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  • Developer: VIS Interactive plc
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1998)
  • Also known as: H.E.D.Z.: Head Extreme Destruction Zone
  • Runs on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Game Overview

It's true. Hedz is one of those annoying games that simply refuses to fall neatly into any established genre. It's a bit like Mario 64 inasmuch as it's very colourful, it's 3D, and it has platform elements. It's not dissimilar to the N64's Pilot Wings 64 in certain areas (some Hedz can fly), but unlike PW64 you get to shoot things. Lots of things. So it's also a shoot 'em up. And there are a mind-boggling number of Hedz to choose from (200, in fact) which can be customised in different ways.

Right, we're going to have to come back to this (we haven't been able to decide on a genre to put this in all day, so there's no reason to think we will now. God knows where Richie's going to put this in the Top 100). For the time being, let's catch up on the story so far.

Hedz: The Full Story

In the beginning, The Hedz were a highly advanced alien civilisation, while humans were, well, just as bad at everything as they are now. The Hedz had a problem, however: on their home planet, everyone was equal and looked exactly the same. Then, one historic day, a particularly inquisitive Hed ventured inside the head of a human and discovered he could penetrate the human's head and take it over, along with the personality and assets of the previous owner. Word soon got around, and adventurous Hedz made their way to Earth in search of Ctrophies' to bring back to their home planet.

So began the great head collection craze, which was enormous fun for all the Hedz involved, but less pleasing to the humans whose heads ended up in trophy cabinets on the Hedz' homeworld. The humans complained to the appropriate Hedz authorities, obviously, and a compromise was reached. Nappa Flux, an asteroid belt near the Hedz planet, was completely redesigned, with each asteroid made to look like an Earth environment. Each Hed could take five of his Ctrophies' (customised human heads) onto the asteroid belt and battle it out with other Hedz, and so the Hedz were largely kept amused and Earth was left more or less alone.

This is where you come in. Your mission, as an alien headhunter, is to duke it out with the aliens on Nappa Flux using your own set of five Hedz which you got from, er, a kindly passing Hed you met in the pub the other day. Well don't know, they don't tell you everything in the manual. Anyway the scene, as they say, is set. Let the battle commence.

Talking Hedz

You start the game with five heads and a couple of asteroids to choose from. Upon entering the initial training asteroid, you are immediately set upon by a group of headhunting aliens. As soon as this happens, two other things also occur: a) you die very quickly because you haven't read the manual, and so don't have a clue what's going on; and b) you look at the screen thinking you've seen games like this before, but not on your PC. And you'd be right.

Hedz does in fact look exactly like the kind of game that would be at home on a Nintendo 64. Indeed, eyebrows would not be raised if someone who purports to know about these things explained that the game had been developed by Nintendo (although they would be wrong, of course). There are a number of reasons for this. To start with, consider the gameplay on offer here: you're invited to traverse huge, colourful levels, disposing of enemies, activating switches, solving puzzles and leaping up and down lots of platforms. Then consider the graphics: immensely colourful backgrounds with detailed, quirky, larger-than-life characters. Finally, here we have the amalgamation of game genres: platform, flight sim (well, sort of), shoot 'em up, puzzlers, and even the traditional one-on-one beat 'em up gets a look in. You could also argue that the high 'cutesy' factor of the graphics hints at a game that could conceivably be aimed at the younger gamer. All these points lead to a title that has all the traditional Nintendo hallmarks of quality. Is this a good thing? Well that's a matter of opinion. In our opinion, it's a very good thing indeed.

Hedz Or Tails?

And so we come to the crux of the matter. How will a (reasonably) mature PC audience take to a game like this? It's difficult to tell. PC gamers brought up on a diet of Quake clones and real-time strategy games will look at Hedz and think: Er, yes, but what exactly is the point?" Well, the point, if there is one, is that Hedz is a very refreshing change to the PC gaming Cnorm'. For once we have a game that relies heavily on gameplay as opposed to flash graphics (although the graphics are pretty damn good). If you're willing to accept this game for what it is - which is a highly playable if unsurprising diversion from the endless stream of Quake and Red Alert wannabe's that have plagued the PC games platform in recent times - you may be pleasantly surprised at how addictive it can be. It's not as enduring or delightfully inventive as Nintendo's efforts, but it's a reasonably good substitution on PC. If you're still unconvinced, wait for the demo next month and make up your own mind.

Oh, there was something else, wasn't there? Something about genres, I think it was. Can't remember, really (Anderson cops out yet again - Ed.)

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Hedz supports single modeSingle game mode

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