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  • Developer: Zyrinx
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

A mad dictator named Ivan Retovitz has announced war against the world. He has threatened nuclear destruction to any country trying to stop him. Many of Ivan's war machines have now been strategically placed on the battlefield. You, a well-known Apache ace, have been chosen to go deep within enemy territory to carry out a vital mission that will hopefully turn the tides around. Your first mission involves activating a virus in the enemy's computers in order to hinder the enemy's communication and to slow down the enemy's activities. Later, you'll have to attack certain targets, leveling airports and bunkers, and finally taking out the nuclear missiles. The whole world is counting on you to get rid of the madness. Hurry, you only have 24 hours.


The flying perspective is just too cool. Neat 3-D effect.


Learning the field is very tough especially when there are too many anti-aircraft missiles.


Talk about some blood test! Walk on a corpse and watch the blood flow.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Red Zone is a 2D helicopter game also known as Hardwired..

Ivan Rutif and his Zyristian party are attempting to take over the world.

If he's not recognized as emperor of "the fourth empire", he'll blow us all up with nuclear weapons. Shades, Rocco, and Mirage comprise an elite special forces team trained in martial arts combat, heavy weapon operations and vehicle reconnaissance. And they're out to get Ivan.

Development house Zyrinx (of Subterrania fame) has programmed a "SuperSpin" algorithm that allows - incredible as it sounds - rotation on the Genesis. Red Zone alternates between overhead-view helicopter combat (like a cross between Desert Strike and Xevious, but with full rotation) and 3-D-looking scenes where you work your way through underground bunkers on foot. Look for some surprisingly smooth full-motion video effects, too; are you sure this is a cartridge?

posted by Epic Moreno

Although Red Zone didn't impress me too much, it was still a good release. Unfortunately the game's drawback was the lack of new features. Everything the chopper could do I've seen before. Nevertheless, Red Zone was a good and enjoyable game with decent graphics and a quite well thought plot. Piloting the AH-64B Apache was always fun and though it seems easy, it was not. The game was only available on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and I personally think that the installment was good enough and worthy for being released on other platforms.

posted by Diego Barros

Under a Blood-Red Sky.

Madman Across me Border:

Red Zone has all the makings of a solid action thriller. The villain, Ivan Rutif, is the leader of the radical Zyristian military party that has taken over a small, former communist country and put his fingers on the triggers of its nuclear weapons. His ultimatum: The world must recognize his Zyristian state and himself as leader of the fourth empire. Your commandos must take out Ivan before he makes the world fit only for cockroaches.

Although Red Zone was developed in the U.S., the game carries a distinctive Euro feel in both the music, which pumps with a hot techno beat, and the overhead 3-D graphics. The graphics have been created using a new Super-Spin technique, which puts a warp into your perspective as you fly over and run through fairly awesome 3-D landscapes and buildings. TWI has added more excitement with a front-end history demo that gives you the events leading up to Rutif s rise to power, done in wicked red and black (anything to do with the title?) CartMovi sequences.

The mix of helicopter combat and overhead action works to make a pretty fun game. And from what we've seen so far, it won't be a sissy, pushover title either! Look for solid challenge, especially in helicopter combat. Red Zone will have you seeing red.

Only You Stand Between a Madman And nuclear Chaos.


Time Warner Interactive is laying down the law with Red Zone, a new techno-style battle cart that delivers action in the air and on the ground. This one-player title combines the excitement of helicopter combat with overhead-view action, giving you two games in one. You control a team of three antiterrorist elite commandos: Pilot, Gunner, and Navigator of an Apache attack helicopter armed to the teeth. Only you can stop the madman from turning the world into a radioactive desert of death. Only you.

It Don't Come Easy

As the chopper piloting leader of an elite antiterrorist squad, you have 24 hours to stop a Zyristrian madman named Ivan from plunging the world into nuclear winter.

The action takes place on two platforms: helicopter seek-and-destroy missions and ground missions in which you control one of your three soldiers through buildings and bunkers.

You start with one life, no continues.

Lose that life or get all three of your commandos killed, and it's mush-room-cloud time.

Survive a mission, and you get a password.

Ivan's in the red zone. And it's your job to take him out.

If you like your game play tough, you've come to the right place.

Red Zone gives you little margin for error, which, while frustrating for less experienced gamers, does add to the realism of the game.

When you're trying to stop a lunatic with a sandbox full of nukes, you don't get a second chance.

Before you can fight a good game against Ivan's forces, you need to learn the lay of the land.

Press Start to bring up a radar map that shows your general location and the placement of repair kits, ammo, and fuel refills. Working deeper in the radar, you can determine the layout of each enemy installation and even what type of artillery surrounds them.

Obstacles abound, from screaming Mig jet fighters to individual ground troops armed with rocket launchers.

With only 24 hours to stop Ivan from pushing the button, Red Zone keeps the action fast and furious.

Thinkyou're up to the challenge?

Hot Hints

  1. Record your passwords. You start each new mission with all your chopper's guns loaded and ready to go and a full tank of fuel.
  2. If you run straight at bunkered enemies, they blow you away before you can take them out. Run zig-zag, and throw a grenade, knife, or rocket in their direction.
  3. Once you've picked up the virus software in Mission 1, you have just one minute to get into the Radar Complex.
  4. Try to take out the jets before they launch. They're much harder to hit in the air.
  5. You need to use explosives on the exit gate to get out of the Radar Complex before it self-destructs.


A mad dictator. A nuclear arsenal big enough to toast the world. An Apache attack helicopter, and you.

Sounds like a formula for Action in Red Zone from Time Warner Interactive.

Red Zone follows the success of Aerial Combat/Assault games such as Urban Strike and adds to the excitement with 3-D overhead missions and full-motion, two-color video.

The result is a game that plays slick, fast, and tough!

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Red Zone supports single modeSingle game mode

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