Streets of Rage

  • Developer: Sega Team
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1991)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Once, the city was quiet and peaceful. The streets were safe then. People were happy. But that's changed now. The Syndicate has moved in. The streets are grim and squalid, ruled by punks and goons. There is no one to turn to for help, because even the police force is in the Syndicate's oppressive control.

Once, you and your two buddies were cops. Now you're off the force. Three street- tough, street-wise vigilantes sworn to wipe out the Syndicate. Or die trying.

Streets of Rage is a gritty video trip into the dark world of street fighting at its most vicious. The game creates a tense atmosphere of evil and brutality, a city lost to a lust for power. This is one down and dirty cart, a lot bigger and a lot better than just about any other karate game out there. Seasoned gamers who have gone one on one with it are raving about the animation, graphics, and sound effects. This, they assure you, is pure, raw excitement.

You can attack Streets of Rage by yourself, or pour on the pressure working with a friend in outrageously intense two- player simultaneous action. You choose to play as one of three ex-cops: Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding. Between them, they have an arsenal of 40 savage fighting moves and deadly weapons to unleash on the Syndicate. And you're going to need every last one of them.

Each character has his own special moves and skills. Axel Stone, for example, has a mean upper cut, a potent jumping reverse kick, a wicked elbow attack, as well as seven more lethal moves. Then there's Adam Hunter. He lays 'em low with a crushing body blow, an incredible head butt, or a pain-dealing flying knee, among others. Blaze Fielding, on the other hand, takes to the streets with a backwards overhead kick that can take your head off, a powerful flat chop, and a bad-boy back body slam, plus a bunch more.

The bad guys aren't exactly pushovers either, and they don't make your job easy by Lining up like ducks in a shooting gallery. Goons and punks come on aggressively, from all directions, looking for your weak spot. Don't expect to fight your enemies one at a time. They gang up, and circle around you. This is an anything-goes, body-battering street brawl. To stay alive, you have to stay on your toes, stay alert, and be ready for anything. There are no rules on these mean streets.

  • TIP: Confuse the Mob Boss and you might make him inadvertently help you.

  • TIP: You can knock bad guys down holes in the Docks if you've practiced your moves earlier in the game.

  • TIP: Play your cards right, and you can make the Mob Boss machine gun his own goons.

The action takes you all over the city, through eight levels of fighting. It in the Red Light District, filled with snarling punks, hoods, and women with whips. From there you kick, slam, and through a back onto the docks, in a factory, up an elevator, and straight into the lair of the Syndicate boss. And then the action gets really intense, as you have to grapple with bosses from earlier levels in addition to the head gangster. The graphics make the game look like a dark, brutal action movie. The atmosphere is so ominous that even the flames shooting up from sidewalk vents can't illuminate the murky shadows. You can virtually smell the sweat, city exhaust, and blood.

Streets of Rage is the ultimate in street fighting games. Everything else is just a warm-up.

  • TIP: Check out the phone booths in the Red Light District. They hold health bonuses or weapons.

  • TIP: In the Back Alley, don't forget your local, friendly, bazooka- toting police officer.

  • TIP: Once you've made it to the Syndicate boss's hideout, concentrate on him, not on his goons.

The graphics were splendid at the time, and basically no other home game rivaled it except for Sonic the Hedgehog. Each character was very large, and hey had detail in them, they weren't blurry or grainy like some of the other Genesis games characters at that time. These characters all had high detail and high resolution for the time that this game was made. The backgrounds although kind of plain and boring for today's standards were bright and excellent back then. They were highly detailed and you could actually read to some detail what signs said. You saw the little things like flyers on walls blowing in the wind and cans rolling across the ground to make it seem more realistic. The bosses were usually larger than your characters and really detailed as well. Like the boomerang throwing one on the first stage and the Wolverine looking guy in the 2nd. These guys were big and had some detailed not usually associated with Genesis games. Although at the time some things did look a bit cheesy like some of the repetitive backgrounds, that would loop together, but for the most part this would go past unnoticed. The graphics in this game as a whole were wonderful, and was one of the biggest draws to this game.

The sound on Streets of Rage game was UNRIVALED! The music from the street sounding music in the intro to the last theme was all wonderful, and some of the best midi music in any game, except for the FF prelude, other than that this is the music of choice. Every stage had a wonderful beat that went with it perfectly. The sound effects went seamlessly perfect with the game. Even though many would just consider the sounds punches and kicks you had other sounds that blended in beautifully. Like each distinctive karate yell of the 3 heroes, the cop car tires screeching, the enemies screaming from the hit, and much more.

This without a shadow of a doubt was one of the best games of all time, and one of the ones that stuck out in the memory of consumers. It had two sequels, which just add to its greatness. The fun factor on this is through the roof its always a good time when your playing Streets of Rage, especially with two players.

You were dedicated Police Officers. You hit the streets and started making arrests, only to find out the Syndicate controls the Police. Discredited and kicked off the force, you and your friends decide it's payback time!

All three characters are formidable. Whichever character you choose, the array of attack moves are incredible. If using two players, each pick an area to patrol - you don't want to beat-up eachother. Just like in real fighting, timing is essential.

You will become surrounded at times. When this happens jump into a clear area and start punching. Use your special attacks only when you face the boss at the end of each round. These bosses are very quick and powerful; you will need to improvise to survive.

Phone booths, trash cans and airvents to name a few, hide valuable items and power boosts. These boosts will enable you to survive the round. When you reach the final round, the Mob Boss will ask you to join his Organization. What do you think -is it payback time!?

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Streets of Rage supports single modeSingle game mode

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