• Developer: ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Leading into the game, a spacecraft flies towards the planet. You will find yourself a patient lying flat out on an operating table. A man, who you would suspect normally enjoys playing more with himself. Dr Mastaba, is operating on YOU.

Cell Three

A tremor will go off and Lex stirs. The Nursebot moves. You will need to punch the Nursebot until it bounces into the force bars. This will create an explosion that forces the bars to flash on and off. To the right of the bars you will see some Meat - pick it up. Take a look beside the bunk and you'll see Lex's Log. Collect this too and read it. Watch the force bars carefully for a pattern to take shape, and run through them when they go out. If the force bars are visible when you try to break through, you will get shocked!

Cellblock Corridor

Collect Caynan's Arm which will be lying just outside of Cell One. You will need to try and force open the Cellblock doors. Notice that sparks fly out of the metal panel to the right side of the hall. As in Cell Three, observe the force bars outside of Cell One and scram through.

Cell One

Caynan will attack Lex as he enters the cell. The Meat will act as a good distraction for Lex, thus providing you with the choice of either evading or attacking him. Once past him, to the North of the cell, you will find a Fork. Pick up the fork and look above it to see a photograph. Collect this also. At the centre of the cell is a Log. Collect the Log and read it. Run back through the force bars into the Cellblock Corridor. Now utilise the Fork to pry open the metal panel. This will unveil a puzzle to open the doors. As with the force bars, if you hit the wrong button Lex gets shocked. Successfully complete it and the Cellblock doors will open and you can enter the Guard Room.

Guard Room

Lex will enter the room and there will be a conversation between Dr Matasba, Marine Dropship and the Control Room. Listen carefully to their conversation. Look to the top of the room where you will see five monitors. Use the monitor at the far right to turn off the force bars to Cell Four. From this position you will be able to use the top monitor on the desk - the Robot Control Panel - to control the Nursebot in Cell Four. Use the Nursebot to pick up Caynan's Arm and then move the Nursebot in front of the Palm Reader. The Cell is now set for your entry. Go back into the Cellblock and into Cell Four. By the bunk in Cell Four is Dane's Log. Collect it and read it. You will discover Caynan's Access Code (Entry 12 Line 62). Take it and run back out of the cell and into the Guard Room.

The first thing to do is to reinstate Caynan's security access. Control the Nursebot to drop Caynan's Arm. Use Caynan's Arm on the Palm Reader and the door will then open. Run through the door and you will find yourself in the Chaos Corridor.

Chaos Corridor

Beware! A Hallway Guard Robot will be patrolling in the hall. Hide when the Guard Robot is moving down the hall towards Lex and you will be safe. Look to the end of the hall on the right hand side and you will see the Cyro Room.

Cyro Room

You will need to take a look at Chamber one. To do this use the Freeze Monitor on the left side of the door. Fido will break out of the freezer and attack, but you can knock him unconscious by luring him onto the Iris Valve. If you push the buttons on the back wall, the Iris Valve will open and Fido will fall into the Tank. Then turn the valve on the back wall in order for Cyro Fluid to be poured into the Tank. Once the sides visibly freeze over, climb down into the Tank.


Use the frozen Tank to cross the ledge and enter into the tube. This is the tunnel that leads to Cell Two. walk into the hole on the right side to reach it.

Cell Two

When Lex comes up through the hole a Mandite Guard will wake up and you will have to defeat him. Once you have done this collect the Blaster from the middle of the room. Now return to.the Chaos Corridor and go into the Elevator and push Level One to go to the Tower.


Once inside the Tower Room you will be confronted by six Hoverbots. All six have to be defeated. Knock out the first two by reflecting shots from your Blaster onto the Elevator walls. The second two Hoverbots will foolishly shoot each other if you walk backwards and forwards. The last two are defeated by bouncing shots off the glass walls of the tower. After you've done away all six. threaten Roland by shooting the Blaster near him. This will allow access to the Tower Gun. The Tower Gun enables Lex to shoot down the two Dropships. Both must be destroyed. If you don't down the second Dropship it will destroy the Tower and Lex. To get back to the Elevator you will have to kill or evade Roland. (Why not expend a little effort and leave Roland's mum without her favourite son!) Once in the Elevator, push Button Three for the Control Corridor. Again, use your acquired skill of bouncing bullets off walls to kill the Security Robot -five shots to be precise. Push the button on the left side of the hallway and enter the Operating Room.

Operating Room

Sit back for a moment and watch the scene. Dr Mastaba takes control of Lex with a remote control device and tells him that Marines are on the way. Under the Doc's control Lex kills a guard and is then told his past and the future of Dane. Dane reaches up and destroys the remote control. As Lex blacks out the Doctor takes his Blaster. When Lex wakes up the Doctor has escaped and Dane asks Lex to put him out of his misery. Show Dane the Photograph and then kill him, this will enable you to pull out his battery. Look for the Flute in the opposite corner, collect it and return to the Control Corridor. Push the button to open the Control Room door. Once inside, obtain the Hardsuit from the Hardsuit Machine and take the platform elevator to the Machine Shop.

Machine Shop

Once in the Machine Shop defeat and kill the Mondite Guard. Then pick up the walkie-talkie, which the Mondite drops. This will enable you to hear the distress signal from Dr Fscher. Pick up the block. If you need a battery then take one from the bike and return to the Control Room.

Once back in the room, look at the Reactor Monitor (it's the far right monitor beside the HardSuit Machine) and get the Reactor Code. To the left of the bottom of the stairs is the Robot Control Panel, use this to move the Control Robot into the Reactor Room. Knock the Reactor Robot off the Reactor Room platform. To open the Reactor Airlock door press the button on the right side of the Control Corridor. Go to the Airlock, where a Hardsuit is vital to prevent Lex suffocating, and enter the Reactor Room.

Reactor Room

Avoid Drogg! To cross to the Reactor Core activate the light bridge by pressing the top button. Lex must shut down the Reactor. He will fail if he takes too much time by turning off the light bridge before Reactor shutdown, and an explosion will occur. Pull the levers on the left and right side of the Reactor Room monitor. Use the access code from the Reactor monitor and push the button on the right side of the monitor. Retreat back across the light bridge and, when Drogg steps on it, turn it off. If Lex takes too long getting over the bridge then Drogg will turn it off on him. Now go along the Control Corridor to Elevator and push Level Four for the Basement Corridor.

Basement Corridor

As Lex exits the elevator, the door closes behind him. Airlock doors open and a Security Robot emerges. The Airlock doors close. Defeat the Security Robot with five shots. When you kill the Security Robot, the explosion lights up the corridor. Press the button at the end of the hall to open the Airlock door. Wearing a Hardsuit enter and head for the Landing Platform.

Landing Platform

Walk towards the ledge. If the Reactor has not been deactivated a tremor will shake Lex off the ledge and into the acid lake. Go through the tunnel to the Tunnel Basin. Once here Lex can jump off the ledge and down onto the Beach. Use the Alien Transport Device on the second block to zip trip across the acid lake to the Crashed Drop-ship. Evade the Acid Beast here in order to reach the Dropship Interior.

Dropship Interior

You can obtain a Tonfa Gun and Key Device by fighting and killing Captain Tumolt. Get the medicine if you need it and use the Key Device to open the door to the Gunnery Station. Here you will find the Missile Control monitor. Use it to fire a first missile past the Acid Beast and to fire a second missile to kill him. Go back to the Crashed Dropship area where you'll find a package of missiles laying beside the Dropship. Remove the Warhead from the missile, which has slid out of the package, and the Warhead will begin countdown. Zoom across the acid lake, climb up the blocks, get back on the ledge and run to Blast Door.

Blast Door

If you leave the Warhead by the Blast Doors it will detonate, blowing them up. Make sure you are completely clear by running back to Tunnel Basin, otherwise Lex will be blown to pieces! Even if the explosion goes off behind Lex as he is running, he will find himself knocked off the ledge into the acid lake, leaving him clinging to the rail as the blast almost tears him away!

Once back to the Tunnel Basin, head to the Blast Door and go through Airlock/Hardsuit Machine to Dig Site. Once here, kill the Shrimp. Give Dr Escher the Medicine and he will give you a translator. Take this with you through the Tunnel Basin to the Alien Temple.

Alien Temple

Translate the writing with the Translator. The writing will differ, depending which wall Lex is near. Note the pattern of alien characters in rings around statuary, and then go to the corridor and defeat the Shrimp to reach the Tomb of Soldiers.

Tomb of Soldiers

Drogg digs his way into this room. Fight him until he retreats, and then head back through the corridor to the Dig Site where the Gravity Tube will transport Lex back to the Tubeway Station. In the station you must defeat the Shrimp and use the monitor in the centre of the room to open the Zero G Room (press 2,4,6,8). Once in, fire the gun to get to the Final Battle Room door.

Final Battle Room

You must destroy Drogg, but remember not to use Energy Weapons. When he is destroyed, pick up the MirrorSuit device, which he drops, and go to the Alien City Platform.

Alien City Platform

The Alien Learner is messing with some controls and the Alien City comes back to life. The Alien Learner walks towards Lex. Have a chat with the old geezer, then get the battery and head back to the Zero G Room. From here, by firing the weapon, you can propel Lex back to the Tubeway station. Press 1,6,8 into the central Alien monitor, and the Tube to the Gravity Ring will open. Enter.

Gravity Ring

Make sure Lex stands on the triangles on the floor, and head towards the centre of the room. You must avoid the flying debris. Line up the 6 and the Gravity Ring will clear of debris, opening up the acid lake.

Go along the Tubeway Station where there is a monitor in the centre of the room. Input 0,6,8 to open a tube to the Dig Site. Inside, lying on the ground, you will find Dr Escher's Logbook. Read it. The Airlock/Hard-suit Machine has been destroyed. Return to the Tubeway Station. Open the tube to the Alien Temple by inputting 1,4,6,8 into the monitor in the centre of the room. Use the Alien Monitor beside the Alien Temple tube to move statuary in the Alien Temple. You can observe the area from the monitor. Lower the statuary back onto the tube using the Alien Monitor beside the tube. Open it again and grab the Grenade the Marine throws at you. Throw it back to him with haste. If Lex hangs around too long - BANG! However, if he gets it back to the Marine in time then the Marine gets the whipping.

Use the tube to travel to the Alien Temple. At the Tube Station go onto the ledge at the Tunnel Basin. Here, avoid the Marine who rushes out of the Corridor, but destroy the other who is waiting outside the Tunnel. Then go back to the ledge through the tunnel. Inside the Tunnel, dodge the shots from the Dropship, then go to the Landing Platform where you'll hear the Doctors farewell address. Kill the Marine on the Platform and walk up to the Airlock Doors, which will open. The Airlock leads the way to the Basement Corridor. Destroy the Marine there and push the button to open the Elevator. Head for Level Three, the Control Corridor. Once here, kill the two Marines and go back to the Operating Room.

Identified At Last!?

You still don't know who you are so use the monitor to finally find out. Head back to the Control Room and kill the Marine in there. Now trot along to the Machine Shop.

Did you pick up a battery earlier? Good. Chuck it in the bike and rev that baby up! Vroommmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:BioForge supports single modeSingle game mode

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