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  • Developer: Probe Entertainment Ltd.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994) , GameGear (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

I've played The Incredible Hulk on my Super Nintendo Entertainment System and though I am not a big fan of the movie, the character in the video game made me stick to it for hours and hours. The story was fun and intriguing and took some time to complete, even if there are not a big number of levels. Hulk searches for the Leader within five different levels and fight bosses at the end of each chapter. The player can also lose the game, and in this game few sentences tell the battle was lost, but not the war, and show the Leader ruling the world.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

What's bigger, greener, and more powerful than the Incredible Hulk? How about the same superhero in Super-Hulk or Hulk-Out mode! In The Incredible Hulk by U.S. Gold, you assume increasingly ferocious identities as you punch out supernatural enemies. Power hits take you down a notch, but small size has its advantages. As the decidedly unmuscular Dr. Bruce Banner, who can't even throw a punch, you have access to shortcuts and hidden areas that you lack in larger incarnations. Unfortunately, your enemies are as versatile as you. With five levels' worth of telepathic, metamorphic, and seriously mutated bad guys, this game requires the brawn of a superhero and the brains of a scientist.

Hot Hints


  1. Reach out and touch someone with a phone booth.
  2. Come up against a barrier? Look for hidden switches. But be careful. Some switches do more harm than good.
  3. Robots can spring back to life until they break into bits.
posted by Epic Moreno


First The Incredible Hulk exploded onto the Genesis. Now he squeezes his bulk onto your Game Gear, so you can battle nefarious mutants wherever you go. This one-player Action/Adventure title from U.S. Gold is a hand-to-hand combatant's dream game. The enemies are plentiful, the action is nonstop, and the graphics are eye-popping. You've never seen muscle definition like this!

Livin' Large

The Incredible Hulk pits you against the minions of the Leader, who seems a little like the Hulk himself: he's ingenious, mutated by gamma rays, and solid green from head to foot. The major difference is that the Leader has his sights set on world domination, and he's assembled a military of mutated thugs to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. To reach the Leader's lair, you must wring robots' necks, ward off trident-wielding Romans, and bash primeval creatures to pieces, all while avoiding a variety of lethal booby traps. But what's really scary is that all the bosses are kind of like you—Tyrannus's IQ rivals your own, Abomination has the same glowing olive complexion, and the other three mirror you in their own sick ways.

How can you defeat these twisted versions of yourself? Mutation, of course, is the key. You're awesomely powerful in Super-Hulk form, with special moves like the Sonic Clap and Double Punch. A few hits reduce you to Hulk, plain and simple, and a few more shrink you into Dr. Bruce Banner, a brilliant but not too brawny guy—although he does have a few tricks up his slender sleeve. If you've been taken down to size, you can pick up Mega Gammas and bulk back up to Hulk-Out mode for nearly uncontrollable power.

With all these incarnations at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Take to the screen and tussle with some muscle!

An Army Of Enemies

The Leader knows that the Hulk will never harm a human. That's why he's manufactured this gruesome battalion of genetically engineered bad guys.

Hot Hints


  1. Knock enemies to the floor, then finish them off with an uppercut.
  2. Robots, Romans, and some lizards don't die until they break into pieces.
  3. Break open crates for Gamma capsules.
  4. Normal Gammas increase your energy level, but you need a Mega Gamma to assume Hulk-Out status.
  5. Some power-ups reappear after you use them the first time.
  6. Give a lizard a lava bath.
  7. You can elude a few enemies without ever confronting them.
  8. After you smash a pillar, you can throw the fragments.
posted by Diego Barros

The Incredible Hulk must embark on a quest to save the world from the diabolical plans of his arch-enemy the Leader. Apparently, the Leader has built himself a fortress and an army of mutants and robots to carry out his plans. He also has the support of Rhino, Absorbing Man, Abomination and Tyrannus, who are all more than willing to make sure a certain green superhero doesn't crash the party. The game lets you take control of the Hulk through five levels of side-scrolling action: City and Construction Site, Tyrannus' Labyrinth, Leader's Fortress, Leader's Interior, and the Final Confrontation.

Along the way you'll be able to pick up Gamma Capsules which will transform you into Hulk, Super Hulk, or Hulk-Out, giving you the strongest moves available. You'll have to be careful not to take too much damage, however. Every hit by an enemy or obstacle reduces your Gamma level, reverting you back to Dr. Bruce Banner if it gets down to a certain percentage. This isn't desirable since the good doctor cannot attack unless he finds a weapon, although he does have the advantage of fitting through areas that are too small for the Hulk. Make it through each level safely and you'll have to confront one of the boss characters. Don't take too long though--you have a limited amount of time!

The graphics are excellent. Great attention has been paid to detail, and the characters have the same kind of coloring as in a comic book. For example, when The Hulk climbs a ladder, you seen meticulously drawn back muscles flexing. When The Hulk claps (a special move that knocks down enemies in front of you) the wind from the move blows back his hair.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:The Incredible Hulk supports single modeSingle game mode

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