Midtown Madness 2

  • Developer: Angel Studios, Inc.
  • Genre: Racing
  • Originally on: Windows (2000)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Game Overview

I was pretty pumped to give Midtown Madness 2 a try. I will admit that the only game I played in this series was the third one on the original Xbox. These are fun arcadey style open-world racers that were very popular for the time and a pretty big hit for Microsoft. This game originally came out in 2000 so I am very interested to see how it holds up by today’s standards.

Across The Pond

There are many different game modes on offer here so there is a great deal to keep you busy. The main “gimmick” of the game is that you can drive in either London or San Francisco and for their time both cities are pretty substantial in their side. The main mode I want to talk about in Midtown Madness 2 is the training school. London has a cab driving school and San Francisco has a stunt driving one. Both have plenty of missions/drills for you to do and they are both different enough that you will want to do them all.

There are some other fun modes as well such as Blitz Mode which is kind of like a time trial mode where you have to hit all the areas before the time runs out. There is also a checkpoint mode where the last racer to cross the checkpoint is eliminated. It is pretty stacked with content, especially considering this is a game that is 20 years old.

Nice And Bright

Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised about in Midtown Madness 2 was the visuals. The game is nice and bright and while there is not exactly a ton of tiny details, I feel that the game holds up pretty well and its take on London and San Francisco is a fun one. There are plenty of cars for you to drive and these all look cool as well.

Oi, Mate, What Are You Looking At?

The soundtrack fits the game very well and the cars sound great also, but it is the way people talk that I find hilarious. I have been to London many times and hearing people freak out and talk is awesome. The folks in San Francisco have a lot of personality too, it is the kind of thing that in any other game would be out of place, but here even with the repetition is fun.

Arcade Racing Action

What I liked best about the game was that the racing action was fun. This is an arcade-style racer so it is the kind of game that is very easy to pick up and play. There is some skill here and the more you play it the better you will get, but taking corners fast and making crazy jumps are the kind of things you can be expecting to do here. It may not be the deepest racer around and I do prefer the third outing, but I had a smile on my face the majority of the time I played this.

I know that you may think playing a racer from 2000 is kind of pointless. However, Midtown Madness 2 is a solid arcade racer that ticks all of the boxes of what makes a fun game. It has plenty of game modes, the actual racing is solid and the game looks and sounds good too. The only reason I have not scored it higher is that I do feel that the second game in the series offers what this does and then some more.


Final Score


  • You can drive around London and San Francisco
  • The racing is tight and fun
  • You have many game modes to enjoy
  • I loved some of the comments people make
  • It looks pretty good for its age


  • I like it, but Midtown Madness 3 is a better game
  • Some might think the repeated commentary is annoying

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Midtown Madness 2 supports single modeSingle game mode

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