• Developer: GT Interactive
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1997) ,  (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Game Overview

With all the Doom wanna-bes that have popped up in the past year, one has to wonder whether Ithe original can still stand up by itself. GT Interactive seems to think so, and they're giving Saturn owners a chance to get Doomed.

More than just your average Doom package, Doom on the Saturn includes both Ultimate Doom and Doom II, each with i its own unique missions and levels. The arsenal of weapons that you'll find during the game include rocket launchers, gatling guns, shotguns (and the ever-popu-lar Super Shotgun) and maybe even a chain saw or two.

Giving gamers the option to choose between two of the best-selling Doom titles is a welcome feature. Ultimate Doom includes all three episodes of the original Doom, plus an additional fourth bonus episode thrown in for good measure. Doom II rounds out the package, having been a million-selling title for Doom's creators, id Software. The Saturn version holds its own against previous versions on competing systems.

The graphics look just as good as they do on the PC. They are crisp and clear, with no slowdown during play. The characters do pixelate a bit when they're up close, but it's part of the Doom effect. For a game that is a couple of years old, Doom has held up nicely throughout the years. Only now has it been faithfully converted to home systems.

The game's sound is the usual arsenal of grunts, groans and screams. The soundtrack is redbook audio, and it sounds great. The tunes fit the mood of the game very well, and match the music of the PC title.

Gameplay is what you'd expect from Doom. Nothing has been added or taken away to the usual interface. It's almost as if you're playing the game on the PC. The version that EGM looked at had somewhat choppy graphics, but that will probably change by the time it hits the shelves.

The game's levels are all set up in a similar fashion. Your objective is to blast your way through wave after wave of monsters to reach the exit, collecting power-ups and energy along the way. The good thing about this version of Doom is that between Ultimate Doom and Doom II, there are tons of levels.

If you've only had minor experience with Doom on the PC and haven't played either Ultimate or Doom II, this is a welcome challenge.

Some of the obstacles include finding switches to open other areas of the level, going up and down elevators and finding the right colored keys to open doors. Enemies will meet you at every turn. Fire your gun once and they'll know that you're there.

The question that needs to be asked is: Do we really need more Doom? So many companies have put together clones of the game, so much so that the original has lost its luster. Doom is a fairly dated game, and players who have played it to death on the PC won't find anything new here. No Deathmatch Mode is present at this time, although that could change as well. If you haven't played Doom yet, what cave have you been living in for the past five years?

The programmers have created a good version of Doom. It's a game that the Saturn was lacking until now, but the fact that every other system has a version, makes the Saturn seem to be the last one up to bat. At this point, it's hard to dispute the fact that Doom is Doom, no matter what system it happens to appear on, nor how good it is id Software has gone on to make Quake, which will probably be appearing on a game system near you very shortly.

If you don't have a PC, or haven't played Doom yet, you'll want to check out the Saturn version. Playmates' Power Slave will surely give it a run for its money on the Saturn, but it holds its own.

Gamer's EDGE

In later levels of both Doom II and Ultimate Doom, you'll need to search for key cards that allow entrance to other sections of the level. Key cards are color-coded, and when you attempt to open a door that you need a key for, it will tell you which color is needed.

If you've played any amount of Doom in the past few years, you're familiar with the game's engine. Therefore, it's sometimes worthwhile to go searching for the game's hidden surprises.

If you go around attempting to open the walls, you very well might stumble upon a secret room full of power-ups. This has got to be the best reward a wary hero can receive. Refuel and continue slaughtering mass quantities of monsters!




Overview: Only the awesome speed and power of the Genesis 32X could bring video gamers the true pulse-pounding, shell-pumping nightmare that's known as Doom. You're all alone, plunging headlong into one hostile hallway after another, facing an almost endless stream of bloodthirsty monsters. As you rip your way through a wall of monster flesh, you need to sniff out the secrets of each lethal level. Discover hidden rooms and chart out horrific labyrinths of the damned. In the process, you'll find the deadly tools you need to survive. Doom is the ultimate first-person combat and exploration game. You'll uncover a huge, hellish world...if you live to see it.

32 Bits of High-Octane Action on Your Genesis: The great thing about next-generation video games like Doom and Virtua Racing Deluxe is that you can play them on the Genesis you already own, thanks to the revolutionary Genesis 32X.

The Genesis 32X plugs into your Genesis cartridge slot, combining the existing architecture of the machine with the raw, screaming power of twin 32-bit RISC processors. This makes the machine 40 times faster than conventional 16-bit consoles, with the power to display thousands of colors, scale and rotate objects, and display seamless, high-speed 3-D digital imaging.

The entire system also supports the Sega CD, so expect to see a new crop of next-generation CD titles. And, of course, you don't have to abandon your current library of Sega titles. You can still play Genesis carts through the Genesis 32X with no change in game play. The Genesis 32X is slated to ship to stores in November. It will carry a suggested price of $159.99 and include coupons for saving $10 each on six new Genesis 32X games (including Doom). Ask your retailer when you can get yours.

Monsters and mutants.

Some of the Beasts You'll Encounter:

Former Humans: Yesterday you were swapping war stories. Today you're swapping lead. Plentiful but not too tough. Former Sergeants: They carry stripes and Shotguns. Grease 'em for extra shells. Imps: They throw slow-moving fire balls and look reeeeeeal ugly. One close-range Shotgun blast is your best protection. Demons: Big, bubble-gum-colored bulldogs. Stuff a Chain Saw in their mouths.

Armor, Health, and Power-Ups.

Things That Help You Go Faster, Het Harder, and Stay Alive:

  1. Green Armor: Increases your armor level to 100 percent.
  2. Health Potion: Increases your health by 1 percent, even beyound the 100 percent mark.
  3. Blue Armor: Increases your armor level to 200 percent.
  4. Soul Sphere: Increases your health by 100 percent, up to a maximum of 199 percent.
  5. Helmet: Adds 1 percent effectiveness to your armor, to a maximum of 299 percent.
  6. Backpack: Allows you to carry additional ammo. Especially helpful when you're using the Chain Gun.
  7. Medikit: Increases your health by 25 percent, up to 100 percent.
  8. Invisibility Sphere: Makes you partially invisible to enemies for a short period of time.
  9. Stimpack: Increases your health by 10 percent, up to a maximum of 100 percent.
  10. Radiation Suit: Protects you from radiation, heat, and radioactive waste materials for a brief period of time.


Deadly Tools Of The Trade:

  1. Plasma Rifle: Powerful weapon that kills most monsters with one shot.
  2. Pistol: This is your basic weapon. You always have it, and you can usually find ammo for it. It does moderate damage and can fire rapidly.
  3. BFG9000: Powerful weapon that kills most monsters with one shot.
  4. Shotgun: Your best all-around weapon. One shot will take out many of the monsters you encounter, and the broad shot pattern forgives poor aim. On the down side, it takes some time to pump a new shell into the chamber, so it's a limited weapon when you're surrounded by a lot of monsters.
  5. Chain Gun: Limited stopping power, but it keeps firing as long as you have ammo. Use it in rooms where you're surrounded by a lot of monsters (like the circular stair chamber on the west side of the fourth level). 6 Fist: The most basic form of combat. Does limited damage, unless you get a special Berserk Pack power-up. 7 Rocket Launcher: Great for taking out groups of enemies at long range. In close quarters, however, the blast does a lot of damage to your character. 8 Chain Saw: Gruesome and effective in hand-to hand combat. It never runs out of ammo, but you have to be real up close and personal to use it. Once acquired, the Chain Saw takes the place of the Fist.

Ammo and Expindinp ObjectsThings Thai Go Fast, Blow Up, And Cause Destruction.

Things Thai Go Fast, Blow Up, And Cause Destruction:

  1. Ammo Clips: Dropped by Former Human enemies. Bullets work with both the Pistol and the Chain Gun.
  2. Ammo Boxes: Found on most levels. Includes a larger supply of conventional bullets.
  3. Toxic Waste Barrels: These explode when you shoot them. They'll damage anyone nearby (including you). Shoot them from a distance to help take out enemies.
  4. Shotgun Shells: Found on various levels. You can pick up additional shells by running over Shotguns dropped by Sergeants.
  5. Rockets: Used with the Rocket Launcher for big-time destruction — at a distance.

Hot Hit's.

First Level:

  1. Look for an oddly colored wall section just after you cross the Zig Zag Bridge. Press it to find a passageway that leads to Blue Armor.
  2. After cleaning out the Exit Room, go back to the Zig Zag Bridge and run to the left across the waste pool. You'll find a Shotgun and Medikit.
  3. Return to the entrance of the Zig Zag Bridge Room, turn around, and race across the Bridge. At the halfway point, veer left and head for the left wall in the alcove. An elevator takes you to a secret room filled with goodies.

Second Level:

  1. Head right when you enter the first room and look for an oddly colored panel on the side of the central computer complex. Press it to find a secret room with Green Armor, a Backpack, and a switch.
  2. After throwing the switch in the secret room, head up the stairs on the same side of the corridor. A door will be open to the outside, where you'll find a Chain Gun and a Soul Sphere.
  3. In the computer maze, shoot the wall directly behind the Green Armor. This will reveal a corridor that leads to the Chain Saw. Look for a switch to lower the Chain Saw within reach.

Are You Doomed?

Yeah. Doomed To Have a Good Time!

Doom 32X places you in a world jammed with hungry monsters, all looking for their next meal.

Make sure you're not on the menu.

Featuring 17 huge mission levels and eight weapons, including the infamous Chain Saw, Doom offers one of the most intense gaming experiences yet.

The game carries a hefty rating for the graphic, critter-carcking content.

It's not for the young gaming audience.

This is fun on a more mature level.

As one of Earth's toughest Space Marines, you must blast your way through dimly lit hallways in an attempt to escape the overrun base on Phobos, the second moon of Mars.

The creatures took down your friends, turning them into the walking dead, and now it's all up to you.

You have no friends in Doom.

If it moves, shoot it until it's dead and bled.

You start the game armed with a Pistol. Search and shoot to uncover Shotguns, Chain Guns, Chain Saws, and more.

Ammo is fairly easy to find early on, and much tougher to get as you advance in the game, as are Armor and Soul Sphere power-ups.

Medikits and Stimpacks restore your health but are not always plentiful, so use them only when you really need them.

The key to beating Doom is wasting the thousands of beasties that inhabit the base, but there is more to the game play than that.

You can do better scorewise by getting through each level faster and by finding the hidden items.

Any trigger-happy gamer can move around in the levels.

But it takes some brains to do it right.


Welcome to the hallways of... heck.

Where the recently dead and nighmarish roam the corridors, searching for more than a passing of your hide.

Where weapons abound, as do opportunities to use them.

Where Imps twitch and shudder under the caress of a Chain Saw.

Doom for 32X is a fast-paced first-person Shooter that brings the color, action, and sheer excitement of the acclaimed PC title to 32X in a one-player blast-fest royale with all-new levels that will challenge even the most experienced players.

More monsters and mutant beasties than you can shake a Plasma Rifle at chase you through maze after maze and level after level of a base infested with slavering, foam-jawed, sharp-fanged creatures.

Secret rooms and hidden areas conceal power-ups and some pretty impressive weaponry.

Sound like fun? Ha! You ain't seen nothing yet! To get you started, we've included maps for the first two levels. After that, you're on your own. Remember: Shoot first, and don't pet no monsters.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Doom supports single modeSingle game mode

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