• Developer: The Walt Disney Company
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993) , GameGear (1994)
  • Also known as: Disney's Aladdin
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Disney's Aladdin has been highly anticipated. Word came from those who saw it at the Summer CES that this cart, even in preliminary form, was everything people expected. Now that Disney's Aladdin is in hand, we can assure you that it's a great-looking game, in the spirit of Virgin's successes with Global Gladiators and Cool Spot. Disney's Aladdin has its roots in those programs.

Aladdin also features a new level of enjoyment under the main game, with satire and much personality not seen in many games.

And they have taken the timer out to give you an opportunity to watch the game as well as battle your way through Agrabah to defeat Jafar and save the Princess Jasmine.

As noted before, Global Gladiators and Cool Spot, two of the most "playable" games from Virgin, were the foundations for this Disney's Aladdin game. For that reason, a high level of game play can be found in Disney's Aladdin. The Graphics are at an incredible level, and it's an easy game to pick up and play.

Not to say that you'll master it easily, because the Difficult level is a real challenge, but you won't find yourself constantly referring to the manual: the three Genesis action buttons allow you to jump, swing your sword and throw an apple. It's also surprising that the game was created in half the time of most other games and still meets the level of quality that it does.

Disney's Aladdin is a side-scroller in design, but the Genesis is exercised to its highest degree, rivaling the Sonic games for speed. When you hop on the rug, for example, the pace gradually picks up to largely incredible proportions.


Not only do the characters show a level of animation - thanks to the high frame - rate the game is designed with - but they have incredible personality and lifelike movement.


Again Tommy Tallarico has nailed down an at-times beautiful, at-times haunting soundtrack, doing justice to the movie themes and scene-setting music for the game's levels.


There are minor discomforts, such as the jerkiness of the screen when you hold up or down on the control to look in that direction. It was difficult to consistently make jumps off the poles or land on the moving blocks in the Sultan's Dungeon stage.

The Lowdown

While many others are purchasing licenses of movies and TV shows to make into games, this group effort by Virgin, Disney and Sega sets the standard for how a licensed game can turn out.

  • Available: October 1993
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Company: Sega

Here's a cool code that lets you skip levels in the awesome Genesis game Aladdin:

In any level, press Start to pause the game. Then hit ABBA ABBA. You'll get the Level Complete screen and proceed to the next one.


First it was Disney's most popular movie of all time. Then it was a blockbuster Genesis title from Sega. Now that Disney's Aladdin has landed on the Game Gear, you can dodge, plot, aid duel your way through this Arabian classic wherever you may be.

Seven action-packed levels stand between you and the beguiling Princess Jasmine. You face three types of game play as you Mow the movie's story line. Side-scrolling races through paths littered with obstacles test your reflexes and your sense of timing. Puzzle-riddled mazes challenge your ingenuity and coordination. And you have to play every card you've got in the final confrontation with the nefarious Jafar.

Good thing you have unlimited continues and a password feature. And if you bite the dust midlevel, you don't have to plow through the opening all over again—you resume play at the location of the last scarab you passed. Sound tough? Take heart. The gorgeous graphics will keep you amused even when you're stuck. All your favorite characters play a role, from Iago the parrot to your friend the magic carpet.

Aladdin's tricky moves and the puzzles he must solve will offer considerable challenge to all gamers. So gather your wits, and take to the streets!

Agrabah Market

Run for your life! The merchant after you, and is he furious. Run and jump through this side-scrolling first level, but don't go so fast that you can't see the potholes, barrels, and falling fruit ahead of you. Pick up'apples and loaves of bread along the way to increase your energy level and fill your stomach. After this adventure, you won't ever want to steal for your lunch again.

Agrabah Rooftops

It seems you have a partner in crime. Lovely Princess Jasmine has run away from the Sultan's court, and she's as hungry as you. When she snags an apple from another hot-tempered vendor, the two of you must run to safety together. Keep in mind that Jasmine's a member of the royal family, not a street rat like you. She's pretty fast, but she doesn't know the ins and outs of the Agrabah rooftops. So remember, you're a team. You can't outrun Jasmine or fall behind her, or else it's curtains for the two of you. But if you both manage to elude your irate pursuers, she just might fall for you.

Hot Hints


  1. Items reappear. If you waste a key or a rock, retrace your steps and retrieve it again.
  2. If you start to pull ahead of the merchant before you collect the apple, you won't see the obstacles in your path until it's too late.
  3. To keep Jasmine in tow on the rooftops, stay to the middle of the screen.
  4. Go everywhere you're able. If you take a shortcut, you could wind up facing a barrier before you've collected the key to open it
  5. When Jafar hurls a fireball at you, grab the scimitar that appears. It's your only weapon against the royal deceiver.
  6. Wait for chandeliers to drop, preferably on an enemy.
  7. Dizziness costs you power and may give your pursuer time to catch up.
  8. Kneel to pick up a rock, but just walk over a key to procurtjt.
  9. Pick up every rock you see in the Sultan's palace, even if you already have one.
  10. Always check for bottomless pits in the floor before jumping from ^balcony.
  11. You can jump farther with a running start.
  12. A rock is more valuable than the shiniest jewel.
  13. On the way out of the Cavern, you fly at high speeds. Touch anything solid, and you're finished.

Cave of Wonders

In the Cave of Wonders you learn most of your moves. Traps await you at every turn, and you have a whole bag of tricks for avoiding them. You're in no rush in this level, but if you must stop to practice a fancy step, do it while standing on solid ground with a protective ledge overhead. Some platforms can dissolve beneath your feet, and boulders will whack you if you leave yourself exposed.

Flight From The Cave

Tgfriptation and peril await as you flee the Cave of Wonders. First you must sidestep the sparkling treasures that line the way out, or you'll take a permanent detour. Then hop on your trusty magic carpet for a ride to the next level. As you fly at breakneck speed, spires and flames threaten you from above and below. This is a challenge for the fleet of thumb.

The Sultan's Palace

Now that you're a prince, find the princess and her father in the . palace. Its harder than it sounds. Barriers stand in your way, gaping holes in the floor threaten to swallow you alive, and a beefy palace guard is constandy at your heels. Can you find your way out before he catches you?

The Carpet Ride With Jasmine

So now you've won the sultan over. What about the princess? To gain her trust, take her on a magic carpet ride, and steer clear of the hazards of the air: whirlwinds, leaping horses, cranes, thunderbolts, and falling fruit.


Prepare to take a magic carpet ride to a whole new .. world of video gaming. Disney's Aladdin, the Genesis game based on the blockbuster movie, will change forever the way you think about video games.

Disneys Aladdin on Genesis is like no game you've ever seen. And for good reason: Sega, Disney and Virgin Games joined forces to create this ground-breaking game using cutting-edge graphics and development technology. Disney animators created Disney's Aladdin's graphics using film-quality cel animation — a first for a cart-based game. Virgins game developers brought the Disney characters to life. Disney's Aladdin packs a whopping 16 megs of game play, graphics and award-winning music.

Disney's Aladdin faithfully reproduces the characters' antics and adds all-new comedic animations to keep you laughing. They're all here—Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Genie, Abu, Jafar, lago and the Magic Carpet. Disney's Aladdin has 11 big stages of non-stop action and three bonus rounds.

You play as Aladdin, the street rat that Jafar, the Sultan's evil advisor, needs to get the Genie's Lamp. Jafar will stop at nothing to get the Lamp...including kidnapping Princess Jasmine! Armed with a scimitar and Apples for long-range throwing, you must find the Lamp and save Princess Jasmine. Your adventure takes you from Agrabah to the Desert, into the Cave of Wonders, on a thrilling Rug Ride and Inside the Lamp before your final batde with Jafar.

Disney's Aladdin grants every gamers three wishes: fast and fimous game play, film-quality cartoon-like graphics, and memorable music.

Agrabah Market

You start out in the busy Agrabah Market where Palace Guards, knife-throwing jugglers, snake charmers and basket thieves lurk at every turn. Keep your scimitar slashing as you advance. Find the Abu Token in the upper berths of the buildings and you can win a round in the Abu bonus level. Lots of blue Genie Tokens for the Genie bonus level are hidden, so explore every building you can enter.

Keep your scimitar slashing as you advance. Guards and knife throwers often wait just off-screen.

Stay to the left of the hot coals and the Guard will toast his toes to get you. Pelt him with Apples while he's otherwise occupied.

The juggler's knives arc up at an angle and won't hit you while you're on the bottom step. Step closer, though, and he'll throw them straight at you. Two direct hits with Apples and he's gone.

Get all the Genie Tokens you can. The coins will buy you extra tries at the Genie Bonus Machine, which gives up more Tries, Continues and ammo if you win. This one is on the second level.

Large pots will come crashing down out of every window you pass... even if you retrace your footsteps. Watch out!

The camel isn't just background animation. Jump on him and he'll shoot dirt wads at the guard who is heading your way.

After you jump off the platform and land on the stairs hiding the Heart power-up and Genie Token, head right to pick up the two Gems.

Agrabah Rooftops

A clever thief hiding among the Rooftops has one half of the Scarab. Finding him is only half the battle. He does a nasty rolling move that will bowl you over, tosses knives with amazing accuracy and can't be beaten by just a few hits of Apples. To reach the tops of the buildings, you must find the magic Flutes that will give you a mage rope that carries you upward.

Press the Jump button and D-Button Up to climb ropes. Jump toward the beam, then press D-Button Left to move hand-over-hand. Pressing the Jump button again drops you to the ground. Have your scimitar ready when you land.

Toss 10 Apples at this guy and your job is done.

Smash all the small pots you see. Some hide Gems. This one is on the ledge to your right after you ride the first magic rope.

After you fight the Guard on the ledge, jump to the right to find the Flute, then jump down to the baskets. A second magic rope will appear to take you higher into the rooftops. Repeat the action one more time to reach the very top.

Jump on the flagpole to reach the first magic Flute. Touch it, then jump down and head right to the basket. Press the Jump button to ride the rope. Each time you drop off the rope, a new rope will appear in the basket. Watch out for the snake charmer and his slithering companion.

The Desert

Before you can find the Genie's lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders, you must first find the two Scarab halves which will show you the entrance to the Cave. The first Scarab half is hidden in the Desert. (Finding it is pretty easy Getting to it is the hard part!)

Hit the Black Genie's Lamp and all the enemies around it will go up in smoke.

Avoid the thief as he rolls up into a ball to bowl you over, then start swinging when he throws knives. To find him, keep heading to the right on the rooftops.

Giant spikes break the surface of the smooth sands...and the smooth surface of your skin if you're not careful. Go slowly through this stage.

Jump on the camel at just the right time and he'll hurl dirtwads at the Guard, who is in for a surprise. Apples will finish off the Guard.

From the Scarab, jump left, using the palm trees as trampolines. When you reach the top ledge, jump right. Watch out for the knife-throwing Guard who uses you for target practice.

It's worth your time to explore inside all the sections of the rocks. Apples and Genie Tokens abound in the darkness.

Finding the Scarab is easy. Getting to it is the hard part.

From the top vine, drop down to the bottom vine and collect your Genie bonus. Head left to the Scarab.

If you don't hit the Scarab directly, it flies away. Head to the right and you'll find it tucked away in the rocks. Don't miss this time or it'll fly the coop again!

Hot Hints:

  1. Keep plenty of Apples in your inventory. Some of the enemies can be disposed of only by pelting them with Apples.
  2. Red Gems are money you can use to buy Tries and Wishes (Continues) from the Peddler.
  3. In the Agrabah Rooftops stage, you must find the Flutes that will make magic ropes appear in certain baskets. The ropes will carry you to high places in the buildings.
  4. The golden Aladdin charm gives you an extra Try.
  5. Find the Abu Token to go to the Abu bonus level. Get all the Genie Tokens you can find to play the Genie bonus Machine level. Each Genie Token earns one play.
  6. You must find the two Scarab halves in the Desert and the Agrabah Rooftops before you can enter the Cave of Wonders.
  7. The Genie's Lamp is hidden in the Cave of Wonders. You will need it to rescue Princess Jasmine.
  8. You can slide on the Genie's smoke curls in the Inside the Lamp stage. Balloons will carry you upward and a simple flick of the Genie's finger will send you rocketing.


Hands down, Disney's Aladdin is the hottest Disney movie to illuminate the silver screen since Uncle Walt first brought animated characters to life. If you haven't seen the award-winning movie, it's time to come out of your cave. And if you haven't played the spectacular-looking, .cutting-edge Genesis game from Sega, Disney Software and Virgin Games, it's time to embark on a magic carpet ride with a cast of characters you'll never forget.

We brought you initial coverage of Disney's Aladdin video game in the October/November Sega Visions. We'll now grant you three more wishes: more hints and tips (including some special bonuses you'll only discover if you're very clever), coverage of later levels and a look at the two bonus rounds you can play at the end of each level if you find the Bonus Tokens.

Disney's Aladdin on Genesis features Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Genie, Abu, Jafar, Iago and the Magic Carpet—and includes many new comedic antics to keep your funny bone primed as well as your thumbs. The game play follows closely the movie storyline: Aladdin has to find the Genie's Lamp in the Cave of Wonders, then rescue Princess Jasmine from the evil Jafar. If you're a street rat who wants to marry a princess, it's all in a day's work— or play

Special Bonus

Position Aladdin so he's wearing this famous pair of ears and you get a special surprise as the newest Mousketeer. Look for ears all over the Sultan's Dungeon level, too.

Abu and Genie Bonus Rounds

Colled the blue Genie Bonus Tokens in each level and you win a spin at the Genie Bonus Machine. You can win extra lives, Apples and Gems...or you could land on Jafar and a big "Lose!" that will forfeit the rest of your hard-earned Tokens.

You must find the gold Abu Bonus Token to play this bonus round. Keep Abu's sword swinging while he scampers to collect extra Gems. As soon as a pot hits him, the bonus round ends.

Sultan's Dungeon

You have Jafar to thank for your present predicament, the latest occupant of the Sultan's Dungeon. This tricky maze-like level is filled with bats, skeletons and guards who'd like nothing more than to make you a permanent resident.

The Peddler appears in each level, usually in a hard-to-reach area. Don't bother to make him set up his Stall unless you have at least five Gems to buy a Life (or 10 Gems for a Continue). Climb to the top of the chain to find him in the Dungeon.

This skeleton has lost his head...and the rest of his bones will soon follow. That's a bomb he's wearing where his head used to be. When it blows, his bones will scatter.

The Sultan's Dungeon is a maze that will take you from ground level to the top of the Dungeon, then back down and up again before you find your way out You'll find a cache of Gems as you're climbing up the second time.

Cave of Wonders

The Genie's Lamp is what you really and Jafar both. It's hidden deep in the Cave of Wonders, and only Aladdin, the "diamond in the rough" foretold by the spirit that guards the Cave, can gain entrance. Entering the beautiful, dangerous Cave of Wonders is easy. .finding the Genie's Lamp is another thing entirely

Climb hand-over-hand in the Cave of Wonders to clear the deadly spikes.

Get the Apples first then come back and drop down to where the idol is holding the Gem. Hit the idol and it will build a small platform for you to cross the body of water just ahead. Watch for more idols in this level.

Avoid the falling rocks, then leap back to the vine after you've grabbed the Abu Bonus Token.

Don't try to jump for the heart now; the rock jutting down will block you and send you plummeting to (tie spikes below. Instead, take a big running jump. Swing your scimitar as soon as you land; ghosts are waiting tor you. Then ride the fountain up to where the rope is and jump to the left to grab the heart and apples.

Climb the vine to find the idol. Jump and strike it with your scimitar. After you land, climb the vines again to the top ledge to the right. Buy more lives at the Peddler's Stall, then jump back on the vine and climb down to the second ledge and jump right The idol has magically opened the pathway to the two hearts...and the level boss.

The boss is armed with a sword and shoots flames. He travels between the two stations, so position yourself at the station on the right and keep swinging your sword. As soon as he materializes, you will score hits and he will quickly move away without damaging you. From here, his fire can't reach you either.

After you've defeated the boss, you'll meet up with an old friend, ready to whisk you away...but you're not outta trouble yet, street rat!

The Escape

You've got the Genie's Lamp—but you've also found big-time trouble. The ever-curious Abu has touched the Forbidden Treasure and angered the god who guards the Cave of Wonders. Take a moment to gather your wits about you before you jump into this rumbling, fast-paced level. The dangers come in all forms and from every direction.

Stand at the far right of the lower ledge, then quickly Jump to make Aladdin hang onto the upper ledge.

Falling boulders can't reach you if you hang out just under the mouth of the tunnel. This is a good place to catch your breath and decide your next move.

Adventure On!

You're not out of the woods yet, street rat! Your adventure is only half through. You'll have to batde through five more dangerous, action-packed levels — where you might get some help from old friends like the Genie and the Magic Carpet — to rescue Princess Jasmine and and keep Agrabah safe from Jafar. Keep your scimitar slashing and don't waste any wishes!

Hot Hints:

  1. Break open every pot you see. They often contain Gems.
  2. Hit the Black Lamps to wipe out all on-screen enemies.
  3. Don't engage in sword battles when you can pelt an enemy with Apples. You'll take less hits by fighting from a distance.
  4. It takes 10 Apples to clear the last guard in the Agrabah Rooftops level. Don't even jump into the tower without enough ammo; you can't get out once you're in.If you don't have enough Apples, head down to the bottom of the boss area.
  5. Always touch the blue Genie vases before you battle the Guards or other enemies. That way if you lose a life, you'll restart at this place in the level.
  6. In The Desert level, thoroughly search inside all the rocks for bonus items.

Aladdin game features these levels:

  • Agrabah Market
  • The Desert
  • Agrabah Rooftops
  • Sultan's Dungeon
  • Cave of Wonders
  • The Escape
  • Rug Ride
  • Inside the Lamp
  • Sultan's Palace
  • Jafar's Quarters
  • Jafar's Palace

Aladdin also known as: Aladin, Alladin, Alladdin.

GameGenie Codes:

  • RGJB-Y6Z8 - Infinite lives
  • ATCB-0A24 - Invincibility
  • ATBV-0A5L - Infinite apples

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-133

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Aladdin supports single modeSingle game mode

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