace. Its harder than it sounds. Barriers stand in your way, gaping holes in the floor threaten to swallow you alive, and a beefy palace guard is constandy at your heels. Can you find your way out before he catches you?

The Carpet Ride With Jasmine

So now you've won the sultan over. What about the princess? To gain her trust, take her on a magic carpet ride, and steer clear of the hazards of the air: whirlwinds, leaping horses, cranes, thunderbolts, and falling fruit.

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Aladdin (gamegear) supports single modeSingle game mode

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Aladdin (gamegear)
Aladdin (gamegear) Download
Aladdin (gamegear) Game

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