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"I found in the begging I just wanted to kill time but Heavy Weapons really got HEAVY non-stop action !!! As the game went on the action only got Heavier .I could be locked in a room with this game an 8 hours would seem like only 15 minutes." - Robert H.

Heavy Weapon is a action oriented game. The first impression is definitely a good one that shows PopCap is very capable of bringing its strong ability to identify simple but addictive concepts and make them suitable for a broad spectrum of gamers to a little less casual group of gamers.

In Heavy Weapon you are in control of a very sophisticated tank. This killing machine has a large array of weapons at its disposal that become available to you as you progress through the game. The basic weapon is a turret gun, which is improved upon in both its power and its spread as you move forward through the game. At the end of each level, if you are able to get through the towering end boss, you are treated to a trip to the armory where you are able to pick out additional power-ups for the vehicle. These include defensive orbs, a laser, two kinds of missiles, flak guns and lightening.

The 6 different power-ups that can be added to the tank can also be improved upon. Each of the weapons has multiple levels, which will make them strong, or faster, or both depending on which power-up you choose. You could to decide to put all of your weapons on one item, or two spread them out to as many of the power-ups as you desire. We found ourselves mixing and matching the different power-ups quite a bit in determining which ones worked the best for us on each level based on some of the more difficult enemies that you face.

Control of the tank is done entirely with the mouse. Moving the mouse left to right moves the tank left to right. Moving up and down moves the cannon up or down. Moving to the diagonals moves both the cannon and the gun. Since you are using a mouse and not a joystick, you are almost always moving towards a diagonal, and we were pleasantly surprised at how natural and easy it was to move and fire at the same time, using the same control mechanism.

With just a few weeks likely left before release Heavy Weapon is shaping up as a great game that shows that PopCap can do just about anything it wants in the gaming world and come away with a winner.

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Heavy Weapon Deluxe system requirements:SystemProcessor: PII 350 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Free hard drive space: 10 MB, 16-bits Sound Card DirectXDirectX 7 DirectXSVGA Video Card 32MB.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game modes: Heavy Weapon Deluxe supports single modeSingle game mode

2005-08-22 Heavy Weapon Deluxe is a new action game from PopCap.

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