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  • Developer: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1990)
  • Runs on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Michael Jackson makes his video game debut in the newest Genesis title - Moonwalker. Mr. Big has kidnapped the children of the world and you, as Michael must kick, punch and jump your way through 6 levels of city streets, sewers and even a graveyard to find where the children have been hidden. Rescue all of them and take on the level boss. Should you get into deep trouble you can dance the enemy to death.

People say:


Moonwalker is a game that touches on all the best parts of most hit games and is constructed fairly well. Its problems rest in multiple options that bring more confusion than action. The graphics and sound are good, but the game is repetitive.


Dancing the enemy to death is certainly different! There are a lot of levels in the game and while they look different somehow they all seem to play the same. It's a bit too easy of a game and unfortunately it won't take very long to 'beat it'.


Moonwalker isn't as 'BAD' as it's hyped up to be. Sure the music is based off Mikey's biggest hits, and granted, the graphics and animation are extremely detailed, but the game play after a while, tends to be somewhat repetitve and you're doing things over, and over, and over...


This game is no 'thriller', but decent nevertheless! With initial game play similar to Shinobi, but with moves that made Jackson famous, our hero dances on the faces of evil men! Rescuing kidnapped girls as music pulsates is as good as it gets! I'm waiting now for a La Toya game!

Children are being kidnapped in broad daylight! When the sun goes down, the dead rise and boogie through cemeteries in search of living prey! What's worse, these events are related to a sinister plot involving a secret gang of high-tech criminals!

This may sound like a job for some costume-wearing super guy, but in Moonwalker, an electrifying new action-adventure from Sega for the Genesis system, the hero is mega star Michael Jackson. Michael spins, leaps, struts and dances through six scenarios and 16 individual game levels, taking out bad guys with Bruce Lee-style punches and Fred Astaire-like kicks, rescuing the waylaid kiddies and saving the world!

TIP: When Michael has cleared a location of kidnapped kids, Bubbles, his pet chimp, appears to help take out the remaining bad guys.

The game begins at Club 30, a hot nightspot where the kidnapped children have been imprisoned. Michael enters, wearing his trademark fedora, flips a coin across the room into a waiting jukebox. The machine springs to life with Michael's hit, "Smooth Criminal." His Badness must then fight his way through the multi-floor hideout full of pool tables, pianos and pinball machines, while checking doors and windows for missing tots.

If Michael rescues all the children from the hideout, he advances to the "Bad" streets outside Club 30, where he continues his liberation of youngsters while battling a nasty street gang and their killer dobermans! From there, the Gloved One moonwalks through a graveyard full of restless corpses who are strutting to Michael's multi- platinum hit, "Billie Jean."

TIP: You can control how far your hat will fly by how long you hold down the A button. The farther you throw the hat, the more energy it takes, so don't throw the hat farther than you need.

The trail leads up a foggy mountain to a waterfall masking the headquarters of the super- scientific organization responsible for the kidnappings and other mayhem. Michael meets the real villains here: renegade scientists clad in anti-radiation suits and armed with laser rifles. These techno-crooks not only kidnap kids and make deals with the undead: they've created a doomsday weapon which Michael must disable before it destroys the Earth! The Gloved One must rescue the last of the youngsters, fight his way to the heart of the stronghold, and then battle the Evil Mr. Big!

TIP: Use the fire hydrant to bring down the young hoods. This is a good way to save your energy while getting the bad guys out of the way.

The final round, using first person perspective, features Michael, now transformed into a laser-firing robot, shooting it out with Mr. Big, who is seated at the controls of his laser cannon. In addition to its strong storyline and excellent sound and graphics, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker contains a number of less obvious delights. On most levels, Michael can use chairs, garbage cans and boulders to take out the bad guys. A well placed kick sends a chair rolling across the screen, toppling opponents like tenpins.

But Michael's greatest power is his infectious dancing ability! Pressing and holding the "Magic" button sends Michael into a dance routine that even his enemies can't resist! They join in but pretty quickly drop from sheer exhaustion since; after all, nobody can out-dance Michael Jackson!

TIP: Rescuing any of the children increases your energy. In higher levels, wait until some of your energy is depleted before you rescue a child.

Moonwalker combines traditional gaming values with state of the art sound and graphics in a sizzling entertainment package that will have game players moving and grooving. Who's Bad? Michael Jackson is — and so is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!

TIP: Aim for Mr. Big in Round Six! You'll see his tiny bald head sticking up just behind his super cannon.

Mr. Big didn't get his name from planning small-time operations; he wants to take over the world. In order to carry out this plan, his thugs were ordered to kidnap every child on the planet! Why? To use them as slaves, of course! Only one person is brave enough to challenge him: Michael Jackson, a.k.a. Moonwalker. Play as the famous pop singer through 15 levels of musical action set across five stages.

Michael Jackson is known for his slick moves, so you'll be able to spin, Moonwalk, hat toss (similar to a boomerang), punch, jump, and perform the "ultimate" technique to dispose of your enemies: the Dance Attack. Once used, this attack will cause everyone on the screen to stop what they're doing and start moving to the beat!

Each method of attack will drain Michael's magic meter, however, so you'll have to keep it at full strength by rescuing children. As you might expect, the game features several of the singer's chart-topping songs, including "Smooth Criminal," "Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Another Part of Me," and "Bad." Watch for a cameo by Bubbles the chimp!

There is non-stop fun in this game. Here are your basic mission objectives: Rid the stage of its enemies and rescue the missing girls (who are scattered throughout the stage, and a special meter tells you how many are left to rescue). Once all that is done, you are led to the main battles (with an appearance by Bubbles). Enemies, located anywhere from top to bottom, perform all kinds of attacks, such as the basic kicking and punching, to attacking you with pool sticks, and firing at you with their machine guns. There are five stages in the game, each with three "acts" a la Sonic the Hedgehog. The main battles are fun, too, depending how you play them. All the bad guys come after Michael at once, and since he can't take them all, he can do the next best thing: dance. That's right. Dancing will help you get rid of your enemies. Once Michael's moving his feet, so are his enemies. They dance until they're all tired. Dancing also works in the duration of the stage, not just at the end of it. One of the coolest features of the game is the ability to turn into the huge robot with the help of the magic star that's found in every level.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Michael Jackson's Moonwalker supports single modeSingle game mode

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