Earthworm Jim

  • Developer: Shiny Entertainment
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Honest. The next really big video game/TV/comic character— bigger than those pizza-chomp-ing turtles, bigger than those mighty morphing knuckleheads — might—just might—be a common earthworm with a superpumped suit from off in the stellar boondocks. You heard it here first, so you owe us, OK?

Earthworm Jim from Playmates is your average, everyday slug who discovers a robonic suit, a plasma gun, and a pet named Snott. He's also the first creation from Shiny Entertainment, a hot new studio that boasts some of the biggest talent in the video game industry.

Jim's adventures are coming to the Genesis this summer from Playmates, but that's just the beginning. According to David Perry, president and founder of Shiny, several major TV and film companies have already approached him about turning Earthworm Jim into a regular animated feature. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are just itching to sign on as the voice of this slimy superhero.

Check out Jim's origin and his amazing cast of cohorts and enemies, and you'll understand why.

The Supercondensed Version Of Earthworm Jim's Amazing Origin

Somewhere in space, an intergalactic chase is nearing its gruesome finale. An interstellar bounty hunter and all-around louse named Psy-Crow blasts a small ship to smithereens. The ship's cargo, an indestructible robonic suit, plummets to Earth, where it lands on top of an ordinary earthworm named Jim.

Jim's soft, supple, slimy flesh interacts with all the cosmic heebie-jeebies of the suit. He swells to man size (well, more like Schwarzenegger size).

Jim finds he has incredible strength and powers in his new duds. He also discovers the suit has infinite internal space, so he can stuff everything from a plasma gun to a baby grand inside it.

Jim thinks he's got it made until he discovers that Psy-Crow is hot on his trail.

Shiny News Nugget №1

Shiny was founded by David Perry, the producer and programming genius behind Disney's Aladdin for the Sega Genesis. A native of Ireland, David began programming games on a 1K Sinclair computer and became a leading force in the English video game community before coming to America.

Shiny News Nugget №2

All but one of the people at Shiny worked on the amazing Aladdin Genesis game. The animation processes that made Aladdin a visual feast have been taken another step for Earthworm Jim's adventures.

Shiny News Nugget №3

Doug TenNapel, Earthworm Jim's creator, headed up the Jurassic Park Genesis team for Sega. Though Doug created the character back in his comic book days, he says the story for this game (and the crazed characters it contains) sprang from the collective talents of the entire Shiny team.

Shiny News Nugget №4

The name Shiny came from the R.E.M. song "Shiny, Happy People," which the team played continually during their many all-nighters on Aladdin. One of the dictionary definitions of shiny by the way, is "highly polished.''

Shiny News Nugget №5

When the team designs a new level, everyone is asked to contribute ideas and sketches on what it should include.

"We're trying to get everyone to think in a twisted direction," says Doug TenNapel, acknowledging that they often have to twist the imaginations of the programmers some, while untwisting the imaginations of the animators a bit.

Shiny News Nugget №6

Half of the Shiny team is British and half is American. So what, huh? Hey, these News Nuggets can't all be important.

Shiny News Nugget №7

We actually wrote only six News Nuggets. OK, five and a half.

Meet The Characters

Earthworm Jim's world is filled with an outrageous cast of monsters, mutants, and generally bizarre beings. Here's a few.

Evil The Cat

So evil, in fact, he runs his own prison planet named Heck.

Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt

Well, her name just about says it all. Oh yeah, she bleeds acid and controls all the insects in the universe. Her body is an entire level of the game.


Interstellar bounty hunter and the evil ranger of the empire.

Major Mucus

A gross, gooey drill instmctor-type on a planet where all living things eventually turn to snot. Stay there too long, and you'll be snot too. We were told this joke was snot funny.

Chuck And Fifi

This pair runs the giant junkyard that makes up the first level of the game. Chuck is a big lumbering slob and Fifi is a rabid, totally mental dog who eats trash.


A lovable little pooch who turns into a slobbering monster at the least convenient times.

Princess What's-Her-Name

Hey, get this! The game has a princess in it! And she's in trouble! And you have to rescue her! Wow, how do they come up with this stuff?

Professor Monkey-For-A-Head

The mentally tortured genius who invented Earthworm Jim's amazing suit. His human and simian sides wage a continual battle for control of the body. On those occasions when the monkey wins, the character's name is changed to MONKEY-PROFESSOR-FOR-A-HEAD.


Jim's pet who lives in his backpack. Secret codes will allow Snott to mutate into all sorts of useful and disgusting things during fights.

Shiny And Playmates—Partners In The World's Next Major Hero

When Richard Sallis, president of Playmates Toys, met David Perry at the Consumer Electronics Show, he could tell that David's plans for a new software company fit in perfectly with Playmates' plans for video game development.

"We simply wanted the best," said David Luehmann, executive producer for software development at Playmates. "David's group is clearly the best of the best."

Perhaps best known for introducing the world to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, Playmates has the kind of marketing muscle and distribution power a developer like Shiny needs to successfully launch a character like Earthworm Jim. Playmates was key in forming the new studio and helping finance the startup. They helped create a state-of-the-art game-development facility where programmers and animators want for nothing.

"Playmates is like a big brother to us," said Perry. "They protect us from the big, mean world and open our eyes to all these new opportunities."

Playmates sees all sorts of possibilities for Earthworm Jim, according to Luehmann, including a toy line, a Saturday morning cartoon, and maybe even a movie.

"Shiny has created fantastic characters," he said. "They're the sort of ideas marketing people can really grab onto and run with."

People say:


Earthworm Jim is one of the best action games I've seen all year. I love the warped jokes and visual effects in this game. There's a number of cheap hits, but any true gamer should bo able to beat it with practice. It's always a challenge. The graphics and sounds have every little detail to them. It plays great, and the diversity of techniques is nice. This game was made by a gamer, and it shows.


This game just kicks @$$ in every way, shape, and form! EWJ is simply the coolest character to arrive in a long lime. The game has perfect control, awesome voices and a fun quest. The humor really rapart from the rest. The ere all unique, especially jump. Too cool! Earthworm Jim gets my vote as the coolest character and hottest action game Of the year. What more can I say? ,


Awesome! Absolutely incredible! Earthworm Jim is one of the best platform games I have played this year. This game is loaded with more than just gieat graphics, fantastic sound und awesome game play. I totally loved the originality put into the game, especially with the cow-launching. Hysterical! The character mannerisms and animation have to be seen to be believed! It's a total riot! This is one hot game!


What an unlikely hero to make such a big hit. This little worm is larger than life (sort of like James Carrey) Just ihe animations of the character alone are incredible enough for anyone to be drawn to it like a to a flame. But it doesn't slop there the graphics and sounds complement the cool character. Thorn are big levels with different types of scenes to keep you entertained. Simply put--this game is smokin'!

Earthworm Jim Suits Up For Action.

A Slim but powerful Jim:

Here's the deal. Jim (regular worm) gets hit by a falling indestructible robonic suit and becomes superhero-size. On his tail is a bounty hunter named Psy-Crow. You gotta take out Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, and save Princess What's Her Name (the Queen's less-than-identical sister). Whew. Talk about yer rough day for a grub.

Jim's relationship with the suit is somewhat tenuous. Sometimes Jim can control the suit, and sometimes the suit controls Jim's movements and actions. Often Jim is just a suit accessory. You use the worm as an additional appendage while moving head over hand across chains (the second hand is holding the Plasma Blaster). Jim is used as a whip, as a jump rope, and for tons of sight gags that humiliate our invertebrate hero and no doubt make him feel like a...well...worm.

Segmented Fun fur The Whole Family:

Earthworm Jim requires you to bring all your game-play talents to the table. This isn't some blind run-'n-gun that has you just holding down the shoot button while running to the right. You get plenty of practice with your Plasma Blaster (it fires in 64 directions), but you'll also have a fine time learning the intricacies of Worm Whipping your way up collections of hooks, Head Helicoptering through seas of spikes, controlling a submersible pod (with very limited air) through rock mazes, riding a rocket through waves of asteroids while fending off Psy-Crow, chasing a runaway suit while in pure lowly worm form, and more.

Jim was created by the same group of game hounds that did the work on the blockbuster Genesis tide Aladdin. They've even, improved the animation processes that made Aladdin so spectacular. The result? Jim is a visual feast, as well as a heck of a game. With his hilarious digitized great cartoon sound speech effects, and tons of keep-you-inter -in-the-volume-on tunes, Earthworm Jim will have you waiting with baited breath (sorry) for your turn at the controls.

Hot Hint's:

  1. Check the edges of the screen for whippable hooks and listen for ricochets in places where they're hiding.
  2. Use Jim's Head Helicopter to get extra distance or maneuver Jim into narrow entrances.
  3. If you can't seem to get an enemy with straight bullets or plasma, try whipping and then shooting.
  4. Some areas take thinking. Use your puzzle-solving abilities to get past obstacles that have no obvious answer.
  5. There is always a way to reach bonus objects. Sometimes the path is unusual.
  6. When hanging from your head, hit Up to avoid enemies that can reach you.
  7. Search for hidden warps, secrets, more-linear paths, and stuff to collect everywhere. They're in there.


There's joy in Mudville. Inspired greatness is about to make the processors on your Genesis squeeze out every bit of their power. Who'd have predicted there'd be all this fuss over a lowly, dirt-eating, pink-sectioned worm? Earthworm Jim from Playmates Interactive Entertainment and Shiny Entertainment is about to make the Action fans of the world a bunch of very happy gamers. This one-player cart sets new standards for originality, varied play types, and sheer gotta-play-it frolic. One thing, though — this cart is no cakewalk. Jim's gonna kick your butt, and even worse, you're gonna like it. This is a game that should cause fear in the hearts of average programmers the world over.

Bovine Bewilderment:

One of the great conundrums of the game is the Launching of the Cow in the first stage. You send the longhorn sailing by whipping the fridge. Keep your eyes peeled, and you'll see your flying steer / in each level. Why all the beef? We're not tellin'. There's no way you're gonna milk the answer out of us.

Look Niter Peter:

  1. Protect Peter from the cold, cruel world as he merrily skips his way through danger.
  2. When Peter approaches an area he can't cross, Worm Whip him up and over the obstacle.
  3. When it starts to rain meteors, get hot with your Plasma Blaster. Peter drops to the dirt and covers his head.
  4. Let Peter take a hit by falling, getting eaten, or taking a meteor, and he gets a little grouchy in an overt way. He not only takes your energy but also drags you back toward the start of the level.

New Junk city:

  1. Immediately after completing the Cow Launch, go right and use your Head Helicopter to squeak into the tiny space between the tires and the rock. Continue left to get an additional Jim and a couple of Plasma Blasters.
  2. For those that have played the first level and want to get further in the game quickly, here's a warp: As Jim rides down the first pulley cable, jump to the left just before the pulley falls. Immediately whip the antlers on the stuffed moose head and go left. Find the toilet bowl and leap in. You warp to an area just below the battle with Chuck at the end of the level.
  3. Fifi (Chuck's junkyard dog) is not your friend. Put him (her?) out of your misery with a judicious burst from the Plasma Blaster.
  4. The Crows (no relation to the film) think the worm sticking out of the suit looks mighty tasty. This is a problem. Separate feathers from beaks with some flying lead.
  5. Shoot the Trashcan boss until he is in tank form, then shoot, jump him, and shoot till you finish him. If he touches you, the sequence restarts, so avoid him at all costs and shoot, shoot, shoot.

Deep Sea Tubes:

Jim checks out the fine art of hamster riding. Use the Fire button as your Chomp button.

Intestines (Exclusive Genesis Level):

The Genesis version of Earthworm Jim has more powerful compression techniques than the SNES. The extra space gets you more music, more sounds, an exclusive level, more animation sequences, and more overall fun. We're betting this makes you feel really guilty about those poor Nintendon't owners who are missing out. Sure. Yeah, right. Check out the Intestines level for yourself.

The Professor's Lab:

  1. The little Jim-looking head is an extra life. You can collect up to nine of them.
  2. When you reach your runaway suit, jump on top to reconnect.
  3. When trapped in the orb cage, enjoy the ride until the cage stops, then come out blasting.
  4. Walk through a fan, and it twists Jim up like a spaghetti strand and yanks him out of his suit. Chase the clothes.

Jim, When Left in His Own Devices:

One of the many wonders of Jim is the number of idle animations he has in this version (that other system has fewer because of compression differences). The Genesis rendition has eight constant animations and a few that relate to individual levels (find 'em).

A worm is hiding in his hole, trying to escape a hungry crow. Wondering if it is safe for him to come out, I he sticks his head out. He looks left and right, unaware of a suit falling from the sky.

By the time the worm sees the suit coming, it is too late to get out of the way. The suit lands on top of him, completely covering his body.

A strange interaction of the worm's flesh and the suit's particles creates a mutation of the worm's body and brain, transforming him into "Earthworm Jim." The suit has come from a battle in space where Psy-Crow is trying to retrieve a stolen suit. Amidst the chaos, the suit gets lost and and sees Jim and the suit, and thus begins the chase.

The characters are of a good stature, they all have an original look and have excellent animation. The animation must be seen to be believed, it's some of the smoothest ever seen in a video game in my opinion. Small graphical touches like snot coming off of your opponent in the bunjie jump levels or Jim's humorous waiting animations round out the beautiful graphics.

The clear voice effects and music score make this game friendly to the ears. Earthworm Jim is a stand-up comedian and sometimes, he just likes to sing. The booming and sometimes hilarious sound effects are really cool too.

Earthworm Jim is one of the better games for the Sega Genesis, with it's very diverse and a little strange levels and creative characters it is sure to be a game that will have you hooked for a while. You will be doing everything from racing a crow in a space suit to bungee jumping with a chunk of snot.

Jim the Earthworm is one character to remember. The earthworm dressed in a robotic suits who fought enemies was complex. He could run, shoot, swing on hooks and use power-ups for the blaster. I remember how good the in-between levels looked, when Earthworm Jim was placed in a semi-3D environment to race against Psycrow. Unlike other games, Jim didn't have to fight the bosses, but to find their weaknesses and exploit it. This was something new during an age of violent fights between chracters and bosses.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Earthworm Jim supports single modeSingle game mode

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