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  • Developer: Camelot Software Planning
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

When Jippo the Thief steals the magical gems of Good and Evil, the world is plummeted into chaos. Only your band of warriors can hope to replace the gems, and stop the evil forces that have reappeared across the land.

Shining Force 2 is much like the original game. The game is divided into two parts. The first is an RPG section where you slowly unravel the twisted plot line. The other is the military war simulation sequence.

Shining Force 2 requires strategy and thinking, instead of quick reflexes. If you are to win the many battles, you must keep all of your fighters alive. You have mystical spells and items to aid you in your quest.

Shining Force 2 looks to be one of the best strategy games around for the Genesis.


Dust off your sword and your spellbook — evil has returned to the worid in a sequel to one of Sega's greatest RPGs. Shining Force II for the Genesis is an enormous one-player game that has you questing over land, sea, and air on a mission to close a Magical Seal that is open and spilling demon spawn into the world. Upgrade your weaponry and search for your healing potions — you're gonna need 'em.

Join The Quest, Monsters To Best

Like its predecessor, Shining Force has incredible 3-D battle sequences, a massive party of characters who grow in status and change in appearance as the game progresses, and tons of secrets to uncover. You begin as a young student in an island village. Your curiosity gets you into the thick of a battle against an evil entity named Zeon. Your Force at the outset is a small group of classmates. Each new area you visit gives you hints about what to do next, battles that help your Force gain in Experience and stature, new items that add power or unlock puzzles, and new members of your party. In addition to evil folks and aberrations of nature, you'll face earthquakes, ocean voyages, underground regions, and even air travel.

Take Them By Force

The first Shining Force was a blockbuster hit with Role Playing Game fans because of its size, scope, terrific an, and ease of play. The sequel manages to top the first in every catagory—no minor feat. Weighing in at 16 megs, Shining Force His four megs bigger than its predecessor. You get more areas to see and recapture. The amazing art in the battle sequences is even bigger and more three-dimensional. And lastly, they've made the combat control even easier by letting you V check the opponent's hit points before committing. This one's gonna take you by force.

But Bo I Have Any Magic?

LV stands for Level. In this case the main character is a Level 4 of the highest catagory, Hero.

HP stands for Hit Points.

MP stands for Magic Points.

EX stands for experience. Each time your character reaches 100, you move up a Level.

ATT stands for Attack Power.

DEF stands for Defensive Power.

AGI stands for Agility.

MOV is your character's Movement circumference. In this case, the main character can move six squares in any direction with a land effect of zero percent.

Item shows what you are Equipped with and carrying.

Magic shows the spells your character can use.

Jewels are the Stones of Light and Darkness.

K.O. stands for the number of monsters your character has personally kicked back to oblivion.

Defeat shows the number of times your character has been whupped.

Gold is the amount of shiny lucre you are carrying.

Shining Portable Too!

For those who wanna fight darkness and evil on an any-time-any-place basis, Sega's bringing you Shining Force—The Sword of Hajaya for the Game Gear. Expect the same incredible cinematic screens, huge party of characters, and fantastic Role Playing Game feel in to-go form. Here are a couple of sneak screens to whet your portable appetite.

Hits, Tips, Codes, And Cheats for Shining Ferce 2:

1.** Warning:** This article contains detailed locations of magical items and outright cheat codes. Dont's read it unless you need help with these great new RPGs. 2.Surviving The Spears And Spellbooks: Shining Force II casts you as a young hero in the peaceful plg-dom of Granseal. A thief has stolen the two jewels of Light and Darkness, unwittingly unleashing an unspeakable evil on the world. As you journey through a huge world of towns, castles, caverns, dungeons, ancient ruins, rivers, mountains, deserts, and oceans, you'll need to muster every ounce of strategy and courage to defeat the many armies of evil that await. Shining Force II is a massive j Role-Playing Game that skillfully blends character development, storytelling, battle strategy, and cinematic combat sequences. The game holds many secret characters and items, not all of which are necessary to complete the quest. If you're having trouble besting the beasties in this epic adventure, check out these vital clues. 3.Killer Cheats: If you're having trouble with the monsters, try this cheat code: At the Sega logo screen, enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, and then press Button B. This code is tough. The sequence must begin as the Sega logo letters are grouping together and end before the logo fades to black If you make it, a short fanfare sounds, signifying that you have successfully entered the code. Proceed to the file-select screen (shown above), highlight the option desired, hold Start, and press Buttons A and C at the same time. Do the same thing for the character selection and do it once more to bring up the word configuration. You'll then get menus to access some awesome options.

Battle strategy:

  1. Let the enemies come to you. Keeping your forces together on the field increases your chances of survival.
  2. To build up experience, use the Egress spell just before the end of a battle. That way you can return and fight the same enemies again, building up your characters in the process.
  3. Take out the Bishops and Mages first.
  4. Build Kazin up to Level 20 as soon as possible by letting him finish off weakened enemies. His spells are devastating once he's promoted.
  5. Equip your flying characters (Peter and Luke) with healing items and antidotes. They have the greatest range and can come to the aid of injured comrades in battle.

Mithril Locations: Mithril is a mythical metal that can be forged into superior weapons for your party members. You'll find it throughout the game in these and other locations.

In Granseal:

  1. Behind the ruins of the Ancient Shrine.
  2. In the tunnel between the Galam jail cells and the kitchen. Look in the center of the northern wall.
  3. In front of Granseal Castle in a small black hole, just after the earthquake.

In Hassan: 1. On the pier in the top, right-hand barrel. 2. Outside the west fence in a small chest.

In the Elven Village:

  1. Near the Elven Special Stage, in a chest.

In (or Near) Creed's Mansion:

  1. In the lowest hidden room, inside a chest.
  2. In a field outside, in the middle of an indent in the northern mountains.

In Pacalon Castle:

  1. In the Treasure Room, in a chest.

Near Maun:

  1. At the north point of the mountains.

In Metula Shrine:

  1. In a chest on the right. Open the chest after battle.

Recruiting Rohde. Toasting Taros: Rohde is an anthropologist/ archaeologist who lives in Hassan. You need him to drive the Caravan, which allows you to cross shallow rivers and carry additional party members and items with you. He's interested only in antiquities, though, so you have to complete this sequence if you want him to tag along.

  1. Recruit the old man in the cave on the southeastern edge of the desert found to the east of Hassan.
  2. The old man will open a door to the Ancient Hall, found north of Hassan.
  3. After defeating the monsters at the tunnel entrance, search for a wooden plank.
  4. Use the plank on the tree in the town square of Ribble. This opens the door to a secret cavern. Inside, you'll find the Achilles Sword.
  5. Take this with you when you visit Rohde in Hassan. He'll ask to join you.
  6. Head out to the Taros Ruins, found at the edge of the desert west of Hassan.
  7. Defeat all the monsters before you attack Taros. Then attack him with the character who has the Achilles Sword.
  8. Keep your other characters out of the reach of Taros's attack. Use them to rush in and heal your hero.
  9. After wasting Taros, you get the Caravan, and Rohde carts your stuff for you.


Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya shines on Game Gear with the same intensity as the Genesis version. In this handheld Role Playing epic, the peaceful kingdom of Cypress has been invaded by the evil forces of Iom. The fabled Sword of Hajya has been stolen, and you must lead a force to retrieve it. The game features 18 unique characters, including Warriors, Mages, Healers, Archers, Birdmen, and Centaurs. You can command up to 12 characters at a time.

Like the Genesis version, this game skillfully blends elements of battle strategy, character development, and adventure storytelling. The graphics are crisp and colorful, and the interface is lightning-fast. The cinematic battle sequences draw the player into a wicked world of monsters, PSl magic, and mayhem.

Battle Tips:

  1. Put your strongest characters in front to absorb most of the blows.
  2. Use your strongest characters to weaken the enemy, then bring your weaker characters (Mages, Archers) up front to finish them off. That way you'll advance all characters equally.
  3. Search structures carefully. Level 18 has a Ninja hidden in the castle walls and Level 21 has a Samurai in a lone stone pillar.
  4. Items dropped by the enemy may have more than one use. The Heat Axe, for example, raises a character's attack strength, but it can also be used to bombard the enemy with fire balls.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Shining Force 2 supports single modeSingle game mode

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