Azrael's Tear

  • Developer: Intelligent Games Ltd
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Windows (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

There is more than one way to skin a cat (don't ask what they are or I'll be sick) and likewise there are many ways to complete Azrael's Tear. This walkthrough will show you one of them, but en passant (isn't a private education marvellous?), we'll mention alternative options.

You'll no doubt already be aware that this game believes in instant death for any small transgression, so do us both a favour and save your game every few moves. There are many pages of ancient manuscripts scattered around the temple and these can be picked up and read, but other than being useful for wrapping chips, they don't appear to have any effect on the game's outcome.

Into the Temple

Begin by picking up the page in the corridor, then go south to the Wash Room. Move the mirror to direct the light onto the mouldy panel by the door marked x, then quickly return to the entry passage until the gas clears. Return to the x door and fall into the mine. Shoot Lincoln, then pick up the bullets, the piece of tapestry and the elephant gun. Note the location of the locked chest. Find and speak with Lurka, then go to the next passage and pull the rope to release the ramp. Go up the ramp and find the Mine Head Room. Talk with Lurka, then release him by moving the rail nearby. Go through the door to the Spa Room and turn the stop cock. You'll need to rotate it twice to direct the power to the Saw instead of the Crusher machine in the Mine Head Room. Return to Mine Head and look at the stone blocks until you find the one with the key inside. Climb the ramp and pick up the tongs at the top. Look north to see the Crusher and Saw machines above the grilles. Operate the crane to pick up the correct stone block and move it onto the Saw platform. Go to the door of the Spa Room and operate the Saw control to split open the block and drop the key through the grille. Collect the key.

The Shields

The main puzzles revolve around finding four shields. When you find them, they are each placed in special holes beneath the revolving machinery in the Orrery Room. To make things a little easier, the game has extra shields hidden within it - two of the Shieldi type, and two of the Shield2 type. There is no need to collect all six shields, but you will need one of each type.


The Baptistery contains the first Shieldi. Go to the Baptistery and walk through the broken mirror into the identical room beyond. Climb the stairs and pick up the three pieces of tapestry. Rotate the screen with the tapestry on it to read a clue. Place each of the other four pieces in your possession on the empty slots. The pieces must be assembled in the correct order to create a picture. Go to the bath of mucky water and look at the diagram above it which shows how to connect the pipes in the Well Room which will drain the bath. Go to the Mine Head Room, then through to the green-coloured Well Room next door. Use the control panel to arrange the pipes as shown in the Baptistery. (You'll hear rushing water when you get it right.) Return to the bath of mucky water and retrieve a glass lens from inside. Use the lens with the stone bible in the centre of the room. Stand on the pressure pad before the font and use the lens to view a movie. A secret door will now open to reveal the first of the Shieldi types.

Alternative Shieldi

Return to the Mine Head Room and into the green Well Room. Use the tongs to pick up the key from inside the well. Go to the mine and use the key to open the locked chest and get the amulet it contains. Return to the door marked x and use the block key to open the panel and obtain a Shieldi.


In the wall alcove is a console which when examined reveals a puzzle. The rings can be rotated and the top left button moves the ball. Get the ball into the centre of the rings. Go to the room nearby with the caged monster, and press the lever on the outside of the north column. The spears will collapse and kill the monster, allowing you to enter the ring and press the lever on the inside of the north column. This action will reassemble the apparatus back in the Orrery Room. Return to the Orrery Room, pick up the page beneath the rotating mechanism. Place Shieldi in the hole in the floor to unlock the door nearby. Go through the door, pick up the pages in the corridor, then follow the corridor into the Chapel.


Go to the sw corner near the altar and pick up the page resting on the organ keyboard. Go to the ne corner and enter the Confession Booth to view a movie of Tobias and Lurka.

Leave the chapel by the side door to enter the Vestry and meet Philip. Go through to the Cloister and down the ladder. At this point you will meet Tallum, who, if you are quick, can be killed with the elephant gun, otherwise you'll end up in the Library with Tobias.


In the Library you can go behind the red curtains and look through the spy glass. By rotating the nearby mirror you can view up to three scenes. Take the book off the table and find the key hidden beneath it. This key opens a grille in the Drain. Listen at the listening tubes.

Leave Library and go down the trapdoor next door. Travel through to find Edgar's Court. Note that just outside the room is a small alcove holding the first of the two Shield2 types. There is a winch next to it which requires a winch handle to open it. (This handle is hidden in a barrel on the large ship in the Dock.) Agree to help Edgar, then when he leaves, open the seats and take all you find there with you.

Return to the Vestry where you met Philip and use the key from Edgar's Court to open the barred gate. Go down the stairs and through the locked grille using the Library Key to find the Ladder up to the Dock.

The Dock

Towards the northern end of the dock is another well, with a ladder down to the Sluice Room. Halfway along the dock, next to the viaduct, there is a lever on the wall. The viaduct supports a small railway track which joins the Mine Head Room to a large ship at the other side of the dock. Next to the lever is a fissure which leads down to the Interview Room. At the southern end of the dock is a fissure in the wall which leads down steps to a small boat.

Begin by moving the lever to open the double doors above which lead out of the Mine Head Room. Go through the wall fissure to find Kurt. Talk with Kurt and let the raptor kill him. Enter Kurt's room and open the box to find another page. Return to the Mine Head Room and sit in the railway cart. Use the controls to close the side doors then ride the machine across the gap to the ship in the Dock.

Enter the ship, then go down into the hold and find the bottle of aquafortis which sits amongst the casks and barrels. In the barrel is a winch handle which opens the Shield2 alcove next to Edgar's Court. (There is a small chest you can stand on to reach into the barrel.)

Return to the deck and use the controls to pick up the chest and place it next to the cart.

The middle lever in the cart will no longer operate because of rust, but a quick splash of aquafortis will free it. Use the cart to haul the chest back to the Mine Head Room where Edgar will be waiting. Use the winch to place the chest in the Saw machine. Edgar is going to kill you at this point no matter what you do, so don't mess with the bastard - just shoot him! Unfortunately, there is nothing in the chest, but you can saw it open and prove it if you want to be utterly pedantic.

The Dock Monster

A large scaly beast called Sasha lives in the Dock and it's time we got rid of her, for now we need to cross the Dock in the small boat, and she won't take kindly to that. There are various ways of dealing the beast, but here is the easiest one. Go to the ladder at the dockside which leads down to the Sluice Room. Go down the ladder to a ledge where you can see a large door secured with a bolt, next to which is a pipe with a stop cock. Open the door and let the water rush in. After a few minutes the roar will subside and you'll see Sasha arrive. Turn the stop cock to let hot water enter and this will enrage Sasha so much that she will leave the whole dock area, never to return.

The Boat

Make your way to the small boat moored at the Dock steps. Above the stairway there is a diagram showing the pipe connections you could make in the Well Room to get hot water to this spot. There is no need to do this if you've already scared Sasha away. When you enter the boat you'll find a hose which could be connected to the transom. Again, this action is not required as it simply pumps hot water around the boat to keep the monster away. Use the winch to move the boat across the Dock.

The Lab

Philip waits to talk to you inside the Lab. Once he has gone, pick up the chemicals and read the book. Between the legs of the corpse on the floor lies a pool of acid containing a bunch of keys. You must now mix a concoction to neutralise the acid. Place the flask in the holder of the metal teapot, then into the mixer you must place moon+blood+uquu fortis. Use this flask of mixture on the keys to neutralise the acid, then pick them up. On the floor, half-hidden behind the metal teapot, is the second of the two Shield2 types. Use the aqua fortis to release it from the mortar which holds it. Use the keys to open the door next to the metal teapot and enter the Attack Corridor.

The Attack Corridor

No matter how you play it now - you're in for a beating. The corridor leads via a spiral staircase to the Chapel, but for the moment the only place you are going is the Gibbet Room.

Gibbet Room

If you are lucky, you'll awaken, bruised and bloody, in the Gibbet Room. Save the game, then choose your comments to Jack carefully. Make the correct choices and he'll set you free and lead you to the Sanctuary. Once you are free to leave, search the nearby corridors to find Lurka's room which contains the pianola roll, plaque and wax.

Make your way back to the Orrery and place Shield2 in the hole in the floor, which removes iron bars blocking the passageway under the altar in the Chapel. Return to the Chapel and view a new movie in the Confessional. Place the pianola roll in the slot in the pillar next to the organ. And this will open the secret passageway through the altar.

Ht this point lesser men would have cut their losses and gone home, but the Taskmasters are bold, the Taskmasters are valiant, the Taskmasters are... Yeah, alright, we know what you're thinking -they're stupid.

The Deeper Levels

Walk past the millstone and the ladder to the end of the tunnel where a metal pin lies. Grab the pin. Keep to the sides of the tunnel as the floor is slippery and if you're not careful you'll fall into the Granary below. Return to the ladder and climb into the room above where you can pick up a bag of flour. Use the pin to get the machinery working, and this will raise the millstone in the passage below into an upright position. Ignore the door out of this room as it leads to a tree maze, which we are going to ignore in this walkthrough. Why ignore it? Because it is populated by scorpions, there is nothing essential in there, and it's a pain in the arse.

Push the millstone into the Granary below and it will kill the monster which lives there. Jump down into the Granary and enter the lift. The lift rises to two locations - the rafters, and the Shield Alcove. Go first to the Shield Alcove and speak with the ghost who can be persuaded to explain the secret of the locked door. (This involves making communion wafers.) Go to the rafters and enter the metal grille on the side wall, which leads into Geffs workshop. Take the book and speak with Geff. There are two other metal grilles leading out of the workshop, take the one which goes to the meat locker. At the back of this room is a dumb waiter which you can use to take you to the kitchen. Inside the oven is a biscuit tray which can be opened to display a set of moulds. Use the flour (or the wax) in three of the moulds. The moulds you need are Tobias, Tallum and Malik. The symbols are fleur-de-lys, cross and spear, and the lion. Close the lid to make the shapes, then take them back to the Shield Alcove. Feed the three wafers into the door to open it. (An alternative solution is to use a master key which is hidden in the Pendulum Passage, but that's another story.) Once inside click on the statue and you'll receive a key. At this point Geff will appear and tell you the shield has been moved and hidden inside a carcass of beef in the meat locker. (Thanks a lot, mate!) Go and collect the shield. Return to Geff s workshop, then exit through the other metal grille to the dark tower - or Ziggurat.

The Ziggurat

At the base of the tower is the entrance to the Clock Room, which leads into the Pendulum Passage. If you are a masochist you may start the pendulums moving and investigate the side tunnels to find a key which also opens the Shield3 Alcove, but this is not essential. From the top of the long ramp which leads up to the mid-point of the tower, you can either go inside across the planks to the Cathedral, or up a spiral staircase to a shield plaque. Climb up to the shield plaque and use Shield3. Turn around and move the wall behind you. Take the shield back out of the alcove, then enter the new route to the Orrery. Place Shield3 in the floor to unlock the nearby door to the Model Room.

Model Room

Use the key. which you found in the Shield Alcove, in the keyhole in the wall and this will reveal the models. The models are duplicates of many of the locations to be found in the game. Touch nothing at this point and nip back to the Ziggurat. At the bottom of the spiral staircase, (at the top of the long ramp) enter the tower by crossing the planks and make your way through the tunnel to the ornate wooden door which leads into the Vestry.


A large and noisy monster is loose in here, so wait outside the opened door until it passes to the right, then run inside and enter the central Organ Box. Use the control beside the keyboard to release the organ pipes and trap the monster outside. Leave the Organ Box and go round to where the organ pipes are on the floor. Pick up the lever which lies next to them. Walk around the Organ Box and jump through the hole in the floor, down into the Crypt.

The Crypt

By walking to the end of the room, where the carved figure on a sarcophagus stands behind a metal fence, you can find stairs down which lead out of the Crypt. As you follow the passage round, the monster which was trapped in the Vestry above will fall into the Crypt and block your passage back. However, although you don't know it, this has also released a character called Claude from one of the other plain stone coffins which were lying on the Crypt floor. This character is going to save your life later on in the game. The carved sarcophagus is a puzzle which does not need to be solved to win the game, but to solve it you would need to place objects in the four recesses in the lid. The objects needed are: the master key from the Pendulum Passage, the sword hilt from the Cobweb's Lair (found in the Tree Maze), the signet ring from the swaddled body in the Poison Gas Room, and the stone dagger from the Perilous Chapel.

The passage leads up to the Vestry. The stairs continue further up to a locked door which needs a key from the Waterwheel Chock Room to open it, but again this is not essential. Return via the Vestry and the Ziggurat tower to the Model Room.

Model Room, Again

The various models are copies of the larger areas in the game, and each has a number of hotspots which can be activated. Whatever happens to the models, also happens to its full-sized counterpart. A number of the models are flooded by water when you push their buttons, and this in turn drowns some characters who would have given you trouble. In the Vestry model make sure you action the door in the central Organ Box. In the Waterwheel model there is also a vital door which must be actioned. At this point we'll mention that the scary monster from the Dock is on the loose again in all of these watery rooms, but that shouldn't really concern you. However, if you should stray from the path we are suggesting, it's useful to know that ink, aqua fortis, or the Oisin amulet can kick ten bells of hell out of it.

Return to the Organ Box in the Vestry and enter the small side room which is now open. Use the brass lever on the small lever in the floor to join them together. Go down the nearby steps and find the Waterwheel Room. Use the lever to stop the Waterwheel, then return to the lever upstairs to pull it. Go back to the Waterwheel and start it moving again. Go upstairs again and you should see that the two cogs on the wall are turning each other. Open the box on the nearby table and take the amulet and the scroll. The amulet contains a key. There is also a secret compartment which contains a brooch, used to open the ornamental gate at the top of the Crypt staircase - but it's not necessary to go there. Go to the main altar and find that a tunnel has been revealed.

Theo Nest

Keep away from the sleeping monster and raise the gate at the far side, but before you venture under the gate make sure you secure it with the nearby lever. Pick up Shield4 and prepare for a meeting with Colin.

Decision Point

When you enter the room the rock face will speak and tell you to follow its instructions. Ignore the voice and head to the doorway through which you can see the figure of Geff. Speak with Geff and agree to what he says. Follow Geff to the top of a long chute which leads down to the Light Room. In the Light Room you must quickly find the dim shape of the door and click on it until it opens. To avoid being killed by the gas, head up the stairs, don't go down.

Malik's Laboratory

There are three switches in the middle of the room. A side passage lined with scorpions' tails leads to a book. A stationary monster stands beside the three levered device - and the exit door is locked. This is another fine mess you've got us into!

Ignore the scorpion passage, for there is no way through there. Move the three levers in the correct sequence and the monster will awaken and run around the room. Providing you keep out of the monster's way, it will eventually open the locked door and disappear. If you now move down the side access where the monster was standing, you will find a back way to the book at the end of the scorpion passage.

Model Room - For The Last Time

Exit from the lab and climb the tower steps to re-enter the Model Room. Use the Shield4 in the wail recess, opposite to where you inserted the key. Retrieve the fourth shield and make your way to the Orrery.

Almost There

Place the fourth shield in the correct hole in the floor of the Orrery Room and a pressure pad is revealed. Stand on the pad to open a pit which leads down to the Perilous Chapel. The pit is lined with struts, and there arc sharp spears at the bottom to kill you should you fall onto them. On one of the struts you'll find the stone dagger which is used in the sarcophagus puzzle. Once safely down, jump heedlessly into the central hole in the floor.

The Grail Sanctum

Your arrival in the Sanctum will be a painful one, and you will certainly die of your wounds. However, little grasshopper, you have come too far now to fail. By the power of the Grail you are restored to life and given one last chance. Walk to the middle of the room and pick up the Grail. Look at the surface on which the Grail was resting, and this will show you the path to freedom. Understanding the diagram is not as easy as it would seem, so the sneakier ones amongst us can simply follow the more tried and tested method of game saving and reloading. Each time you make a wrong move the roof will lower, so it's easy to map your way safely to the outer ring of the room. Walk round to the southern end of the ring and look up. In the roof you will see a hatch which is the way out. Simply walk forward to the point where the hatch is directly overhead and the roof will fall down around you. A trip up in the lift will return you to the Tower where you must find your way back to the Vestry. Open the door to the left of the altar which is decorated with shields and enter the passage.

Fight Room

At this point you're going to be glad that you released Claude from the Crypt because he will appear from a side passage and kill Tallum. Walk out across the top of the maze-like structure.


If you have been following Geffs advice he will appear and lead you forward to the final door. At the last moment Geff will be killed before he can see the outside world, but by using the Grail on the door, you can break free from the temple and re-enter the outside world.

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Processor: PC compatible,

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Game Features:Azrael's Tear supports single modeSingle game mode

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