Alone In The Dark

  • Developer: T*HQ
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Saturn (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Some mobsters are known to have people "sleep with the fishes" when they double cross them. This is especially true, but with a pirate touch, in Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge for the Saturn.

Alone in the Dark, which made its way to the 3DO from the PC, was the first to use the various camera angles and a polygonal main character which is similar to what games like Resident Evil use today. Now, Alone in the Dark for the Saturn will be released in its original style.

With a gangster and swashbuckler motif, AitD has a strange but interesting story line. The gamer will face dozens of characters, ranging from a midget chef to the peg-legged Jack himself, not to mention the weird creatures the player will face.

Based on Alone in the Dark 2 for the PC, the Saturn version has the same story with some enhanced graphics and cinemas.

Friends and foes in the game now have a texture-mapped look and some of the camera angles have new art. For instance, in the beginning of the game, the camera angle is from a second-story window. Whose arm is leaning on the sill? It's One-Eyed Jack! This small addition, which didn't appear in the PC version, makes the whole scene pretty eerie.

AitD isn't all action. As the gamer makes his/her way around-whether in the maze, in the house or in the pirate ship-the gamer will find dozens of puzzles to solve in between fighting gangsters and swabbies.

The inventory system of AitD is simple to understand: When a player finds an item, he/she can store it for later use. Generally, an item can be used, dropped or read.

Since Alone in the Dark is new to the Sega Saturn, gamers who aren't familiar with the series will find plenty of mind-boggling puzzles to solve, enemies to battle and a strange, new world to explore.

People say:


I want to be fairly nice to this one because the story line is very interesting. The problems with Alone in the Dark are the control and sound effects. It's hard as heck to position yourself to shoot an enemy and with the changing camera angles, things are even more difficult. The sound effects--mainly the character voices-are terrible. "Hi guy," and "Morning sir," get really old after that second or third time. I wonder how much voice actors cost anyway. The graphics are alright. The polygons are textured, but they still have that unrealistic polygon look. The cut scenes are neat looking, but are confusing and too fast.


This game is a disaster. Where should I start? it's extremely hard to control. The graphics are choppy. The movement is sluggish. Aiming your weapons is a very difficult thing to do. The constantly changing viewing angles frustrates the hell out of me. You can tell that the different angles were used to impress the players with multiple views of the same locations, but it only made the game more difficult to deal with. With all of these cons going against the game, how can anybody have fun? Alone in the Dark was hard, and the sad thing is, I don't know if it was due to the poor programming or the game design.


Not only does AUD suffer from crappy graphics and lousy control, it's a downright goofy game, too. The numerous evil-doers you have to do away with--mostly shotgun-toting thugs-stumble drunkenly after you and shout silly things like, "Hi, guy!" before firing their weapons. I would have laughed at this game if I wasn't too busy swearing at my joypad. AlTD's frustrating control interface makes it nearly impossible to aim your gun or even get your character to high-tail a straight line through the game's 3-D environment. And the tilted camera angles don't make your journey through this environment any easier.


Tile Saturn version adds the much-needed speed and faster control that the 3DO release never had. Although it is not altogether good, the play is at least fair to give the player a chance while searching and fighting in strange surroundings. The graphics give great points-of-view to the player, but the clarity still needs to be improved on. In certain areas of the game (such as the battles) the views could have been orientated better to give the player more of a fair chance to defeat the opposition. The story may confuse players at first due to the many plot elements that don't fit with each other. Persistence is the key to advance.

Our first ever ftuePlayer's" complete solution (and therefore 'spoiled') game is the very pleasing to the eye, Alone In The Dark. Did the deflowering and pillaging.

The attic

irst things first, rearrange the furniture. Push the cupboard in front of the window and the chest over the trap door - this keeps mad dogs and zombies at bay. Search the furniture and take the gun. the rug and the oil lamp.

Second floor

Grab the oil and the bow. Go into the room on the left and take the sabre from the chest: the key's on the desk. If the sabre breaks, keep the broken blade because you'll definitely need it later on in the game. Smash the vase in the room opposite and left to get a key to open the chest of drawers - take the two mirrors. You've got a zombie and a half-dog. half-emu thing on your tail. Shoot the 'dogemu'. just stay out of the zombie's way.

Drink the contents of the flask in the bathroom for extra strength. Then dispose of the demons on the stairway by placing a mirror on both of the statues in the corners - they're so hideously pug-ugly, one look at themselves and they die of pure embarrassment.

First floor

Go to the room on the right. Grab the gramophone, cartridges and matches but step carefully around the spook, if you touch her, she'll go into juggling ball mode and spin you to death.

Take a quick detour to the conservatory (downstairs and left). Pick up three arrows from the statue and hightail it out before the spiders close in on you.

Back upstairs, go into the corridor on the left. The toothy giant sea anemone in the bathtub is a bruiser but you need the water jug. Best method: run in with your sabre, give the blighter a good clout, pick up the jug. give it another hefty clout and do a runner.

Get the statue from the next bedroom (lob this at the knight to get his sword).

Put the rug on the picture of the Davy Crockett character in the gallery, then fire an arrow at the picture at the far end. Get the fake book and key (behind the clock) from the far room. Next stop - the library. Light the lamp, drop it and go sharp left between the bookcases, right at I the end. then put the fake book in the bookcase through the secret door before the library phantoij - the twin brother of Mr. Bump from The Mr. Men -blubbers all over you. Pick up the daggers and the talisman, then carry the dagger with the wiggly handle into the library and stab 'Mr Bump'. Now you can settle down with a few good books before going downstairs. Don't forget to grab the lamp.

Ground floor

There's loads of stuff in the kitchen - get the cellar key and eat the biscuits from the pantry on the right. Then go to the other little room and pick up the oil can and the gun. Fill the jug with water from the barrel.

Go to the dining room, take the kid gloves off and do some serious zombie bashing. After the zombies are bashed, run into the adjoining room and pour water from the jug onto the smouldering cigar (remember: smoking is a dirty habit, and it doesn't make you look cool or mature).

Use the key that you found behind the clock to get into the study. Place the sabre (handle and blade if broken) on the plaque to reveal the entrance to the underground caves. Don't go down yet! Take the record from the shelf and go to the dance hall. To get to the dancers, you must fight the pirate. Use the knight's sword and be careful - he's a salty old sea dog and can swing a mean cutlass. When you've killed him. use his key to enter the hall.

Play the green record on the record player. Grab the key from the mantelpiece, bob and weave to get out of the door and don't touch the dancers.

Now you can go down the secret stairway, but check your inventory first - you will need the lamp the lighter, the talisman, the key from the dance hall, and some weapons.

Under the house

Run across the bridge and take off down the tunnel. Then, when you see the slimy slug, dive into the tunnel on the right. Send the slug the wrong way by popping your head out of the tunnel until you see him. then run back to the end you came from and go right.

The next three caverns are connected by the swamp, so you can just dive in and wade through -but then you have to deal with the bug-eyed sea monster. Otherwise, run round the wooden platform and jump over the loose boards. At the standing stones, jump across to the opening. The birds can be killed with the sword or daggers but it's just as easy to avoid them.

When you get to the wooden bridges, go left at the sabres then right at the skulls. Open the chest with the key from the dance hall and take the gem. Then push the large stone behind the chest and go to the maze. In the maze, go right, following the outside wall around the edges until you come to a door with a hole in it. Put the gem in the door to open it.

You're on the last leg. Jump straight into the water, ducking and diving the fireballs and old bug-eyes as you go. Get to the altar, drop the talisman and pick up the hook. Throw the oil lamp at the tree (it must be on). All hell then breaks loose.

Now get out of the house before it falls on top of you. Scarper to the rock ledge on the character's right, dodging the boulders. Use the hook to open the door, go into the maze and use the hook on the door to your immediate right. Run back around the edge of the water and up into the tunnel. Go right, straight up the tunnel where the slug was first sighted and through the hole into the cellar. Run to the ground floor and out of the front doors where your very iffy chauffeur is waiting to take you safely home..

Handy hints

There are loads of books that contain useful information but only read the books that are green - the others will drive you crazy. Always keep your lamp well oiled and have plenty of matches and your lighter. Keep your guns loaded. Drink from the flasks, munch on the biscuits but don't slurp the soup. Don't touch the ghosts. You don't have to fight all of the zombies but it's damn good fun if you do.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Alone In The Dark supports single modeSingle game mode

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