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  • Developer: Zombie Studios
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1998)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Complete Walkthrough

Mission I: Voronye Forest, Russia

The first level takes place in Siberia. An Aurora spy plane has crashed and you must retrieve its Top Secret Data Module.

  • PHASE 1

This team must neutralise enemy forces and shut down the Spetznatz communications centre. Follow your GPS and head south-east to the main road. Ambush the enemy troop truck and destroy it, then follow the GPS and the road to the communications centre. Destroy the radio with gunfire or explosives. Radio in and report.

  • PHASE 2

With communications knocked out, this Ranger team must retrieve the Data Module. Both Rangers have a Data Module key which will unlock the hatch on the nose of the Aurora spy plane. Follow your GPS and the fires in the trench created by the plane crash. Use the key to retrieve the Module and report in.

  • PHASE 3

After retrieving the Module, you must clear the way for the exfiltration helicopter. Head east up the ravine and towards the anti-aircraft emplacements. Use a bounding overwatch technique, moving forward, then sending your buddy forward, then yourself in a leap-frogging manner. At the top, blow up the guns and radio in. Head north-east down the hill towards the extraction site. Board the helicopter and exfiltrate with the Data Module.

Mission 2: Kapsan Mountains, North Korea

This level takes place in North Korea. Your mission is to take out a chemical weapons manufacturing facility. The first three teams will soften up the base for the demolition's team in the fourth mission.

  • PHASE 1

The air defence radar must be taken out, and a bridge that will cut off their troops destroyed. A base alarm will be set off if the enemy sees you, but it can be disabled by blowing up the second guard shack. Follow the road and your GPS to the radar base and destroy the radar dish to disable their air defence network. Now proceed through the camp, following the GPS and the road to the bridge. To destroy the bridge, place a satchel charge in the middle of it. Having done that, radio in and report.

  • PHASE 2

Now you must take out the North Korean air capability; the GPS will lead you. Head north-east into the air base support camp. From the camp, turn west and proceed to the airfield. When you come to some trucks and a bunker, turn north to the airfield. The first aircraft is directly ahead. To the west is another on the runway, and to the east are the last two. Destroy all of them and radio in.

  • PHASE 3

This mission's goal is to destroy the North Korean chemical weapons deliverance capability - you must eliminate four SCUD launchers. You assume control of the Ranger team on the base perimeter of the first SCUD site. Destroy both launchers with satchel charges at the base of the missiles. Now proceed north to the road to the second base. Follow the GPS and look out for the APC along the way - you must destroy them with satchels or high explosives. After blasting the second base to kingdom come, radio in and report.

  • PHASE 4

The final mission is to destroy the chemical weapons storage facilities and their air defence radar. The USAF bombers will destroy the plant after your exfiltration. Follow the GPS and head north to the first manifold. Destroy it, but avoid the poisonous gas which will be released. The second manifold is north of the first site, and the third is north of the second. The radar base is south-west of the third manifold. Destroy the radar, and radio in for your exfiltration helicopter.

Mission 3: Magdalena River, Colombia

You are in the jungles of Colombia. Colonel Marcos has been running a large cocaine production operation - you must capture him and shut down his operations.

  • PHASE 1

Your mission is to capture Colonel Marcos. Head north-west, following your GPS, to the jungle path. Beware - it's long and packed with enemy. Good tactics involving your Ranger buddy are vital. Use your bounding overwatch technique. You will come to a clearing with a large hacienda building. Find Marcos - be careful: you don't want to kill him, you must capture him.

  • PHASE 2

Your goal for this mission is to destroy the enemy barracks and supplies. You must destroy five buildings with satchel charges, so ensure you have enough of them to complete the task. Destroying this infrastructure will significantly impact the cocaine producer's ability to operate. Follow the jungle path north and use your GPS to find the training camp and barracks. A satchel charge in the middle of the barracks will destroy them. Again, good use of a bounding overwatch will help. When the buildings are destroyed, radio in and report.

  • PHASE 3

This last mission will destroy the production facilities. You are the spotter team for a napalm air strike. To the west are the lab buildings. Radio in for instructions, and then place a smoke grenade in the middle of the camp to mark the location for the napalm bombers. Radio in after placing the grenade, and get out of the strike zone. When you get the broadcast that Marcos has escaped, you have another mission: locate and eliminate Marcos. Follow your new GPS destination to the helicopter crash site and take him out. Then radio in and board the exfiltration helicopter.

Mission 4: Sierra De Soconusco, Honduras

Level 4 is set in the deserts of Honduras. A container of weapons-grade plutonium is being sold to a militia group. Your task is to intercept and recover it covertly. News of its disappearance has been covered up and the cover must be maintained.

  • PHASE 1

You must infiltrate the perimeter of the militia base and blow up the entry gate to gain access. Follow the road and your GPS to the perimeter gate. There are bunkers and guard towers with enemies in them lining the road. A Ranger with a sniper rifle could be very helpful. When you reach the gate blow it up with a satchel and radio in.

  • PHASE 2

A news group is meeting with the militia. You must destroy their ability to broadcast their story, and capture a militia officer with knowledge of the plutonium's whereabouts. Follow the road to the media camp. Along the way you will find a guard point of militia in their camp of RVs. Their position is well defended, but a well-thrown grenade or M203 shot will take them out. Continue on past the RVs and follow the road. After passing a collection of buildings follow the road up the hill past the school bus. At the top you will find the media van. Shoot the dish antenna with a grenade launcher to disable the van. Do not blow up the van: the militia officer is inside and you need his information. When he jumps out, capture him to learn the location of the plutonium. Radio in and report.

  • PHASE 3

This is the mission to intercept and capture the plutonium. Follow your GPS north-west to the oil facility and find the catwalks that will take you to the top of the largest tank. The transfer will take place here. Find and eliminate the plutonium buyer. Take possession of the case and radio in. Now you have to make your way to your exfiltration helicopter. Look out for the enemy helicopter.

Mission 5: Kabul, Afghanistan

This level takes place in war-tom Afghanistan. US senator Janet Galore has been captured by Mujahadeen forces and is being held hostage. A rescue mission is being mounted by US Rangers.

  • PHASE 1

This is a support mission for the hostage rescue team. Afghani soldiers feuding with the Mujahadeen are bombing the fort where the senator is being held. The goal of this mission is to take out the Afghani rocket launcher in the city to protect the senator. The GPS in your inventory is useless here. The GPS satellites are not available for updates but you can use the compass portion. The city is very dangerous and it is easy to get lost.

You start out on the edge of the city. Head east through the double arches and turn north on the road, and then east. There is a very dangerous tank coming up to the square but you need to get past it. Only your satchel charge is powerful enough to take out the tank, but it is difficult to place. Follow the road east and then turn south-east. Stay on the road - it will turn east next. Turn south at the intersection and keep going until the road turns west (it ends at a Y intersection). Turn northwest and then follow it west. At the corner, turn south, then at the next one turn west. Shortly after the turn there is a bridge to the south. Cross it and continue south. Pick up the road again and follow it south, then turn west. Turn south-west and continue following the road which will then turn south-east. After that, it will turn east. When you come to the intersection turn north into the square. Destroy the rocket launcher with a satchel charge or high explosive grenade, and radio in.

  • PHASE 2

    The purpose of this mission is to soften up the fort for the hostage rescue team's exfiltration. You must blow up the fort's main gate to gain access, and take out the anti-aircraft emplacements along the fort walls. There are three guns to be destroyed. Take a Ranger with a satchel charge to blow the gate. Head towards the fires and the fort. Blow up the gate with a satchel. Go through the gate and turn left to find stairs going up to the wall. Follow the wall to the first gun. Retrace your path to the main gate and go past it up more stairs. The second gun is at the top of the stairs. The third anti-aircraft gun is along the wall, past the second one. Destroy it and then radio in.

  • PHASE 3

The last part of this mission is to rescue the senator from deep inside the fort. Follow the passageway, keeping to your left as much as possible, to get to her. Look out for snipers on the rooftops - you're more or less running through an ambush the entire way. Stealth and caution are your only chance. After rescuing the senator, meet your exfiltration helicopter and ride out.

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