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  • Developer: Probe Entertainment Ltd./Acclaim Studios London
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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People say:


Judge Dredd doesn't come off all too well on the Genesis. Like the other two games that used this engine, hitting enemies on the ground is difficult, although it isn't as bad here. Judge Dredd is a good side-scroller with lots of missions to accomplish. The graphics are much darker than they should be. The Bosses are really cheap, and instead of using skill to defeat them, you must trade hits until one of you dies. Judge Dredd is an okay game. Play the Super NES one instead.


Judge Dredd offers the same thrills and chills on the Super NES as it does on this Genesis version. The action is nonstop, and there is always someone or something to shoot at. The Bosses, although not big, thankfully, are a real pain in the neck to kill. While not frustrating enough to send the controller on an unexpected flight, real patience and timing are required. The levels are large, and alas, do repeat themselves. As it stands, this one is decent.


Cool comic! Cool movie! So-so video game. Acclaim takes a major license and creates a fairly good game from it. The graphics are good, and the sound is standard Genesis fare. I also like the overly large levels and the cleverly hidden, out-of-the-way areas in each level. All are very cool features, but the problem lies within the game's play control. It's rather difficult at times to get Dredd to do what you want. A button configuration would have been nice.


This is very similar to the Super NES version with an equal sense of game play. The huge levels are filled with tricky areas to reach as well as puzzle* like situations. The graphics and sounds are slightly inferior to the Super NES but still do a good job. Where this one differs is in the playability. It just seemed to me that it was a bit difficult to get the character to perform the way I wanted him to. That is not to say the game didn't play well. It's just a bit harder to control.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

It is the year 2139, regular, ordinary, peaceful living is no longer existent in this new world pent up inside self-contained city-blocks. Law and order can no longer be kept under control by ordinary cops and police force. A new breed of law enforcement is born, you are judge, jury, and executioner in one, you are Judge Dredd. It is up to you to maintain peace within the inner cities and keep it that way.

posted by Epic Moreno

Judge Dredd is a platform action game based on the British comic book character of the same name and the 1995 movie that tarnished that name. The game was a multi system release so it fits the standard console jump/shoot/duck formula although it does add some unique twists such as wounding enemies so that they surrender and can be arrested.

posted by Diego Barros

Legal Whuppin

Judje Dredd Casts You As Judge, Jury, And Executioner

With Judge Dredd the rage at movie theaters and comic-book shops, it's no surprise that the Genesis game is catching the public eye as well. Blockbuster Video recently featured it in the Video Game World Championships. And Acclaim made history by shipping the game two weeks before the movie hit the theaters, complete with an America Online disk for free time on the DC Comics On-Line board.

Instead of trying to revise an established game category, Acclaim has looked back to what makes Action games good. Judge Dredd on Genesis features strong characters, complex levels, rapid-fire action, lots of weapons, and plenty of power-ups. It's one of the better action games we've seen this season. Don't be surprised if it ranks in this year's various video game awards.

Judge Dredd first hit the scenes in 1977 in 2,000 A.D. No. 2, a British underground comic. He was the law enforcement of the future in the dreary urban sprawl known as Mega-City One, where caffeine was an illegal drug and people existed in soulless, self-contained CityBlocks. The law was upheld not by police but by Judges: cops, judges, and juries rolled into one. They were unforgiving, authoritarian keepers of the peace. Justice was dispatched on the spot. And the punishment always fit the crime. Dredd gained a rep as the Judge who often stretched the system he had sworn to uphold. And he did it with style.

The futuristic cop with an attitude gained enough popularity to cross the pond in 1983 with a selftitled comic and can now be read in DC Comics as well as various novels. The Judge has even costarred in a tome or two with the original Dark Knight, Batman.

The Judge Dredd flick stars Sly Stallone. Over $70 million went into the making of this high-tech sci-fi adventurama. In this all-new episode, Dredd is framed for murder by his genetic twin, a twisted ex-Judge named Rico. On the way to prison, his transport is shot down in the radioactive hell between Mega-Cities known as the Cursed Earth. Dredd must escape, prove his innocence, and destroy Rico to protect the legal system he serves.

Judge Dredd the game follows the basic movie story line for the first five levels, then segues into the world of the comic series for six more. If you can defeat Rico and save Mega-City One, you go up against the Dark Judges, spirit entities who can take over both living humans and corpses. The Dark Judges believe that since all crime is committed by the living, the best way to contain crime is to wipe out life. They have a transporter that will allow free access from Dead World to Mega-City One. You've gotta shut 'em down.

As Judge Dredd you have the power to try, sentence, and if necessary execute the bad guys, known collectively as Perps. To accomplish this you can find a number of power-ups for your Lawgiver sidearm that give you the ability to passively restrain the Perps until you pass sentence, or to mow down everything in your way.

You receive your orders from the Council of Judges at the start of each level. You get primary and secondary objectives that you must accomplish before moving on. While you can blast any Perp that gets in your way, you get more points if you sentence and arrest. That said and done, it's much easier to shoot than sentence, and more fun.

While the levels seem very straightforward, a little searching reveals quite a few hidden areas with 1-ups and Lawgiver power-ups. Walls that seem solid have hollow spots or crumble after a shot or two, revealing rooms and passageways. Computer terminals give you the opportunity to check on the status of your missions.

The game is tough enough that most gamers won't be able to beat it in a single sitting. Acclaim was nice enough to include a password level access. If you continue playing, you carry your Lawgiver ammunition into the next level. If you die or restart a game, the password puts you at the start of the last level you played, but without the extra power-ups.

What we like most about Judge Dredd is what's not there. No glitzy production gimmicks. No faked video or meaningless intermissions. Judge Dredd is straightforward action that will satisfy the vigilante in everyone.

Game Rules On Game Gear

While your Game Gear might not be quite as powerful as a Lawgiver, you can call it your Fungiver when you play the portable version of Judge Dredd. The smaller but no less exciting version follows the movie story line. You must prove your innocence and stop Rico from taking over Mega-City One, in the process taking on Rico in an all-out Judge vs. Judge battle. This version of portable justice features a password level access and all the excitement of the full-screen version. Be not judged guilty of boredom. Get Judge Dredd for the Game Gear and take justice on the road.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Judge Dredd supports single modeSingle game mode

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