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Game Overview

Acclaim will be bringing their excellent sports title NFL Quarterback Club to the 32X. Improving upon the graphics of the regular 16-Bit game, sports enthusiasts are treated to a realistic (as good as one can get on a TV) game of football.

Unlike a lot of other football sims out there, the players actually act and react like the real thing instead of mindless automatons. NFL Quarterback Club has a massive playbook, and lots of stats to keep even the most discriminating armchair athlete happy.


Acclaim has done their homework and hope to set the new football gaming standard. Having their work cut out for them, Acclaim has to provide a good play book. All they have to do now is to put on the pads and take it to the gaming field.

All 28 of your favorite NFL teams are featured in this game, including team names and logos, as well as the NFL Player's Association licensed Quarterback Club, and 20 top QBs.

The game is 24-Meg and there are very few things the producers of this game didn't think of when designing this game.


On offense you can control the man in motion, setting up a virtually unlimited number of offensive plays.

There aren't any passing windows, instead you can see the entire field of play. When your receiver goes out of range, three cofored lights determine what coverage you are facing. A red light means double coverage, or your man is covered like a blanket. A yellow light means the coverage is fair and be cautious.The green light means put one up cuz your man is wide open.

The concept of the lights works plus the passing and play calling functions are easy to understand and execute.

On defense you can choose from 216 plays by flipping through a menu. Instant replays are included with a Smoot Cam, isolated view on key players, and the game is compatible with the six-button controllers. Football fans won't want to play football without The Club.

Monday-Mornino Quarterbacking

Naturally, you can play in Preseason, Season, or Playoff games, as well as all of the Bowls.

But to see how you really measure up, take a whack at Simulation mode, which plunks you into a real game from the recent past at a pivotal moment.

All the conditions are the same, from the game stats to the weather.

Can you, as the Dallas Cowboys, rewrite history by foiling Pittsburgh's comeback attempt in the 1976 Super Bowl?

Before you even try, take a long hard look at your playbook options.

It breaks your choices down into short-, medium-, and long-yardage situations.

Assess your QB's strong points, finesse your viewpoint, and get ready to unseat a Bowl legend.

With all this strategy, realism, and pounding football action, Quarterback Club will knock you outta your cleats.

Hot Hints

  1. Send'em scurrying with a fake hike by pressing Button B.
  2. When only a diving catch will do, press the D-Pad in the ate direction with Button A.
  3. Try the Nickel defensive play where a pass is likely.
  4. For a faster game, select No Huddle. You'll call plays from your selected Audibles instead of from the playbook.


Gamers have been waiting to see what the power of the 32X's twin RISC processors can do for a full-blown Sports title.

The wait is over with NFL Quarterback Club, a flat-out blockbuster for the Genesis 32X from Acclaim.

This fast and remarkably complete football title stars 19 of today's most celebrated quarterbacks, with their strengths, weaknesses, and signature plays all factored into the action. Features like jam-packed playbooks, multiple points of view, and 80 yards of field viewable at all time are why this one is making tidal waves in the Sports world.

If you've ever wanted to play in Steve Young's uniform (or to see if you could improve on John Elway's record), load up NFL Quarterback Club.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:NFL Quarterback Club supports single modeSingle game mode

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