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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Jurassic Park Rampage Edition supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview

Jurassic Park Rampage Edition is the first sequel of the original Jurassic Park game released few years earlier. In this new version the players had the option to choose which missions to take on, unlike the previous installment, and could control Raptor or Grant, like in the original release. Compared to the first game, there are more weapons in the the Rampage Edition, and the story does not follow a linear progression, with levels. The plot allows the player to choose where he can begin, then - when all the missions are over - more will become available.

When a game publisher lands a big-name movie license, many times the product is released with "RUSH" written all over it. Certainly that was the case last year with Sega's Jurassic Park for the Genesis.

In Jurassic Park Rampage Edition, the plot picks up where the movie left off. Again you can play as Grant or the Raptor, but this is a brand new game...not a sorry rehash of the original JP. There is actual enjoyment involved here. The controls respond well, the sounds are cool and the scenery is much more interesting to journey through. I had a great time as Grant, riding a Gallimimus dinosaur while trying to outrun vicious Raptors in hot pursuit! As the Raptor, doing triple-flips brought back joyful, teary-eyed memories of Revenge of Shinobi! Gameplay is faster, and the graphics are hot; the amazing waterfall scene is truly breakthrough stuff for the Genesis.


Much improved over the original Jurassic Park cartridge. The dinosaurs look more detailed, and I still can't get over that waterfall effect.


Yes, the music is reminiscent of bad gas, but the various chirps, screeches and roars of the jungle are cool enough to make you forget about it.


The game is actually fun this time around. It's much faster - Sega insiders called it "Jurassic Park Turbo" - and the control feels good.


Hey, Sega: this is the kind of JP you should have given us last year! Jurassic Park Rampage Edition is enjoyable, especially if you're into action/platform games. Not the ultimate JP experience, but still a good time.

Rampage Edition.

Who said second Time s A Charm: Once more, Dr. Grant finds himself trapped in the dangerous confines of Jurassic Park, but this time the challenge is twice as tough. In addition to the numerous dinosaurs, the island is littered with nefarious corporate field agents who are determined to collect their genetic material at any cost. To survive, you'll need all your wits and an arsenal of weapons. Use the better weapons, such as the shotgun, missile launcher, and shock rifle, sparingly because you'll need them for the toughest enemies.

Raptors On the Rampage.

A Better, meaner Jurassic Park:

** Raptor on the Run:** As the Raptor, you must escape from the island. Since you're surrounded by human and dinosaur enemies, that won't be easy. Lucky for you, the Raptor has new attack moves, razor-sharp jaws and claws, and an attitude to match. Combine all his skills, and you just may survive a showdown with the deadly Red Raptor.

One of the unique features of the game is the lysine power-lysine boosts the Rage meter. When the meter peaks, the Raptor sees red and enters Raptor Rage, which makes him temporarily invulnerable and able to destroy enemies with a single touch.

Grant, on the other hand, must destroy the lysine crates he comes across. If he doesn't, enemy dinosaurs become deadlier and more vicious, and the game becomes much more difficult. No matter which character you choose, Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition will keep you raging on!

Cargo snip:

  1. Spring off the pole to reach higher platforms and hidden power-ups.
  2. Stay out of the water, or you'll get a jolt from the electric cables.
  3. In the Hidden Ruins, ride this Triceratops for a shortcut to the level exit.
  4. If you don't attack the Triceratops, he leaves you alone.
  5. Each time you reach a way point, an arrow points you in the right direction.
  6. Find the 1-ups hidden in each level.
  7. These stacked crates contain explosives. Detonate them when enemies are close by.
  8. In the River level, stay on the move or you'll be a sitting duck.


  1. As the Pterodactyl carries you up the Aviary, gun down enemies to make the way back down easier.
  2. Throughout the level, listen for the Pterodactyl and be ready to attack. If he grabs you, he'll carry you back up to its nest.

Hot Hint's.

As the Raptor:

  1. On the Cargo Ship, enter Raptor Rage just before facing the Red Raptor. It increases your odds of survival.

As Dr. Grant:

  1. Don't rush through levels. Take the time to clear out enemies and destroy lysine crates. 2.After defeating human enemies, collect the valuable weapon power-ups that are dropped.
  2. The T. Rex cannot be defeated. Use your weapons to stun him, and make a quick dash for the exit.

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